Charming the Highlander

A feisty beauty tempted by a bold highlander s touch When a plane crash strands brilliant scientist Grace Sutter on an icy mountaintop in Maine, she finds herself alone in the wilderness with the only other surviving passenger Greylen MacKeage, a sexy, medieval warrior who s been tossed through time to find the woman he s destined to love Forced together to surviveA feisty beauty tempted by a bold highlander s touch When a plane crash strands brilliant scientist Grace Sutter on an icy mountaintop in Maine, she finds herself alone in the wilderness with the only other surviving passenger Greylen MacKeage, a sexy, medieval warrior who s been tossed through time to find the woman he s destined to love Forced together to survive the harsh, wintry landscape, neither expects the fierce passion that flares between them But Grace is not used to letting her heart take control, and Greylen will settle for nothing less than her heart s surrender.
Charming the Highlander A feisty beauty tempted by a bold highlander s touch When a plane crash strands brilliant scientist Grace Sutter on an icy mountaintop in Maine she finds herself alone in the wilderness with the only

  • Title: Charming the Highlander
  • Author: Janet Chapman
  • ISBN: 9781416523413
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. I like to read a good romance novel now and again, but unfortunately this was nothing like a good romance novel. The contrived meandering plot didn't draw me in and I found Grace to be a character that I cared nothing about, if not actively disliked.Grace promises her dying sister, Mary, that she will take Mary's newborn baby son to his father. Then decides that she isn't going to and it's just too bad for the father. Really? She keeps justifying it because of one single thing Mary said about hi [...]

    2. Originally read in 2014. Re-read in 2016.This was my first Janet Chapman read back in 2014. After finally making my way through all of her books to-date, I decided to start all over again with the book that started it all for me. The first three books in this series center around 8 highlanders from 13th century Scotland thrown forward to modern day Maine thanks to some magic gone wrong of an ancient druid priest. The rest of the books are about the “next generation”.This story is about Greyl [...]

    3. Alas, Janet Chapman's Charming the Highlander is not a book that will change your life or teach you anything new. But there is magic, loss and healing, medieval-warriors-transported-to-modern-times, a great pair of hero-heroine, suspense and romance, well-developed secondary characters, and plenty of hilarious moments. It is a very entertaining read and will probably guarantee you have a few hours of fun. A perfect brain-candy.

    4. This was just an average read for me. I liked it, but didn't love it. It took me ages to read. I normally read books in around three days, two if I'm in love, but this one took about six days. So I liked it enough to keep going, but not enough that I was eager to get back to it. I'm on the fence as to whether I'll read any more of them. I think there just wasn't enough character development that I was intrigued by either the hero or the heroine or any of the secondary characters that I thought, [...]

    5. This book is seriously convoluted! It starts off (and I was under the impression it was) as a time travel story. But after the initial leap through time that plot point is not entirely but in a large part brushed aside. There are no anecdotes of confusion and learning "the new culture" as we see in most stories of this kind. We just skip to 5 years later. I just don't get the point?!The rest of the plot is just as arbitrary and confusing. Grace the heroine has a job that makes no sense and an "e [...]

    6. This was an okay read, actually closer to 3.5*, but after a great beginning, it didn't grab me until I got to the last 80 pp. or so. A story that begins with 8 Scottish warriors fighting a skirmish in the 12th century & suddenly being transported to modern times intrigued me. Maybe the problem was with my expectations, but I just found it too easy to put down and do other things, always a bad sign for me.Grace had great scientific & mathematical ability and knowledge almost at her finger [...]

    7. This was a disappointing read. I love a good alpha Highlander story and had high hopes for this one, but it was a below-average-couldn’t-wait-to-finish-it kind of read :-/ It took a long time for the h/h to get together once they could actually be together and there were long scenes where they were never together which made the story annoying. Too much attention was paid to boring details about other people that no one cares about. Even the steam was blah.When the heroine’s neaderthal brothe [...]

    8. No head-hopping, great paranormal elements (loved the wizard), cute romance and the book had its funny at moments, a total win in my book.

