Nerd Gone Wild

Inheriting a fortune means less to Ally Jarrett than fulfilling her real dream to take off for the wilds of Alaska and photograph animals Unfortunately she s also inherited her grandmother s personal assistant an over protective nerd who couldn t survive a snowball fight.As a PI and bodyguard, Mitchell Caruthers is the perfect man to protect his late employer s granddaugInheriting a fortune means less to Ally Jarrett than fulfilling her real dream to take off for the wilds of Alaska and photograph animals Unfortunately she s also inherited her grandmother s personal assistant an over protective nerd who couldn t survive a snowball fight.As a PI and bodyguard, Mitchell Caruthers is the perfect man to protect his late employer s granddaughter However, keeping his geek masquerade and the secret behind his real mission isn t easy when the freeze between Ally and Mitchell begins to melt.Yet all s not well in this sub zero paradise Ally s bad seed uncle is staking a claim on the family inheritance with a dangerous masquerade of his own With Ally s life in danger, it s time for her right hand nerd to expose the real man undercover, and prove himself to the vulnerable body he s been hired to guard
Nerd Gone Wild Inheriting a fortune means less to Ally Jarrett than fulfilling her real dream to take off for the wilds of Alaska and photograph animals Unfortunately she s also inherited her grandmother s personal

  • Title: Nerd Gone Wild
  • Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780312998660
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 4 Mitch isn't a nerd Stars Okay I don't know what is going on with this series. It is suppose to be a series about nerds. In the last book Harry didn't really feel like a nerd and in this book Mitch wasn't a nerd. Mitch was a bodyguard and PI posing as a nerd! WTF? I was promised nerds dammit and I want me some nerds!!!That being said this book was great. Ally and Mitch were very cute together. All the side characters where great and had fun personalities. Nerd Gone Wild had a good plot, flowed [...]

    2. "But, oh, sweet heaven. She was sitting across from a Fruit of the Loom poster boy She'd begun to suspect that Mitchell J. Caruthers, Jr might be hiding a babe-magnet body underneath his nerd clothes." With a description like this, does it matter what color his eyes are? This is my first book by Vicki Lewis Thompson and I have to say it was entertaining. Not a lot of depth, true, but the emotions and the sweetness and the hotness were definitely there. Her writing style is reminiscent of Jennif [...]

    3. This book gets a weak 4 stars for me and only because of the poker scene and the villains Uncle Kurt and his psycho girlfriend Vivian--they steal the show!The main story never really takes off. Ally is a bit too naive/I-can-do-it for my taste and Mitchell needed some more oomph because he's not a real nerd.I was expecting a lot of humour (I've been told it's the best in the series) but there's not as much as I thought there would be and there aren't any real laugh out loud funny scenes like you' [...]

    4. Ally Jarrett is a deprived rich girl who after her grandmother kicks the bucket is finally able to reach out and do what she wants with her life. Unfortunately, before her grandmother died she appointed Ally a secret bodyguard who has been posing as the grandmother’s personal assistant, Mitchell. When Ally travels to Alaska in order to pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer, Mitch is right behind her. Suddenly, Ally finds herself stuck in a small town with an annoying nerd an [...]

    5. Can not finish. Vicki Lewis Thompson, you do not know nerds. I love nerds. You keep bad-mouthing nerds. You keep making the nerd secretly a jock instead of secretly a super awesome guy who is a nerd.This heroine was so stupid. Too stupid to live.

    6. A quite enjoyable story about a young woman who goes to Alaska to become a wildlife photographer after her rich grandmother dies. She is followed by the man her grandmother hired to watch over her. They start out not liking each other but the inevitable happens. Throw in a morally bankrupt uncle and his wild girlfriend as well as a town full of very interesting characters and you have a fun story.

    7. It took me a really long time to read this book. It was super cute and the two main characters had pretty good chemistrybut even the kooky townspeople couldn’t keep me overly interested. I read a few other books in between.

    8. This was a light and fun read: the tension between Mitch and Ally was pretty steamy, Betsy was a riot, and all in all, I really enjoyed this cute story. I'm just curious as to what Mitch plans to do as a career post-HEA lol :)

    9. Mitchell was not a real nerd hero. Ally was extremely clueless for more than half the book.Everyone else was way over-the-top.I remember enjoying the previous books from Vicki Lewis Thompson's Nerds series much more than this one. I like her writing but, this one just wasn't for me.

