There s trouble at the Castle, and it s all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume, the ghost of the very first Chief Hermetic Scribe, who is determined to send Septimus on a deadly Queste But Septimus and Jenna have other plans they are headed for the mysterious House of ForyThere s trouble at the Castle, and it s all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume, the ghost of the very first Chief Hermetic Scribe, who is determined to send Septimus on a deadly Queste But Septimus and Jenna have other plans they are headed for the mysterious House of Foryx, a place where all Time meets and the place where they fervently hope they will be able to find Nicko and Snorri, who were trapped back in time in physik But how will Septimus escape the Queste Queste, like all the books in the Septimus Heap series, is filled with nonstop action, humor, and fantastical adventure as Septimus continues his journey of Magykal self discovery.
Queste There s trouble at the Castle and it s all because Merrin Meredith has returned with Darke plans for Septimus More trouble awaits Septimus and Jenna in the form of Tertius Fume the ghost of the very

  • Title: Queste
  • Author: Angie Sage Mark Zug
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Queste (Septimus Heap, #4), Angie Sageتاریخ نخستین خوانش: ماه نوامبر سال 2008 میلادیعنوان: سپتیموس هیپ: کتاب چهارم گرداب؛ نویسنده: آنجی سیج؛ مترجم: پرتو اشراق؛ تهران، ناهید، 1387؛ در 436 ص؛ سپتیموس هیپ کتاب چهارم؛ شابک: 9789646205918؛داستان زندگی سپتیموس هیپ سراسر حادثه و پر از وقایع خیال انگیز است، اینب [...]

    2. Ok, so I'm always on the lookout for a series I'll enjoy as much as the late lamented Harry Potter. This is not quite it, but it's not too bad, if you're 12 and need a good summer read. Or if you still remember what it was like to curl up on the window seat on a rainy day in July with nothing more to do than to lose yourself in a fantasy novel complete with wizards, dragons, quests, and Stanley's Message Rat Service. My excuse is I have nephews and nieces. Who need the occasional birthday presen [...]

    3. This is definitely not going to get darker. The tone of the book remains true to its predecessors; light, amusing and juvenile and I think I’ve gotten used to it. It’s funny how in every book, one of the Heaps goes missing and the rest embark on a perilous journey to find him/her. There is a lot going on at first, multiple things are introduced at once, but then they all fall together with ease and things go in a single direction. I have to say, the love the Heap siblings share is absolutely [...]

    4. While I really enjoyed the first three books, I feel that Angie Sage has really hit her stride with this one. Now that all of the characters are firmly situated in their Magykal world, she can focus on certain protagonists without the feeling (as in the third book) that she is including a few vignettes to remind us about the existence of all the various cast members. Once again the short chapters move things along quickly as we ping-pong between different places and characters, but most of the n [...]

    5. Berbeda dengan tiga buku pertamanya yang sangat menarik untuk diikuti, buku keempat ini agak membosankan dari bagian awal hingga sekitaran pertengahannya. Baru deh, beberapa bab terakhirnya mulai asik lagi dibaca. Semoga buku kelimanya bisa sesuai ekspektasi saya.

    6. Reviewed by Candace Cunard for TeensReadTooThe fourth tale of Septimus Heap delivers action, adventure, magic, and a good share of surprises. The tale begins when Nicko Heap and Snorri, who in a previous book found themselves transported out of their own Time, discover a clue that might allow them to return to their home Time. However, the path home is a tricky one: Nicko and Snorri must find their way to the mysterious House of Foryx, "the place where all Times do meet." Once they are there, th [...]

    7. While this book was good, I didn't think it was as well done as the other Septimus Heap books. The story seemed less developed, without as many of the little details that make everything work out in the end so well and cleverly as in the other books. But I still liked it and I look forward to reading Septimus #5! I just hope it's a little more original.

