O Original de Laura

Internado num hospital na Su a, em 1977, Vladimir Nabokov deixou instru es a seus herdeiros para que destru ssem as fichas catalogr ficas que formavam o manuscrito de O Original de Laura Mas sua mulher, V ra, n o conseguia pensar na ideia de destruir seu ltimo trabalho E o destino das fichas foi posteriormente passado a seu filho, Dmitri.Dmitri conviveu por d cadas coInternado num hospital na Su a, em 1977, Vladimir Nabokov deixou instru es a seus herdeiros para que destru ssem as fichas catalogr ficas que formavam o manuscrito de O Original de Laura Mas sua mulher, V ra, n o conseguia pensar na ideia de destruir seu ltimo trabalho E o destino das fichas foi posteriormente passado a seu filho, Dmitri.Dmitri conviveu por d cadas com a pol mica Ao longo dos anos, recebeu todos os tipos de mensagem de leitores, escritores e cr ticos Alguns diziam que era preciso respeitar o ltimo desejo do autor Outros, que ele n o tinha o direito de destruir esse texto ainda inacabado, que poderia conter uma obra prima.A decis o foi tomada, e o texto final de Nabokov, preservado O Original de Laura uma narrativa fragmentada, mas vibrante, em que as fichas escritas a m o v o compondo uma hist ria de amor e trai o, com o estilo preciso e ir nico do maior escritor de seu tempo.
O Original de Laura Internado num hospital na Su a em Vladimir Nabokov deixou instru es a seus herdeiros para que destru ssem as fichas catalogr ficas que formavam o manuscrito de O Original de Laura Mas sua mulhe

  • Title: O Original de Laura
  • Author: Vladimir Nabokov José Rubens Siqueira
  • ISBN: 9788579620027
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. “What can be sadder than a discouraged artist dying not from his own commonplace maladies, but from the cancer of oblivion?” ― Vladimir Nabokov, The Original of Lauraeffaceexpungeerasedeleterub outwipe outobliterate(dying is fun) Publishing unfinished novels, art in progress, the aborted (by the author's death/suicide) final work must be a challenge. I think of Kafka's The Trial, DFW's The Pale King, Fitzgerald's The Love of the Last Tycoon, hell the last 50 years of Salinger. These books [...]

    2. This review will be as fragmented as the novel in question. If you are looking for a coherent, well-reasoned review check out Misha's.1. My in-law's annual Christmas gift exchange morphed into a facebook group this year. Usually I jot down "gift card" and three store names on the tiny piece of paper and toss it into the hat, but the more leisurely www format enticed me into listing a few book titles. Evidently my sister-in-law (who is not an avid reader) carried a hard copy of the list into the [...]

    3. As an entry in the crowded and lucrative subgenre of first drafts scribbled on index cards by legendary authors, buried for three decades and published for $$$ by their cranky sons before they croak, this book is up there in spirit with Raymond Carver’s 171 Plots Scribbled Drunkenly on Napkins, Truman Capote’s Ideas On Whom to Exploit For My Next Bestseller, and Kingsley Amis’s Letters of Apology to Every Woman I Wronged (Vols. 1-170). The scribbled incoherences in this sequence of transcr [...]

    4. Short version: I feel dirty inside for even having glanced at this book. Or you can read the longer version below________________________________________Ooh, it's been a good week so far! On Tuesday, I read a wonderful kiss-and-tell exposé in The Star about Katie Price's steamy love triangle. The picture of her boyfriend Alex Reid dressed in women's underwear was particularly good. Then, on Wednesday, I watched the TV mini-series on the Queen, and was able to gloat over her pain as the tabloid [...]

    5. Almost done, so a review will come soon, but I felt compelled to say that I am in love — not with the book itself, but with the experience of reading it. I feel like I've been sitting at Nabokov's feet while he whispered a story into my ear, by which I mean there's a particular sense of intimacy that comes from reading facsimiles of his hand-written notes, from seeing words scribbled out, stricken, even misspelled. We'll never know what the novel could have become (although I'm seeing flashes [...]

    6. My published article: cpcc/taltp/archives/spWilled to be incinerated, salvaged by his wife, finally published by his aged son, this last work by Nabokov makes quite a story simply by existing. Dmitri wonders whether he “should be damned or thanked” for defying his father’s will, and the answer is, unequivocally, thanked.Always evident is the simple way Nabokov has fun with the language: “The potentate had been potent till the absurd age of eighty”; “A few photographers moved among th [...]