    10. Amazing Series So FarI love these nerds! It has been a while since I've read a book that sucked me in and had me emotionally vested, completely! Cheers to Ms. Vicki! On to the next one!

    11. This is the third book in Vicki Lewis Thompson's Nerds series. Though they're called a series, there are no shared characters between them, only a concept, that being that nerds need love, too. The heroes of these books are sweet and considerate and smart, and are flying under their love interests' radars.This book breaks the repetition of the last two. Mitchell Caruthers grew up geek, but then he shed that identity to become a member of law enforcement. His current assignment, where he's the bo [...]

    12. I picked up this light bit of fluff off a table at Sprall-Mart for $2. While I found it mildly entertaining, I'm glad I didn't pay the actual cover price. Overall, the cardboard and sterotypical zany characters, their superficial antics, and their luke-warm romance failed to engage me. And despite those who expound this author's humour, I found this offering to offer only a few chuckles.Ally, has led a very sheltered and priviledged life. Secretly, she yearns to make something of herself on her [...]

    13. The third book in Ms. Thompson's on-going NERD Series, NERD GONE WILD does everything but fail to disappoint. This book joins together another no-nonsense heroine in the form of spunky Ally Jarrett, a nerd-in-disguise hero, Mitchell Carruthers, and a set of chilly circumstances that's bound to heat up even the most jaded romance reader. For Ally, there's only been on goal for as long as she can remember-head to Alaska, that glacial state where moose outnumber humans ten to one, and take photogra [...]

    14. Who doesn't love herself a nerd? I have one of my own, and I picked up this book anticipating a hero comparable to my husband, but unfortunately it just didn't feel right. My husband has also dreamed of living in Alaska, and perhaps that skewed my expectations of what to expect from this book. Ally has traveled to the wilderness of Alaska to pursue her dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. She has the means to do pretty much whatever she wants as she has a substantial inheritance from her g [...]

    15. Review from Backchatting BooksAlly cares more about honing her photography skills than the large fortune that her grandmother bequeathed her, especially since the fortune comes with a very nerdy personal assistant (Mitchell Carruthers). She escapes to the wilds of Alaska to take photos of wolves and receive one-on-one tutoring from a professional photographer. Mitchell was actually hired as a Private Investigator and bodyguard but was forced to don a nerdy guise by Ally's grandmother. He is dete [...]

    16. Ally is an heiress who's grandmother has recently passed away, leaving her a fortune. But Ally has no desire to be involved in the running of her grandmother's estate or affairs, or being a society woman. Instead she packs up and flies to Alaska, camera in tow, to photograph wildlife. Her uncle Kurt, who lives in Alaska, has arranged for a famous photographer to meet her there and provide some one on one mentoring. She's dismayed when Mitchell, her grandmother's nerdy personal assistant shows up [...]

    17. I read this book before the first and second books in the series, right around the time it came out. At the time, I considered it one of the best books I've read in the romance genre. However, after reading some of the other books in the Nerd series, I have changed my opinion. While still a strong story filled with fantastic secondary characters, I was struck once again by how condescending the female protagonist is to the male protagonist, just like how Genevieve treated Jack in Nerd in Shining [...]

    18. If you've got a hankering for some ridiculousness This is pure, frothy, over-the-top, trashy fun. I loved it, but it's definitely not going to be to everyone's liking.Wealthy young heiress heads off to the middle of nowhere in Alaska to pursue her dream of becoming a wildlife photographer! Her grandmother's dorky personal assistant follows her, all decked out in orange like a Tennessee Vols fan! BUT! Dorky personal assistant is secretly a badass bodyguard hired by granny to protect our wealthy y [...]

    19. I liked this, but didn't enjoy it as much as I did the other Nerd books. It had a decent storyline, the plot was always predictable, and there's a certain pattern or formula in these books.The hero is obviously a nerd, usually methodical, logical, and deep down the geek is a hot bod that would easily make it to the porn mags. Mitch is no different, in this case he's a bodyguard/PI and he's using the nerd look as a disguise when ironically it comes naturally to him.The heroine is always a hottie, [...]

