On Target

Killing is Court Gentry s business Now, his business is about to get personal in the second Gray Man novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Greaney Four years ago, Court Gentry was betrayed by his handlers in the CIA To survive, he had to eliminate his own brothers in arms Now, as a master assassin known as the Gray Man, he makes his living killing otherKilling is Court Gentry s business Now, his business is about to get personal in the second Gray Man novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Mark Greaney.Four years ago, Court Gentry was betrayed by his handlers in the CIA To survive, he had to eliminate his own brothers in arms Now, as a master assassin known as the Gray Man, he makes his living killing other people But when an old comrade he thought dead returns to haunt him, his own life is put in the crosshairs.
On Target Killing is Court Gentry s business Now his business is about to get personal in the second Gray Man novel from New York Times bestselling author Mark Greaney Four years ago Court Gentry was betray

  • Title: On Target
  • Author: Mark Greaney
  • ISBN: 9780515148459
  • Page: 222
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Courtland Gentry was once a top operative for the CIA, but they issued a burn notice and shoot-on-sight order about him for unknown reasons. A burn notice? I wonder if Court gets to hang around Bruce Campbell drinking beers like other burned spies?Court went underground and became a legendary contract killer known as the Gray Man in certain circles, but things aren’t going well. Circumstances have forced him to start working with a sleazy Russian gangster, and he’s picked up a prescription d [...]

    2. The second book about Court Gentry. This one is actually a bit more thought provoking. For me it sort of makes me question my own attitudes. I meanI'm a Christian and I don't want (on an actual personal and real level) to be too quick to accept the idea of"sanctioning someone with extreme prejudice". There is a level of frustration built into this novel, but then there's supposed to be. Court is caught between the proverbial jaws of and upon the proverbial horns of a seemingly insoluble dilemma. [...]

    3. How does an author follow up a debut, national bestseller with high expectations on the line? How about brilliantly and without fail. Mark Greaney’s sequel to “The Gray Man” picks up right where he left off as Court Gentry, a.k.a. ‘the gray man’, a.k.a. ‘six’ is left to fend for himself as a private contracted assassin. Gentry cannot rest on his laurels since his former employer—the CIA—has issued an SOS order, shoot on sight!Gentry has agreed to a very risky contract with his [...]

    4. I loved the first book.It was an adrenaline rush with a hero who seemed to be the love child of Bourne and Rambo. It pitches the hero against insurmountable odds. I had to suspend my disbelief a little too much but I still enjoyed every page, every word.I picked up the second book hoping for more of the same. That was a mistake.It is quite fast , like the first book and I quite like Court Gentry's character. I finished over 1/3rd of the book in very quick time. Then came Ellen Walsh. She has to [...]

    5. For so much action this book was surprisingly boring. I loved the first book but this one was lackluster. Cort is still a burned and hunted agent, hired for an assignation that could 'free' him from the blacklist but (predictably) the mission goes wrong and Cort (our spy with a soul) starts to question everything I appreciated the political timeliness of the 'spy job' (Russians! Darfur! Oil fights! The ICC and 'economic hitmen') and I like that Cort is actually likeable (he's a Jason Bourne type [...]

    6. Four years ago Court Gentry was betrayed by his handlers in the CIA. In order tosurvive he had to eliminate his own brothers. Now he is a master assassin known as the Gray Man and he makes his living killing other people but when an old comradehe thought was dead returns to haunt him his own life is put in the cross hairs . The man wants Court to complete a mission with one catch. Instead of a difficult assassinationthe job entails a near impossible kidnapping and Court must return his quarry to [...]

    7. 3.5/5, but we all know how feels about half stars.This is one of those stories that makes you kind of hope Court fails at securing his given objective, which is a snatch and deliver, and instead does what he does best, which is killin' folks. The snatchee, Abboud, is essentially a renamed Omar al-Bashir and Court finds himself in between a rock and a hard place; he just wants to put a bullet in Abboud's head. Those pesky extrajudicial murder urges rise up on him once again! But CIA promised to [...]

    8. "On Target" is a military-type thriller that reads like an action movie in novel form. The target audience appears to be men. The sole female character was a damsel-in-distress who was fatally (if not for Court) naive and determined to ignore all sensible advice. I suspect, though, that male readers will sympathize with Court being the hero while dealing with an incomprehensible woman.While I liked that Court had a moral standard and a human side, he came across as way too soft to be an assassin [...]

