Pacte sanglant

Vicki Nelson n a pas une minute elle depuis qu elle a quitt la Criminelle Cette fois, elle a affaire des morts vivants Si la perte de sa m re a t une lourde preuve, savoir que son cadavre peut continuer d ambuler dans les rues de Toronto est bien plus qu elle ne peut en supporter D ailleurs, le corps a disparu du cercueil Cette fois, Vicki aura besoin d aiVicki Nelson n a pas une minute elle depuis qu elle a quitt la Criminelle Cette fois, elle a affaire des morts vivants Si la perte de sa m re a t une lourde preuve, savoir que son cadavre peut continuer d ambuler dans les rues de Toronto est bien plus qu elle ne peut en supporter D ailleurs, le corps a disparu du cercueil Cette fois, Vicki aura besoin d aide Est ce que Henry et Michael, son ex co quipier, sauront s associer pour la prot ger
Pacte sanglant Vicki Nelson n a pas une minute elle depuis qu elle a quitt la Criminelle Cette fois elle a affaire des morts vivants Si la perte de sa m re a t une lourde preuve savoir que son cadavre peut continu

  • Title: Pacte sanglant
  • Author: Tanya Huff Patricia Lavigne
  • ISBN: 9782290025017
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Opening Line:"Mrs.Simmons? It's Vicki Nelson calling: the private investigator from Toronto."BLOOD PACT is the 4th offering from Tanya Huff’s Blood (Ties) series. As a fan of the TV show I was thrilled to discover this series of books which now have the added benefit of visual references for our 3 main characters as they continue to battle both the supernatural and each other in their ongoing love triangle.My favourite character here remains romance writing, bisexual vampire Henry Fitzroy. As [...]

    2. This book has one of the best love triangle endings in the world. Well done Huff.Powerful volume in the series (and at the time it was published, a fitting conclusion. Vol 5 does not take away from that).

    3. With the Vicky Nelson series, Canadian author Tanya Huff has created an inventive and fun set of stories based in Toronto, where Vicky Nelson an ex-cop with degenerative eye disease and an assertive personality meets Henry Fitzroy, vampire, 450 years old. This dream investigative team is complicated by Vickie's ex partner from the police and also ex lover who will not give up on Vicky. The triangular dynamics make for a much more interesting book that a simple duo would.In 'Pact' the series take [...]

    4. MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book!I have started the series many years ago and somehow still have not come around to finish it. Therefore, as I am determined to cut down on my TBR this was the book I chose to read next. I do not remember really much of previous book, surely I know the characters and all but not exactly what happened before. However, each book in this series focuses on some crime Vicki has to solve so it was not really a problem that I did not remember what happened before.I re [...]

    5. Out of all the books this in the series this is the one with the most resonance with me, more so now than when I first read it.Huff does an amazing job here in taking a character who has appeared on maybe one page of writing over all the previous books (and who has never actually 'appeared' they have just been a voice at the end of the phone)- Victorys mother - kills her and makes us feel so so bad that she is dead. I think the way Huff succeeds in this is the way Victory acts towards her. We al [...]

    6. Avis tiré de mon blog : Un tome un peu plus glauque que les précédent, et encore une fois assez original. C'est un moment vraiment triste pour Vicki, alors qu'elle retardait le moment de parler à sa mère malgré ses coups de téléphone incessants ces derniers temps, elle apprends que celle ci vient de mourir.Elle se prépare donc a l'enterrement Jusqu'au moment ou elle réalise que le cadavre a été volé !Une enquête parfaitement dans son domaine, si seulement elle n'était pas telleme [...]

    7. Probably more like 4 1/2 stars, but I'm favoring 4 over 5 in this case.Not sure that I can write a non-spoiler review of this one. Talk about writing yourself into a corner. I wonder if the author intended to end the books with just one more after this one, or if the plot twist in the end of this book cut off the action.SpoilersVicki is injured to the point where the only choice is to let her die or let Henry try to turn her, knowing that once she's turned it will drive them apart. On one hand, [...]

    8. I read about 1/3 into this book and came to the conclusion that I do not enjoy these stories, the writing, nor the characters to some extent. This surprised me because I enjoy the TV series, but we all know how transferring the written word goes usually incorporates changes beyond what the author's original intent was.Anyway, I found the story a bit weird, and yet, dull. I skipped over alot of the gory autopsy stuff, which left me with the story around the characters. Once again Vicky was border [...]

