Sweet Deceit

After Brigit s mysterious death at the NoBash, Ariana will stop at nothing to make sure Kaitlynn gets what she deserves With all the spots now open, getting into the Stone and Grave should be a breeze but Ariana is not willing to share her new life with her worst enemy Will Ariana be able to rid herself of her past without exposing where she came from
Sweet Deceit After Brigit s mysterious death at the NoBash Ariana will stop at nothing to make sure Kaitlynn gets what she deserves With all the spots now open getting into the Stone and Grave should be a breeze

  • Title: Sweet Deceit
  • Author: Kate Brian
  • ISBN: 9781416985495
  • Page: 394
  • Format: ebook
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    1. Yes, I'll admit, Kate Brian's Private and Privilege series' are my guilty pleasure reads. I'll be the first to admit they're not the best books out there, but I will continue to devour each and every one of them anyway.Privilege is quite different from Private. To start, Ariana is a murderer. She's managed to escape prison but continues to be faced with all the problems that come along with assuming someone else's identity. While the problems continue to flow fairly well, I still found myself th [...]

    2. I love the Privilege series by Kate Brian. They are the spin-off series of The Private series. I actually like them more though. In Sweet Deceit Ariana and her new friends are just getting over the fact that their good friend Bridget died. And now, Ariana and Kaitlynn are rooming together. The girls are struggling to get into the schools elite secret society of Stone and Grave. The girls are a little shocked when they find out that even though now one of the opponents is out, there is still a po [...]

    3. I read this book in the beginning of the summer because i was so excited to read it. I read it in one day and at the end I got the feeling that a few pages were ripped out or like "that was the big shock" kind of feeling.Maybe it was because i had high expectations or because i was waiting to read the book for so long that i imagined what would happen, but whatever it was it was not what I expected. This book is a continuation to a series so maybe the author ran out of ideas or she wants the mai [...]

    4. Skip the Private series, because Brian's Privilege, the story of escape convict Ariana Osgood, is sure to dominate your shelves. I've praised the first few books generously, applauded Brian for tackling such a demented, yet strangely addictive, protagonist and storyline, and still, I cannot get enough of Ariana and her craziness. I swear, sometimes I'm not sure whether to curse Ariana for her murderous ways, or root for her because despite her craziness, she is one seriously smart and determined [...]

    5. This is why Kate Brian (Kieran Scott) is one of my top three series authors. Her books are always addicting and drama filled and this one is certainly no exception! Also, I think I'm starting to like PRIVILEGE books more than PRIVATE books, even tho I have a deep love for both:)

    6. Ah, Ariana. She has so many issues. I can't WAIT to see her crash and fall. At least, she had better!! More killing in this one. Also a death that is going to affect the Private seriesyikes Anyway, I didn't like this one as much. But it was still good!

    7. I loved this book! I can't wait until the next. It started off slow but the ending was amazing! Didn't see that one coming but I am glad it did!

    8. Oh.My.God. I cannot believe Ariana/Briana/ she's so ruthlessjust when I start to like her the crazy comes out and then I hate her all over again!

    9. The death toll, people.Briana Leigh CovingtonYou didn't deserve any of this. R.I.P.KaitlynnYou deserved most of it, but it wasn't probably that nice being killed by a person you thought was your friend. And I actually started to like you, minus the psychopathic side of you. Kiran HayesR.I.P. You weren't my favorite Billings girl (that was formerly Ariana), but you also didn't deserve this.Pending:Ariana OsgoodNotes:Like all psychopaths, Ariana only cares about herself and nothing is going to sto [...]

    10. MY WTF FACE IS STILL RIGHT HERE. Holy fucking shit! Who could've seen that coming?! I was fine with Ariana killing Kaitlyn (I finally caugh her name, correctly) I mean the psycho bitch deserved to die in such a dramatic and twisted way, she loved mind tricks and she fell in one of the best, the fact she believed that Adriana would just stay by her side was ridiculous but she did so Guess you weren't that smart! Anyhow, the moment Kiran appeared I knew something fucked up was gonna happen, and un [...]

    11. Thought this one was slower for the first half than the other books in the series but wow, what an ending. I really wish Kate Brian would write another long series about rich, preppy, dangerous girls.

    12. Was very surprised in this book n the ending got me more invested in Arianas life. Lets c what's happens nxt to her.

    13. ***TL;DR SPOILERY PLOT OVERVIEW***The Stone & Grave pledges assumed they'd be automatic ins since Brigit's death, but instead things are kicking into overdrive! The Stone & Gravers eventually reveal themselves, with Lexa Greene being the president of the Atherton Pryce Hall chapter. Ariana receives a task to catch Palmer Liriano in a compromising position, and is convinced that Lexa created it out of jealousy. At the same time, suspicion is growing among the Stone & Grave committee a [...]

    14. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. That wasINCREDIBLE. I cannot believeoh my gosh. I'm sorry, I just finished the book about a minute ago, so you all are getting all my emotions. As you can tell, I was SO shocked by this book. WOW. I did NOT know that this series would basically be a continuation of Private, as it shows what happens to people AFTER the end of Private. Oh, lord. I don't even want to know what Ariana's going to do if she finds Reed and Josh Anyways. This book was AMAZING. Definit [...]

    15. Living the good life can be murder. Ariana Osgood has proven that point literally, as she steals hearts and takes lives with the style and drama of a good girl with a few fatal (for others) flaws. After reading the latest Privilege book, I chewed over the question, is Ariana the heroine of the story, or the villain? It's so easy to sympathize with her, and simply like Ariana, even when she's killing people to keep her idea of a perfect life. It helps that compared to vicious sociopath frenemy Ka [...]