    9. Court Gentry is back in action, and this time we start to learn more about his past and why he's such a lone assassin. However, we don't learn everything and there are still many questions about his past that need answering. The Gray Mans new target in this book has the ability to set him free from constantly running from people who want him dead. But as usual, his conscience gets in the the way and shoves him right back into life or death situations.I really liked this audiobook. As usual the v [...]

    10. is asking me what do I think. Well right now I think only two word. FUCKIN MINDBLOWING. How come there's no movie based on this series? Yeah well, I got nothing else to say. Please don't read this review, read the damn book.

    11. Good book, though I wish I had read the first book in the series! Nicely written, good amount of action.

    12. DarkAction sequences are good, but overall tone is quite dark. Taking the flawed hero a few steps beyond my comfort level.

    13. Court Gentry, The Gray Man, Greaney’s main character in the novel, On Target, makes the impossible, possible. Check out the story line of the latest installment in the series: “Four years ago, Court Gentry was betrayed by his handlers in the CIA. To survive, he had to eliminate his own brothers in arms. Now, as a master assassin known as the Gray Man, he makes his living killing other people. But when an old comrade he thought dead returns to haunt him, his own life is put in the crosshairs. [...]

    14. For a book with so much action, I was bored through this and more than a little annoyed. There were some parts I found exciting but it couldn't make up for the downsides.In this book, Court Gentry is still hunted by the CIA and when he is in the process of agreeing to help the Russian Mafia kill an African leader for a lot of money, his old CIA team captures him and forces him to agree to kidnap the African president rather than kill him. It appears Obama wants to turn the man over to the Intern [...]

    15. Mediocre. Very bloody, gory, and violent.Good storyline in general, with some unusual scenes and locations.Implausibility was a problem throughout the book.The one female character constantly (always?) did stupid things which would have led to either her or Gentry being killed, often both.Gentry's weird mix of hard core killer and soft heartedness is not realistic and gets him into trouble again and again. He would not last long as a true operative with this personality, so it is just not real.U [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the previous one. I think that is more of my own issue as I had trouble sympathizing with Cort's addiction. Intellectually I understand the challenge for someone in recovery, or trying to get in recovery from an addiction, but watching the struggle through the book that understanding didn't help me empathize. Again, more my inability to connect than anything wrong with the narrative. I did enjoy the locations/settings and major plot points as they seem qui [...]

    17. Found it too long and was glad when it was over. I felt too helpless for Court and the SEAL team and while in other books I am filled with suspense while waiting for the cavalry or for their overcoming the odds on their own. Not here. I just felt like putting the gun to my own head and pulling the trigger.Not a bad book so the 3 stars indicate my personal reaction - average - and not the book itself. I'm not sure if I will listen to another installment - I'm looking for a series where the thrill [...]

    18. If Jack Reacher were a special operations mercenary, he'd be The Gray Man. This book is the second in the series and, like the first, it's utterly ridiculous, fun and entertaining.

    19. This book struck me as somewhat of a sophomore slump. Where "The Gray Man" opened with a bang and never let up, this book started slowly and never really got up to speed. Court was a total one-man killing machine in the first book, but here was reduced to a team player. Like some other reviewers have commented, it is possible "On Target" was meant to provide some flaws in Court and set us up for the third book; which, based on the preview, could be great fun. But at the end of the day, I was dis [...]

    20. Hard to put down because there's so much action and suspense. But, it's not as good as book 1. Court (mc) was too macgyver in this bookrigging the trucks to explode in such a short time in the middle of a desert with hand tools, etc t believable in the least. Then [dumb] lawyer girl opening her mouth, and then protesting in the middle of the desert, when they were trying to escape a war torn country is just silly. Eye rolls big time.Prob won't continue series. Bummer. Guess I'll never get to kno [...]

    21. Enjoyed this one, just wish the ending would have been more specific. Thought a lot of things were left hanging. Otherwise, I really like Court and his adventures. I plan to keep reading the series.

    22. Rather good second shot for this author the developing drug addiction of the main character is a nice new angle on a fairly old story.

    23. These comments are in regard to the entire series which encompasses, as of this writing, six novels. Released from 2010 through 2017 by Audible Studios and narrated by Jay Snyder. These are unabridged, full length novels, ranging in length from eleven to eighteen hours. The Gray Man is a CIA operative – deep undercover-black ops. If you are a fan of page-turning, double-taps, and splattering brain matter — well, ