Frontière sanglante

Des vampires, des d mons, des loups garous, passent encore Mais des momies se r veillant au XXIe si cle pour se faire aduler comme des dieux, a non Echapp e du Mus e royal de l Ontario, une cr ature mal fique et d voreuse d mes r de dans les rues de Toronto Sa prochaine victime pourrait bien tre Henry Fitzroy Momie contre vampire, cette fois encore, Vicki NelsonDes vampires, des d mons, des loups garous, passent encore Mais des momies se r veillant au XXIe si cle pour se faire aduler comme des dieux, a non Echapp e du Mus e royal de l Ontario, une cr ature mal fique et d voreuse d mes r de dans les rues de Toronto Sa prochaine victime pourrait bien tre Henry Fitzroy Momie contre vampire, cette fois encore, Vicki Nelson a du boulot
Fronti re sanglante Des vampires des d mons des loups garous passent encore Mais des momies se r veillant au XXIe si cle pour se faire aduler comme des dieux a non Echapp e du Mus e royal de l Ontario une cr ature m

  • Title: Frontière sanglante
  • Author: Tanya Huff Patricia Ranvoisé
  • ISBN: 9782290025000
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Opening Line:"He had been almost aware for some time. Nothingness had shattered when they removed him from the chamber."BLOOD LINES is the third offering from Tanya Huff’s Blood (Ties) series. As a fan of the TV show I was thrilled to discover these books which now have the added bonus of visual references for our 3 main characters and their ongoing love triangle. I particularly enjoy romance writing, bisexual vampire Henry Fitzroy. Who as the bastard son of King Henry VIII also comes complete [...]

    2. If you enjoyed the first two books, this is more of the same, and that’s not a bad thing at all. I find them fairly comfortable reads, though some of the themes may be fairly harrowing — the effects of the curse on Henry, Tony’s fear, the attempt to torture Vicky… But it’s also classic: it’s basically a mummy with a curse, and it’s fun to watch the characters running around trying to cope with that.Of course, in terms of character development, the book also throws Vicky, Mike and H [...]

    3. This is the first time that I have re-read this after visiting Toronto. It was very cool to read about the ROM and the CN Tower after visiting there. Huff's UF stands out simply because of Vicki and her lack of angst.

    4. I liked this book. Not as well as I liked the previous two books, but it was still pretty good. The premise reminded me a little of the Brendan Frasier movie "the Mummy", but I liked the movie too, so that's okay.It was a little grittier than the previous two books, which I always find disturbing. (spoiler ahead). The prison scene, especially, was disturbing. I realize that prisons are supposed to be disturbing, but it seemed like a real departure from the series, and was a little jarring and un [...]

    5. Blood Lines is the third in a series that I read years ago and really enjoyed. Recently I got the chance to pick them up again and am glad to find them as enjoyable as I did the first time around.Author Tanya Huff has created an inventive and fun series set in Toronto, where Vicky Nelson an ex-cop with degenerative eye disease and an assertive personality meets Henry Fitzroy, vampire, 450 years old. This dream investigative team is complicated by Vickie's ex partner from the police and also ex l [...]

    6. Avis tiré de mon blog : Le Musée royal de l'Ontario pensait avoir trouvé sa pièce maitresse en découvrant une momie dans un sarcophage censé être vide. Mais depuis cette découverte déjà deux personnes sont morts de crise cardiaque. Alors Michael Celluci n'écoute que son instinct, il sent que quelque chose de louche se passe et il ne peut pas enquêter car les causes des morts ont été déclarés non suspectes. Il engage donc Vicki pour découvrir le fin mot de l'histoire, espérant q [...]

    7. This is third in Tanya Huff's Blood series that still has the three protagonists (in a love triangle no less): Vickie, ex-detective now private eye (ironically with an eye disease); Mike, presently a detective and formerly Vickie's partner; and Henry, a 450 year old vampire. It also has a Mummy who was/is a wizard and megalomaniac. As in the previous two books, our heroic trio have to outwit and overcome the evil - said Mummy - who has invaded Toronto. Tanya Huff continues with the three, strong [...]

    8. Another solid entry into the series about Vicki Nelson, a PI with a degenerative eye disability, Henry Fitzroy, centuries-old vampire and son of Henry VIII. Since he plays a much bigger part in this book, mention should also be made of Mike Celluci, police officer and sometime lover of Vicki.In previous novels Huff has tackled vampires (obviously), werewolves, summoning demons and here she wanders into the realms of ancient Egypt and mummies. In the slow burn start to the book a new sarcophagus [...]

    9. This is the book which stands out most in my memory (followed by Blood Pact), most likely because I have always been interested in Egypt and its history from an early age and the villain from this book is an Ancient Egyptian - so cool!I also really like this book because I was able to visit the Royal Ontario Museum when they had the Book of the Dead on exhibit (and the main setting for this book is the ROM!). I said in an earlier review that I like books where the settings are somewhere I have b [...]

    10. As a whole, the book was great, but I did find myself speed reading through most (if not all)of the mummy's plot line. I began reading this book immediately after the second in the series, so I was revved-up to dive right back into the awkward silences and tension that Mike, Henry, and Vicki bring to the series. HOWEVER, that is not what I got. Instead i was greeted by a long and painful 20 pages worth of how the mummy comes to be in Toronto in the first place. Argh! So I guess I set myself up t [...]