    9. I can't decide if this my favorite or Blood Lines is my favorite. Very good. Modern day Dr. Frankenstein turns Vicki's mother into a Frankenstein monster. The best part of this book was the ending. I won't give away what happened though. You'll just have to read the book.

    10. 4 1/2 StarsWhat a ride! This modern version of Dr. Frankenstein and the monster was exciting, told in a very well-paced tale. The characters continued to be interesting to follow. I love the dynamic between the three and how it evolves further in this story.

    11. Vicki, Henry and Mike are in Kingston now and the theme runs along the line of mad scientists. It's a race against time as Vicki's mom, ah, goes through some life changes. Moving between labs and a small Kingston neighborhood. the book never quite reaches the emotional intensity that it should but remains fun to read. The book is predictable in many ways but does feature surprises at the end.

    12. This is an enjoyable, entertaining, fast-paced mystery/thriller, urban fantasy novel with great characters. The characters make this series. The ending was rather unexpected and surprising.

    13. I was resslly disappointed that the 2 main characters in these books didn't get together once she became a vampire. I know that it was explained in an earlier book that 2 vampires couldn't live with each other, but I figured the 2 main characters would prove the exception to the rule. Alas, they didn't, & I was so immersed in the books, & so disappointed in the outcome, that I didnt pick up another title. Shame, 'cause I couldn't get enough of the series up 'till then.

    14. First it was a Demon, then Werwolves, then a mummy, now it's Frankensteinien monsters! A wonderful set of twists on the classic monster stories, this series, set mostly in Canada's Toronto, is well worth reading for any lover of Urban Fantasy.

    15. This is the fourth book in the series about Vicki Nelson, PI in Toronto. In this novel she receives extremely bad news in the first few chapters concerning her mother’s death – the news gets worse when she travels to Kingston and realises that her mother is being used in an appalling series of experiments. It is the tale of Dr Frankenstein brought bang up to date in a gruesome manner. While Vicki tries frantically to find out who is behind the molestation of her mother’s corpse, she is abl [...]

    16. Der Tod einer Angehörigen weckt nicht nur tiefe Schuldgefühle in Privatdetektivin Vicki Nelson, sondern führt sie auf die Fährte eines erschütternden Falles. Denn als die Leiche plötzlich verschwindet, sieht es die junge Frau als ihre Pflicht an, sich an der Suche zu beteiligen.Gemeinsam mit Mike Celluci – Kriminalpolizist – und Henry Fitzroy – Schriftsteller und Vampir – kommt Vicki den Leichendieben immer näher, die es sich im Namen der Wissenschaft zum Ziel gesetzt haben, den T [...]

    17. hmmmmm what do you do when you're in love with two men? one your expartner (in the police force) and one a vampire? hmmmm. and she has sex with both of them (not at the same time)Vicki's mother is dead and she had been trying to reach Vicki, but Vicki was pouting a bit because she had fought with both Mike & Henry so she feels very guilty, so she had not returned her mother's callsShe goes to bury her mother, and both Henry and Mike (though separately) follow her to Vancouver to offer their [...]

    18. Ed ecco, finalmente, che sono riuscita a finire anche questa saga. Ovviamente comprerò anche gli altri due volumi, per curiosità, ma per me la fine resterà comunque questa. C'è poco da fare.Ho faticato un po' a leggere questo romanzo, e credo che anche la scrittrice abbia faticato un po' a scriverlo. Non saprei, sono sensazioni.Di fatto molti hanno trovato la trama forzata e scontata. Io l'ho trovata un po' pesante (emotivamente parlando visto che coinvolge la madre della protagonista) ma ab [...]

    19. This is the fourth and strongest of Huff's series. This isn't the last, there's one more, Blood Debt, but this feels like the series conclusion with the last an afterthought. Like many works of urban fantasy, this involves a tough heroine who moves in a supernatural world. However, unlike characters such as LK Hamilton's Anita Blake or Harris' Sookie Stackhouse, the central character of this series, Vicki Nelson not only isn't superpowered--she's handicapped--losing her sight, forcing her to lea [...]