    20. Ally Jarrett can finally do what she's always wanted to do. Take pictures of the wild. She has the opportunity to go up to Alaska and photograph animals. A dream come true. She has inherited a fortune after the death of her grandmother, and will do whatever she can to make her dreams a reality. In comes Mitchell. He's supposed to be her late grandmother's personal assistant. He's taken care of all of the paperwork that Ally doesn't have time for. He flies up to Alaska from California, a place he [...]

    21. I wouldn't say this was a nerd love story. Unlike the other books in the Nerd Series, Mitchell is just disguised as a nerdy personal assistant. He's really a PI who's been hired by Ally's deceased grandmother to keep an eye on her. Ally is heiress to a fortune, but she's no Paris Hilton. She leaves the confines of her Bel Air mansion to stay in a lodge in Alaska to pursue her dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. Of course, Mitchell tags along to do his job, which irritates Ally who is tryi [...]

    22. Finally finished. It took me longer than usual, but not because the book wasn't good, but because I was not feeling like reading much.After her grandmother dies, heiress Ally Jarrett realizes that she can now spread her wings and pursue her dream of wildlife photography in Alaska. The last thing she expects is that her grandmother’s nerdy assistant, Mitchell J. Carruthers, will tag along and insist that estate details still need her attention. Trained as a PI, Mitchell calls on his inner geek [...]

    23. Mitch & Ally might be my favorite so far. I see people had an issue because he disguised himself as a nerd when he was actually a PI/Bodyguard. But backstory clears that up when he remembers his actual nerdy childhood and how he fought to not be that guy anymore. Once nerd always a nerd. I can't get over the supporting cast of characters in this riot of a book. A lodge that was once a whorehouse, silly country antics and some steamy strip poker. I loved this light, and slightly crazy read. I [...]

    24. This was a really fun book that made me groan delightedly at the absolutely skewed vision of Alaska from an Outsider's point of view.While I'm sure the author did research into Alaska living, there's no replacing an actual visitd it's pretty clear that she watched Northern Exposure for reference material.That said, the story is delightfully silly. It's somewhat ridiculous, and a little bit melodramatic - and at times, sizzling. And to be quite honest, I got a kick out of how off she was on so ma [...]

    25. Ally Jarrett has recently inherited a fortune from her grandmother, but all she's interested in is fulfilling her dream of becoming a wildlife photographer. Dashing off to Alaska to start her career, she is annoyed when her grandmother's personal assistant, nerdy Mitchell, follows her. What Ally doesn't know, however, is that Mitchell is actually a bodyguard hired by her grandmother to protect her from threats and gold-diggers.Another fun installment, with just the right touches of beauty/nerd s [...]

    26. Wow! What a doozie! I made my way through my second nerd romance novel, and I'm still somewhat sane. This one is set in Alaska, during the winter. A rich heiress (Ally) is being protected from her scheming uncle (Kurt) and his lusty madwoman (Vivian) by a hunky bodyguard/private investigator (Mitchell) in a nerd disguise. But wait! There's more! This one haswait for itnk! Oh, yes, there's whips and nipple clamps and vibrators and strap-ons. Yowsah! Okay, I think I've hit my quota of exclamation [...]

    27. This is romance with a touch of suspense. A very sexy book. Ally is an heiress and Mitchell is a PI/Bodyguard hired by her Grammy to look out for her after Grammy dies. Ally had no idea. She thinks Mitchell is a paper pushing Nerd, complete with no fashion sense and glasses. Ally takes off for Alaska to become a wildlife photographer and meet up with her step-uncle, a really not nice guy Grammy disowned. Mitch follows her and comes to terms with his very strong sexual attraction for Ally. Ally, [...]

    28. OMG! The more I read the harder I laugh, I just can't stop! A town name Porcupine, Alaska and a hotel called the Loose Moose Lodge. Are you laughing yet? What if I toss in the fact that Betsy, the hotel owner, has been married 7 times, her bedroom looks like a Victorian whorehouse, her buns bobble and curtsy each other beneath her black stretch pants and she is having wild monkey sex with the local bar owner! When you couple that with the hilarious mouse scene and the super studly bodyguard who [...]

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