    11. So not as great as I thought it would have been. Yes, there was an ancient mummy loose in the city. Mike and Henry band together to fight it off. Vicki get’s drugged and kidnapped. Henry faces his one largest fear. It had so much potential to be great. But it was a little slow paced and I got really bored during the middle of it. There just wasn’t enough chemistry between Henry and Vicki as they eluded. It was very inconsistent with Mike’s love life. Mike finally finds a girl who he might [...]

    12. I loved this book. I liked seeing Vicki be able to use her other senses, when her sight sucked, and still kick butt. Like when all the lights went out in the jail and she took out Natalie and Lambert. Plus I love how she decided once she got out of jail she was going to talk with the force about the state of their jail. I also like that Celluci and Henry are sort of coming to a gruff truce. They don't really like each other, but they can work together and have each others' backs when it's needed [...]

    13. I've read the first few books of this series awhile back and remembered that I liked them. But in this book I found that Vicky's smart-alecky and sarcastic responses got on my nerves. She was also so 'independent' to the point of being abrasive most the time.Some of the book was talk about the Egyptian god and his minions and what they needed to have in order to thrive. Actually, I thought it took up too much of the story. There was very little action and only one part, where Vicky was sent to j [...]

    14. Sadly this instalment was really boring. There was a whole scene where the bad guy tried to (quite literally) talk the good guy to death. Seriously.

    15. I really enjoyed this third novel of Tanya Huff’s ‘Blood’ series. I really didn’t like book #2, ‘Blood Trail’, because of the lack of development between the series’ supposed love interests, Henry and Vicki. I still have the same problem with Henry and Vicki’s under-developed relationship, but the mystery plot of ‘Blood Lines’ went a long way to making up my waning interest in this series.In this book an Egyptian mummy is terrorizing Toronto. Mike Celluci is on the case, but [...]

    16. *****Scorri per recensione in italiano*****Not my favorite of the series but still a good book. I enjoyed the first part with the "presentation" of the villain, but I didn't like that much the character of the egyptologist lady, I feel like the author wants to use her to spice up a little the plot but than she changes her mind and leave the character behind. Besides, it was interesting to see Henry frightened by something bigger than him.The most surprising thing about Tanya Juff's books is that [...]

    17. In the first two books of the Blood series, Victoria "Victory" Nelson [ex-(Toronto)-police detective, no turned Private Investigator], Henry Fitzroy [the illegitimate son of Henry the VIII, turned vampire as a teenager, and currently working as a romance writer], and Detective-Sergeant Mike Celluci [of the Toronto Police Department, and Vicki's boyfriend -- kinda, sorta] worked to find the person responsible for calling up a demon to do his will; and to solve the mystery of who was killing a fam [...]

    18. Like the first two books in this series, this one was lots of fun. It was well written and the characters were all interesting. I especially enjoyed the fact that some of the action in this book centered around the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, a museum that my family has enjoyed visiting several times. And as always I like the fact that while there are many interesting male characters in these books the central figure is a strong, capable woman who does *not* need the male characters to resc [...]

    19. I'm a sucker for a mummy story and this is a good one. The love triangle between Vicki, Henry and Celluci carries on through some serious danger to Vicki and provincial legislators. This book has some moments of genuine suspense and a gritty prison sequence that is disturbing and perhaps a bit out of tone for the series. However, like all books in this series the Toronto setting is well done and it is worth the read.

    20. Delightfully trashy, though the cover of the edition I read was so over the top tacky that I was embarrassed to be seen reading it on the subway I'm even avoiding that edition on here. That should tell you how trashy the cover was, because I'm hardly ever embarrassed about my pulpy tastes!

    21. This is another action-packed, detective, urban-fantasy novel in the Blood Series by Tanya Huff. These books make for entertaining reading.

    22. An easy enjoyable read. No overt sexism to get in the way. And the vamp is bisexual, which is always a plus.

    23. Erneut steht Vicki Nelson, ehemalige Polizistin und nun Privatdetektivin, einem mehr als seltsamen Fall gegenüber. Denn das Royal Ontario Museum hat nicht nur einen seltsamen altägyptischen Sarkophag in seinen Besitz gebracht, sondern auch die Mumie darin wieder erweckt. Eben diese Mumie macht sich nun ans Werk, ihren Auftrag zu erfüllen: die Herrschaft ihres Gottes einzuleiten. Um an Stärke und Macht zu gelangen ernährt sie sich von unschuldigen Seelen und beginnt, die Lokalpolitik Toronto [...]

    24. I feel a bit mixed on this one, the third novel in the Blood series featuring private detective Vicki Nelson. These ostensibly are "vampire books" since the one regular supernatural character Henry Fitzroy qualifies as one. He's not a very original or charismatic literary creation however. He's in the good guy vein, in fact has a lot less darkness in his soul than most of the type compared to say Joss Whedon's Angel or Chelsea Yarbro's St Germaine or LK Hamilton's Jean Claude. He's along typical [...]

    25. Vicki, Henry & Mike are still working out the parameters of their triangle, and in case that isn't stressful enough, an ancient egyptiam wizard-priest's mummy has been unwrapped, revitalized, and is working to takeover the police force!

    26. Huff really did her research on this one. The beginning was forced and a bit slow but I really liked the way the author delved into the mummy's mind. I got a bit bored but it really helped me understand the sort of internal fight it was having between honoring its god and becoming powerful himself. I think that's what really screwed him in the end. That internal struggle is probably what set it apart from the 300 other Halloween classic creatures, and the fact that it was severely claustrophobic [...]

    27. Interesting meeting between mummy and vampire, but I'm already tired of Vicki's commitment issues. I'll still read the next because Henry is interesting.

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