    20. Inspired by the recent starting up of the TV show Blood Ties, I've gone and plowed through all five of the Blood books by Tanya Huff. These are all re-reads, but it's been long enough since I read them all that it was almost like reading them all over again. And it was a pleasure, especially after reading a lot more current urban fantasy--in her rather understated kind of way, Huff did her part to contribute to what you see in the more recent run of books.First and foremost: as vampires go, Henr [...]

    21. This was an enjoyable read as were all of the "blood" books from Ms. Huff.Vickie Nelson is a former Toronto detective, forced to quit when her eyes begin to fail due to a degenerative disease.Mike was her police partner and on again-off again lover. When tempers flared between these two, all was right with the world, usually.Henry Fitzroy is the bastard son of King Henry VIII, and a vampire. He's also, in a real sense, one of Vickie's lovers. (Mike being the other)After fighting demons, mummies, [...]

    22. Of the many, classic Urban Fantasy books of the 90′s, the Vicki Nelson series holds extremely well. This strong source material lends itself well to revival, from the Canadian TV show “Blood Ties” to the recent reissues of the books themselves. Re-reading Victoria Nelson now, every description of Vicki brings to mind the strong jaw and dry sense of humor of her televised incarnation, adding to the experience of the re-read.BLOOD PACT is an anomaly in the Vicki Nelson series, as there is ve [...]

    23. The 4th novel in the Blood Ties series is a tad darker and more complex than the previous three. It begins with Vicki being quite frustrated with the two men in her life, Mike Cellucci (cop) and Henry Fitzroy (vampire) and their increasing demands for intimacy. She is so annoyed/out of sorts that she ignores several phone calls from her mom in Kingston. When she finally picks up the phone, ready to deal with whatever drama her mother has to give her, she gets the call that every child dreads, "Y [...]

    24. Zombis könyvet olvasok. Iszonyat jó, csak cseppet megterhelő. Pihenésképp nézek egy kis Detective Conan-t, hozzá egy pár AMV-t. És a második alatt, amibe belefutok, hát mi szól? The Cranberries - Zombie.Vámpíros krimi, csak ebben a kötetben sikerült pont zombikba belefutni. Tanya Huffot nagyon szeretem, érdekes a stílusa, egyszerre humoros és feszültséggel teli. Az meg, hogy az egyik főszereplő vámpír (ill. kötetenként més "legendás lény" kerül előtérbe), inkább [...]

    25. Après un troisième volume qui laissait à désirer, pour ma part on touche le fond avec ce volume… Bien que l’idée général aurait pu être intéressante en mettant en avant cette fois-ci des morts-vivants et des sorciers, ça sent surtout le réchauffer. Et on peut rajouter que la plupart des choses qui faisaient les points forts de la série ont totalement disparus :-Vicki a perdu sa splendeur, n’est plus l’héroïne forte qui n’a peur de rien des premiers tomes. Elle est cette f [...]

    26. Victoria Nelson is on the case again, but this time, the crime hits a lot closer to home. Stressed from increasing pressure to commit to either Mike or Henry, Vicki shuts down for a few days and does her best to ignore everything and everyone. After missing several phone calls from her mother, Vicki finally answers the phone to hear from her mother's friend and co-worker that her mother has passed away. Distraught, Vicki sets out for Queens University, where her mother worked as an administrativ [...]

    27. Blood Pact - ExHuff, Tanya - 4th in seriesIt began with the call no daughter ever wants to get, the call that told private investigator Vicki Nelson her mother had died. Mrs. Nelson's coworker at the Queen's University Life Science Department told Vicki that the cause of death was a heart attack, and that they'd be waiting for her to arrive in Kingston to make the funeral arrangements. But what started as an all too normal personal tragedy soon became the most terrifying case of Vicki's career. [...]

    28. The fourth book in Huff's Victory Nelson series, this one is notably different in focus from the first three. While Vicky struggles with the shock of her mother's death (which happens in the first few pages, so I'm not spoiling you here), she moves on autopilot through her usual investigative motions.It's really the interaction between Fitzroy and Celluci that makes this book worth reading: Vicky's emotional distance leaves the two men to fill the void. They do their best, showing more dimension [...]

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