    9. I really enjoyed this story, I put off not reading it because of some reviews, turns out what others dislike, I love 😍

    10. Charming the Highlander seems to get very mixed reviews here on GR, so I wasn't really sure what to expect. Was I going to love it, hate it, or not care enough to be moved either way? The answer is. none of the above. While I didn't quite love it, I really liked it and found it to be an easy and highly enjoyable read.In the midst of battle in A.D.1200, Scottish laird Greylen MacKeage, his nemesis Michael MacBain and a number of their men find themselves transported 800 years into the future by a [...]

    11. I loved this twist on the typical Highlander series. Instead of taking place in Scotland, or having them go back in time to the time of Highlanders we get Highlanders whom are thrown into the future. Into our modern times (well 2003). The twist brought along a lot of new aspects that I really liked such as the Clan/males learning the value or women and seeing them as equals, while still keeping their Alpha-Male and occasionally cave man personalities. I admit that I do still like the novels were [...]

    12. Grace Stutter, having the responsibility of delivering her sisters baby to the father, since her sister died, waits six weeks before heading to Maine, having a feeling that she would be making a new start.but then her plane crashes on the mountain and she, the baby, and a sexy highland warrior -Greyland-are the survivors. Now they are pushed together out of survival, but a deep passion is awakened between thema passion that burns slowly to a deep love that will change their lives foreverI have n [...]

    13. Genre: Romance/ Time travelAuthor: Janet ChapmanBook: Charming the HighlanderMy star rating: 5 out of 5Will I re-read this? Yes (many times over)This is the first installment of the Highlander series. This book maded me cry and laugh And fall in love althrough the book. I found this book to well writen with very stong characters. The two main characters are Grace Stutter and Laird Greylon MacKeague.Grace who is a Rocket Scientist is going home to see to her dying sisters last wish. The last wish [...]

    14. This is the first book in the Highlander series for Janet Chapman, and its my first one for her.I'm not new to the traveling in time highlander theme, cause I read the highlander series for Karen Marie Moning, and I would like to say I wasn't disappointed, I loved it XDOkay I'm not a believer of love at first sight, but the main couple here were adorable. One of my favorite scenes in the book, is how they managed after the plane crash. the scene when everyone in the house enters the bedroom when [...]

    15. Le he puesto 3 estrellas más que nada porque la acción transcurre en tres o cuatro días, entre el prncipio y el final, con todo el amor de por medio, y eso le quita mucha credibilidad.Pero los personajes y la trama me parecen muy interesantes.Recomendado.

    16. I gave up 10 pages before the end. I just can't. It started out okay (hence the two stars) and then it started to be a cheesy, contradictory mess with the attitude of cavemen. Or worse, narrow minded Christians from the 1950's. The other comments are right, it's not even worth the time to list all the faults again.

    17. This is the second Janet Chapman book I’ve started, though only the first I’ve finished. I attempted to read The Seduction of his Wife because it sounded so delightfully batshit insane, but within 20 pages of the hero losing his shit with the heroine over the most minor of things I had to put it down. At the very least, this one didn’t start that way. Charming the Highlander begins with a 13th century druid trying to send a 13th century highland laird (it’s always a laird) to the 20th ce [...]

    18. So I started this book in 2009 and just finished it now, at the end of 2012, because I was skimming through my Kindle books and realized I had just given up on this book but I was like 85% of the way done. Well, now I know why I didn't bother finishing it. What a stupid book! The plot did not seem necessary at all. Why did Grey and his MacKeage warriors have to be transported from Medieval Scotland to 21st century (a time period that the "heroine" Grace constantly mentioned) America? There are p [...]

    19. "None of them looks like Grace," Ian observed. "They're bigger and much rougher around the edges. And one of them, what was his name? Brian, I think she called him. He looks as if he eats babies for breakfast." Grey noted the inflection of praise in Ian's voice for that possibility.3.5 StarsWho doesn't love a broody, domineering Scotsman? I'm going through a Highlander phase and when I heard author Janet Chapman had a fantastic series about sexy, time-traveling warriors I jumped at the chance to [...]