    7. (Lightning review)Cash-grab by VVN's son which, hey shit, is pretty nifty in that the pages are perforated so you can remove the index cards and assemble the story however you want. Says a lot about how little was on the vine that I'm supposed to play Choose-Your-Own-Adventure with Nabokov. Methinks the Master would not approve. Bombshell: people do things for money OR completionism comes with a price.Lightning Review rating: white-assed white bread

    8. Reviews of this book were repetitively concerned with three things: whether Dmiti Nabokov should have published it, against his father’s wishes (I can’t see the interest of this question), and what effect it will have on Nabokov’s reputation (it will do “severe damage,” according to Jonathan Bate in “The Telegraph,” November 15, 2009; the book is “better suited to a college ethics class,” according to Alexander Theroux, “Wall Street Journal,” November 20, 2009). Almost ever [...]

    9. Let's first say what this book is: a series of fragments on index cards, ordered and selected by Nabokov's son Dmitri after the death of father Vladimir. And how it's been manufactured : a book that ought to hold five or six hundred pages, judging by it's dimensions, holds about 200 single-sided images of the index cards, as directly pencilled by Nabokov, on heavy-stock paper with actual perforations. So that the reader can indulge his own postmodernistic need to recontextualize the assemblage b [...]

    10. This is not really a novel in fragments, as so many reviewers have said, as a few notecards that he was planning to use in a book eventually. So I felt kind of dirty reading it, as it seems kind of wrong and because his son is basically a nobody who, many cynics speculate, may have run out of money. What better way to make a fortune? All that cynicism aside, it is really wonderful to read this and see what it is like to be a great writer who has lived through everything tragic int he 20th centur [...]

    11. Normally, I LOVE Nabokov. His work is genius. He is both subtle and powerful. While reading "The Original of Laura" by Vladmir Nabokov I found myself getting angry. And not just any sort of anger - its the kind of rage tha simmers just below the surface for no descernable amount of time and picks at you, annoys you. This sort of anger leads to resentments and can cause one (me) to become so enraged that they cry when trying to explain the feeling verbally. Of coure this is where my gender betray [...]

    12. Reading this made me wish more than anything that Nabokov could've been able to complete this last novel. Just from all of his notes you could tell it would have been fantastic. You know how Nabokov's writing feels? It was like that from the very first line.This book looks huge, but each page is just one handwritten index card, with his notes typed out at the bottom. It only took me about an hour to read through it, but I could tell the story would've been amazing. I can see how paying $35 full- [...]

    13. I can't understand the impulse to publish this. No doubt it's immensely interesting and useful to critics, Nabokov scholars, and academics, and perhaps that's reason enough. It is beautifully presented and substantial, a facsimile edition of the 3 x 5 notecards on which Nabokov famously wrote and on which he was composing his final novel when he died. It's printed on heavy stock paper, each page perforated so that the reproduced card can be punched out if the reader desires and kept stacked and [...]

    14. The narrative of this book is the commentaries of one cuckolded husband on one memoir written by his wife's lover. The book starts off as a refutation of his dismal portrayal in the memoir, and tender-ish recollections of the wife, but then the husband begins writing obsessively about the process of auto-dissolution, in which the mind convinces the body it has died--the mind ANNIHILATES the body. The book starts of fairly coherent, but enacts dismantling toward the end--ostensibly, Dmitri Naboko [...]

    15. As an admirer of Nabokov, I wish I could give this a higher rating. Unfortunately, it’s not a book but rather a fragment of one.We have an obese man blissfully oblivious to being cuckolded by his wife until the fact is driven home by a novel penned by another lover and he decides to obliterate himself by meditating on the process. None of the characters is fully realized and it’s apparent Nabokov was a long way from completing the story.Am I among those who wish it never had been published? [...]

    16. $35 seems a bit steep for 100+ index cards worth of text. Card OneYou couldn't get more original than Laura. Laura. Yes, she was an original, all right. One of a kind. Did they break her mold or what, pal? Oror did it self-destruct? Still, Laura. The one and the only. Such a plain name for a unique cutie. But perhaps my acuity is not without its problems. I ruin everything: a stupid story to be tapped out on my tomb's stone. I ruined even Laura. And an original ruin is rare. Just ask the archaeo [...]

    17. [2.5/5]This books was incredibly interesting as a background to Lolita and many of Nabokov past works. (H.H emerges here but as 'Hubert Hubert').Nabokov asked for this manuscript (written in fragments on cards) to be destroyed if he died and it wasn't finished beforehand. I felt slightly guilty for reading it, due simply to Nabokov not wanting it published, but nevertheless it was captivating to read the notes by Dimitri (his son) and gather a few 'behind the scenes' looks at Nabokov's mind. It [...]

    18. This is surely a mind-blowing book. Although you may find it unnecessarily thick with a lot of blank spaces, but it is the way for you to take notes while this book is hitting certain points in your brain. Still, it's Nabokov's style. The difference is that he is bedridden, near death. Maybe you can say this is a book that guides you to experience the near death experience. Word. There are delusions, painful toes, dissolution and melting feelings. Also, you could read it as a museum of Nabokov's [...]