    16. Okay, wow. I was a bit worried about this series, as as of the last book (Perfect Mistake), the prognosis for this series wasn't looking so good. Frustrating plot inching forward at a snail's pace? Check. Increasing difficulty suspending disbelief at the ridiculousness of fake private school attended by characters? Check. Diminishing paper quality and series growing shorter with each novel? Check and check. This one is disappointingly on the skinny side, but don't be worried: It's most definitel [...]

    17. Click here to read more YA reviews at READING, EATING & DREAMINGBelow is my review for the entire Privilege series. This review doesn't contain any spoilers!!Kate Brian’s Privilege series is a nail-biting spin-off of the Private series. This series is built around Ariana Osgood, who in the Private series murdered her ex-boyfriend (Thomas Pearson) for falling for another girl (Reed Brennan). Subsequently, Ariana attempts, but fails, to kill Reed Brennan, landing her in the Brenda T. Trumbul [...]

    18. Ariana (“Ana”), Kaitlynn (“Lillian”), Lexa, Palmer and the rest of the cast are back for the fourth novel in the Privilege series. Sweet Deceit picks up with Perfect Mistake ended. As everyone is trying to deal with the tragic event that has occurred, Ariana silently is determined to get even with Kaitlynn.Ariana and Kaitlynn both have been tapped to become the newest members of Stone and Grave, the school’s secret society. Ariana knows if she can survive hell week, all that scheming, [...]

    19. This book is a continuation of the the story of Ariana, whom escaped from jail and is still under the assumed identity of a dead billionaires (who she killed) in a boarding school. She is faced with trying to keep her cover, while her roommate and ex cell mate attempts to do the same. Ariana has to deal with a lot. The murder of her friend, her tap for a secret society and her roommate threatening to expose her. The book goes through her journey of finding a way of keeping her roommate out of he [...]

    20. Ariana et Kaitlynn ont toutes deux réussi à se tailler une place comme initiés pour devenir membre de la société secrète des Stone and Grave. La Semaine de l'enfer est sur le point de commencer pour les deux filles. Au menu, défis, quiz et missions. Joignant leurs efforts, les deux filles sont persuadés qu'elles réussiront à se faire admettre dans la prestigieuse société. Seule ombre au tableau : Lexa, la nouvelle meilleure amie d'Ariana semble commencer à se douter que celle-ci fr [...]

    21. This series amazes me, because somehow Kate Brian makes you feel sympathy for the character of Ariana, which you would think would be impossible. Even more amazing is how you can feel sympathy for Ariana in the Privilege series, yet hate her while reading Reed's perspective in the Private books. This book is mostly about Ariana and Kaitlynn's quest to become members of the Stone and Grave secret society, and all the things they're willing to do to be accepted. If you've read the previous books i [...]

    22. From the 'I-need-a-get-out-of-jail-free-card' blue-eyed blonde-haired Ariana Osgood at the Brenda T Trumbull Correctional Facility for Women to the green-eyed auburn-haired Briana "Ana" Leigh Covington at the prestigious Atherton-Pryce Hall 'APH' high school, this girl whoever she may murderously be hasn't always had the easiest time getting what she wants. But perseverance has paid off. Which unfortunately came at a high price. With her "friend" Kaitlyn Nottingham or should I say Lillian Oswald [...]

    23. This is the 4th book of the privilege series. In this book , the main character Ariana, whos a murder and has taken the identity of one of her victims trys to enjoy her new life as a free person. she is also determined to get rid of the only person getting in the way of her new life. Her ex best friend Kaithlin, who's also a murderer and has made up a new identity, keeps threatening to expose Ariana's secret if she doesnt do as Kaithlin says. The book starts off in a funeral for one of Ariana's [...]

    24. Summary: Ariana Osgood continues her life as a student at the Atherton-Pryce Hall boarding school where she has been tapped to be a member of the secret society Stone and Grave. Ariana is not really herself ever since she’s taken over the identity of Briana Leigh Covington. Ariana’s accomplice Kaitlynn Nottingham is also under an assumed identity and poses a potential threat to Ariana’s admission into the Stone and Grave as well as her own assumed identity. Ariana excels at every test the [...]

    25. In the fourth installment of the privilege series by Kate Brian, Ariana osgood is back and more devious than ever. The whole school is shaken by Brigit's death, but that doesn't make Skull&Bones' initiation tasks any easier. Kaitlynn and Ariana find out that even though the number of spots open is the same as the number of pledges, not every one gets in. Ariana soon realizes the only way to get back at Kaitlynn is to somehow make her think their friendship is still intact. Meanwhile, Palmer [...]

    26. Okay, so this series is my absolute guilty pleasure. It's dark, disturbing sometimes, and basically tells the story of a serial killer. But the main character is so sympathetic that you can't help rooting for her, wanting her to get good things despite how hard it is to just get a brand new fresh start. I love the secret society stuff in this book - seems like Kate Brian is really into that lately what with them being in the Private series as well - and I wonder if she's ever read Secret Society [...]

    27. Sweet Deceit by Kate Brian is the fourth book in the mysterious Privilege series. This latest installment picks up at Brigit’s funeral; Kaitlynn has brutally killed her to make way for herself to join the prestigious secret society Stone and Grave. Ariana vows to herself that she will make Kaitlynn pay for what she has done to Brigit and her other friends.In the meantime, Ariana is fighting herself to prove that she’s worthy to be a member of Stone and Grave. In addition to juggling her new [...]

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