    20. I didn't love this book as much as the fourth book, but it was still a good highlander romance with the added aspect of some paranormal elements. This book's main character was Greylen, a sexy hero who is trying to still assimilate into modern culture after being ripped out of his own time period in Scotland. He finds himself on a plane ride back to his home when he meets Grace Sutter, sister to one of his neighbors. When he first sees her he thinks there might be something special about her, bu [...]

    21. The first book in Janet Chapman's Highlander series is full of both humorous and tender moments. It starts off on a somber note with the heroine dealing with the death of her beloved sister, but soon picks up its pace with the addition of our hero Greylen and an unexpected plane crash. The interaction between the characters was definitely comical at times and sweet at others. My favorite thing about this book was that in addition to the sweet/humorous romance the author touched a bit on the hard [...]

    22. I admit to buying this book only for the word highlander in the title.Grey is great - every woman's dream man. Tall, strong, dependable, trustworthy, protective But what is that - going after men with guns armed only with a sword. He's lived in this century for four years, and still hasn't figured out the odds?Grace on the other hand only made me want to slap her - hard. The selfishness of that woman made me cringe. In my opinion, every father has the right to know he has a son, and every son ne [...]

    23. This is a perfect formula romance, with totally cliche ingredients. Take one time traveling Scotsman. Add muscles and old-world values.Toss in a modern woman with genius-level technological smarts. Stir in a liberal spoonful of strong will.For variety, throw in a dash of family drama, and an ancient feud. Sprinkle with slight trauma.Let simmer for length of book.Viola! Yummy romance. And there's a reason the formula works.Quite frankly, there really were times in this book where I thought, "Seri [...]

    24. I liked the idea of the book: highlander, time travel, romance and snow (yes, I love snow) but unfortunately I found this story a bit of a miss. It starts off really sad with a death of a loved one and some really emotional scenes; if that is your sort of thing I think you will love this, but I read to escape the stress of real life. I found that it set the tone for the rest of the book. The story chugged along without engaging me and I was pleased to finally get to the end. The part of the stor [...]

    25. I usually read romances when I'm looking for something light and easy to read and then I get irritated with the standard formula: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, something that could be solved if they'd talk to each other stands in their way, some crisis finally forces them to talk to each other and admit they love one another, and they live happily ever after. However, there are a couple of romance writers that are the exception for me. This Highlander series (and others occurring on [...]

    26. Time traveling scottish clansmen falls in love with current rocket scientist. Nothing unbelievable thereStill it was a charming story, and I like the characters. I struggled with how quickly the relationship between the two main characters happened, I think the author was going in the direction that it was magical, but what it accomplished for me was the common sense of the aforementioned rocket scientist was extremely questionable. The secondary characters really filled out this story, and I th [...]

    27. This is such a disappointing read. Confusing plot, wimpy heroine. I hated her from the very first time she decided to keep her sister's son to herself, conveniently dismissing her sister's last request. It's not even her decision to make, for god's sake, since the baby wasn't hers in the first place. It's really annoying that she knew what was the right thing to do but kept on justifying her decision for her own selfishness.

    28. DNF'd around 50% through.This was so, so bad. A lot of it made NO SENSE, like the wizard transports this guy to the 20th century so that he can meet his mate and have a baby because their baby will be the wizard's heir. HOW DOES THAT WORK? HOW WOULD THAT BE THE WIZARD'S HEIR WHEN IT AIN'T EVEN HIS BABY??? Also the male love interest was an ass who literally states that men are superior to women and it isn't challenged NEARLY ENOUGH for my liking. NO THX.

    29. Greylen MacKeage had never given much thought to marriage after the death of his fiancee. Meeting Grace Sutter, Greylen had to face the fact that his trip from twelfth century Scotland to modern day Maine made everything worth while.A delightful tale. Fast-paced with a wonderful mixture of rugged Highland magic and modern day science.

    30. 2.5* en realidad.No lo puntúo más porque, a pesar de que se lee de un tirón, la premisa de la que parte es increíble y el desarrollo durante apenas 1 semana es muy embrollado, dónde a la protagonista no se le ve la supuesta inteligencia o que sea netamente normal, porque algún ataque de ansiedad, o siquiera asombro, debería haber tenido.

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