    19. Nabokov has eighteen other novels, a memoir, a large collection of short stories, a book of plays and several books of lectures. Unless you have read EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, The Original of Laura is not worth your time. Every single one of those books was completed and deemed fit for publication by the author and, with no exceptions, they are all better than this. I notice there is a tendency among the reading public to immediately jump on any new book by an established author, especially if t [...]

    20. First things first: the price and package for this are an affront to humanity. Do not buy this book under any circumstances -- go to a chain bookstore and spend some time flipping through it, then go to your local independent store and pick up a Nabokov you haven't read. If Chip Kidd actually designed this I'm Sonny Mehta -- this looks like a 10yo's WordPerfect doc of his 2nd grade science fair project, and the CARDS CANNOT BE POPPED OUT AND REARRANGED, despite all the hoopla surrounding that fe [...]

    21. It's rather difficult to rate such an incomplete book. Perhaps incomplete isn't the right word, since unlike most unfinished books it's not simply missing an ending, but the entire thing is quite unfinished and probably is better described as 'notes for a novel.'The auto-deletion bit is quite interesting and certainly would have made a decent book but the rest seems like it has already been done before, and better, in his other novels.I do love Nabokov and to see his actually notes cards is quit [...]

    22. The 3 star rating is actually generous for this pile of fragmented notecards, and yet I still cannot bear to give Nabokov anything lower. Mr. Nabokov died in 1977 in the middle of writing this story/book/novel. He requested that if he passed away before he completed The Original of Laura that all of his notes should be burned. Well, time has come and gone, and his son decided that he could not destroy his father's last written work, even if it was largely unfinished. And so, here is this book.To [...]

    23. Leggere questo abbozzo di romanzo è stata un’esperienza frustrante ancorché interessante; l’emozione di sbirciare nei meccanismi del processo creativo di un grande autore, di vedere riprodotte quelle schede ormai leggendarie, la grafia ordinata e le cancellature, e le sottolineature, insomma la brutta copia di quella che prometteva essere una grande storia, merita il viaggio ma al contempo è una sorta di coitus interruptus, si gode a metà e resta la malinconia e una punta di tristezza pe [...]

    24. Δεν πρόκειται για ολοκληρωμένο μυθιστόρημα, αλλά για τις σημειώσεις του μεγάλου (και αγαπημένου) Ναμπόκωφ που αφορούν μια ιστορία που δεν πρόλαβε να ολοκληρώσει. Στο εισαγωγικό σημείωμα Ντμίτρι Ναμπόκωφ (υιός του Βλαντιμίρ) αναφέρει ότι ο ίδιος ο συγγραφέας είχε ζητήσει ο [...]

    25. Vino un amigo a casa y me trajo esta pseudonovela. Dijo que compró el libro pero no logró simpatizar con él, que había leído Lolita, le había gustado mucho y por curiosidad decidió optar por este. Es una novela que VN estaba escribiendo justo antes de morir. La verdad es que jamás entré en el relato, y creo que deberían haber respetado el deseo de Nabokov de prender fuego los manuscritos, ya que es evidente que no hay nada terminado acá, es un trabajo apenas en sus primeros esbozos, y [...]

    26. I am crying so many mixed emotions. Sad, because The Original of Laura was the last Nabokov book, but laughing because the humor was so endearing. I was apprehensive when I first read about the book having thought it seemed wrong that it was published against his wishes, but after coming to the end of it, it feels intentional. Even some of the trailing off cards remind me of that part in Bend Sinister where Adam drops his pen, or of the ending of Invitation to a Beheading, or Martin from Glory w [...]

    27. Nabokov'un; bitiremediği, aslında pek başladığını da söyleyemeyeceğimiz kitabı için tuttuğu notlardan oluşuyor Laura'nın Aslı. Nabokov sever biriyseniz, bu notları hem kendi el yazısıyla hem de türkçe çevirisiyle okumak güzel bir deneyim.

    28. “El original de Laura” es la novela en la que Vladimir Nabokov estaba trabajando antes de morir. No pudo terminarla y pidió a su mujer que quemara el manuscrito. Sin embargo, su mujer no se vio con fuerzas para destruirlo, tampoco lo hizo su hijo, que al final, treinta y tres años después de la muerte de su padre, ha decidido publicarlo. Es una cuestión moralmente peliaguda la de determinar si las obras inacabadas de escritores muertos deben publicarse o no. Es difícil posicionarse. El [...]

    29. Si están leyendo esto es porque ya saben qué es el libro (la obra inconclusa de Nabokov escrita en fichas, etc.), así que no me detendré con el qué es, sino que hablaré más bien de mi apreciación personal.El Original de Laura se lee muy rápido. Tiene 3 capítulos cuasi-terminados y algunos datos del restode la trama. El libro parece grueso, pero cada hoja es nada más que la transcripción de una pequeña ficha.El manuscrito original (las fichas) son muy interesantes porque muestran tod [...]

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