    8. خوب بود فقط هیجانش کم بود . البته تا جلد چهارش خوندم فعلا پرواز و فیزیک از همه قشنگ تر بوده به زودی جلد پنجمم شروع میکنم

    9. This is the fourth book in the Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage, and I have to say that it's as good as the other three. I enjoy the characters, the settings, the stylistic originalities. It is not a Harry Potter clone, it can stand well on its own. Good story, likable people, cool magic, even a dragon and some ghosts thrown in, with enough chilling "Darke Magyk" to raise the hair on the back of my neck, without being as scary as some of the later Potter books. Nice for younger fans, and I thi [...]

    10. Vždycky, když si potřebuji odpočinout od krutopřísněhustých fantasy s hektolitry krve a YA žánru, sáhnu po dalším díle této série. Tohle je totiž to, co v takovou chvíli potřebuji. I když je pravdou, že celá série je spíše pohádka, ani mi to nevadí - rád se vrátím do těch let, kdy jsem si myslel, že všechno funguje tak, jak chci. Výprava za hrdinstvím byla vtipná, pěkná a pohádková, takže si nemám na co stěžovat. :)

    11. Extraordinary wizards, flying dragons, dragon rings, chanting witches, fairy boats, time travel, talking rats, magical mirrors, trees, sleds, floors, wolf boys, shape shifting cats and questing stones. What more could you want in a fantasy. These are exciting, suitable adventures for young children and adults alike.

    12. DISCLAIMER: Would have read this book sooner, but a friend of mine paid for my Warped Tour ticket at the last minute and I HAD to go.Such an improvement over the last book, Physik, where it felt eerily too similar to Prisoner of Azkaban, when it came to the time travel element. Plus, It was boring.This installment is what the title says, a Quest(e) to undo the events of what happened at the end of the last book. Also, it's a quest until the very end; there's no true bad guy that Septimus and Jen [...]

    13. Great series for young kids who are not yet ready for Harry Potter or are looking for a similar story to dip there toes into. Beloved series of my childhood.

    14. QUESTE takes Septimus, Jenna and Beetle in search of Nicko and Snorri, to bring them back from the past. They go to Marcellus Pye, who has remembered some information from his 500 year old memory and provides them with some notes from Nicko and Snorri. The notes say that they planned to travel to the House Of Foryx where all times meet, and there they expected to come back to their time. Jenna takes the notes back with her to the Palace.In the meantime, Merrin Meredith travels to the Castle in h [...]

    15. I found I got through this Septimus Heap book much quicker than the others. It still took a while to get going but the end of the previous book (Physik) felt like much more of a cliff hanger than the previous books in the series so Queste felt like more of a sequel than just another book with the same characters. I wanted to find out what had happened after the last book so I was eager to get going. I was pretty impressed to, I’ve liked the other Septimus Heap books but the series seems to be [...]

    16. When "Physyk" ended, Nicko and Snorri were stranded in Marcellus Pye's time. Septimus and Jenna were determined to retrieve their brother Nicko no matter what and perhaps Snorri incidentally. Meanwhile, Merrin Meredith has muddied the waters by creating a Thing which he offloads on Tertius Fume who is just looking for a way to create havoc for Marcia, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard. Septimus is tricked into accepting a Queste stone from which no Apprentice has ever returned alive. Luckily, Marcellus, [...]

    17. I just love these books! It was witty and kept you on the edge of your seat. It is amazing what kind of creative story lines Angie Sage is able to come up with. I highly recommend it!

    18. Fourth in the Septimus Heap fantasy series for middle-grade readers and revolving around the Heap family. The focus is on Beetle.My TakeIt takes almost 200 pages before we start to get to the purpose of the story, and thoughout, it's an odd combination of Roald Dahl, Harry Potter, and Disney with that fun sense of gross that Dahl brings to a story — I mean, a banana-bacon chew?? ewww — the supportive camaraderie of Harry Potter and his friends, and the cartoon craziness of Disney.This is a s [...]

    19. 3.5. Found it slower than the last book, which I enjoyed. Glad to see more of Beetle and the other heap boys.

    20. Sebelumnya, Septimus, Jenna dan Ullr berhasil kembali ke Masa Sekarang, masa dimana mereka seharusnya berada. Namun Nicko dan Snorri masih terjebak di masa enam ratus tahun lalu. Septimus meminta bantuan Marcellus Pye, yang kini kelihatan muda namun terkadang berperilaku seperti orang tua dan pelupa.Marcellus bercerita bahwa di masa enam ratus tahun lalu, dia pernah bertemu dengan Nicko dan Snorri. Marcellus memperlakukan mereka dengan baik dan diijinkan untuk tinggal di rumahnya, namun Nicko da [...]

    21. Overall, I'm really enjoying this series. But some of the books seem better put-together than others. This one seems to have a few issues. I was expecting the story thread of the dragonboat and the remedy that Jenna picked up during her foray into the past in book 3 to at least be mentioned in this book. I am greatly puzzled that Jenna did not seem to use the remedy or even remember it when she returned to her own time. I also had a lot of issues with the House of Foryxxx. The glasses of time in [...]

    22. Yes this is still predictable, as most children's books are, but with Angie Sage, it's the story telling that is sort of like a journey that you look forward to. Or at least, I look forward to. That was something I forgot so I thought I'd put off reading this because I thought it might be too predictable. It's about a quest where no other wizard has returned from. Septimus Heap, the lead character, will take that journey so of course I know he will be able to come back unlike the others before h [...]

    23. In the book Queste by Angie Sage, Jenna, Septimus, and Beetle needs to find a way to return back from the past. They need to look for Nicko and Snorri. They need to go to the House of Foryx, the location where all the times meet. Merrin wants to destroy Septimus and bumps into Jenna. The notes dropped and got wet, the notes tell them where to go. Jenna needs to get another copy of the notes so she goes to look for Ephaniah. Merrin was working in the Manuscriptorium where he finds a ghost of Tert [...]

    24. I think that this installment of The Septimus Series has been my favorite so far, and the last of my rereads. I was totally engaged with this story moreso than the others I think. I love the imagery that Angie Sage creates in each of these books. They are quite refreshing and enjoyable even though they are middle grade books.So keeping this simple, our trio Beetle, Jenna, and Septimus, tries to rescue Nikko and Snorri in this book. And they find themselves on quite the adventure, especially for [...]

    25. This is the fourth book in the Septimus Heap series that is filled with ADVENTURE, ACTION and MAGIC. To tell the truth I really enjoyed this book. The main object of this book was three characters Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle go on an adventure to save Nicko and Snorri who are trapped in the house of Foryx. They can not leave the house of Foryx until someone from their time goes into the house then they can leave.On their way to rescue Nicko and Snorri they run into alot of problems and challenge [...]

    26. I really liked this book. I think the author is clever and fun to read without being too juvenile. However, there are very juvenile things that happen. Like with the other books in the series, the adults don't listen and the kids don't explain themselves enough. But also like the other books, the adults really like the kids they are responsible for and try their best to take care of them. Also in the end the adults help save the day. In this book, Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle go on a quest to sav [...]

    27. Well, After a rather disappointing continuation in the previous book (my personal opinion, so no heart feeling) I was surprised to read the next book Queste which was as good as the First book in the series. The story continues with Septimus treating the people from Sicknesse, and later had himself preoccupied with his assignment as an Apprentice. ON the other end, the fake Septimus Heap with the real name of Merrin Meredith has a plan on his own. (I hate this boy!!!) Anyway, he made a deal with [...]

    28. خوب اما ریویو :)نمیدونم چرا ولی نگاهم به این مجموعه عوض شده !!هرصفحش رو با لذت تمام میخونم . مخصوصا اون قسمتاییش که تو قلعستکتاب تقریبا از حالت بچه گونه ی جلد اول و دوم در اومده خانم سیج علاوه بر قدرت تخیل خیلی بالاش استعداد بسیار زیادی در گره زدن سرنوشت کاراکترا به هم داره .همچنی [...]

    29. One thing that I don't like about this series is Merrin. He is so obnoxious and not fun to read about.This series is like a fantasy soap opera for children. It's fun, it's entertaining, it sucks you in, the quality is not remarkably high, but you become invested in whats going on, important things sort of fizzle away for a while, and you find yourself wondering if you missed something, but really the author just moved onto something else for a while, and on and on. And what of the Dragon Boat?!? [...]

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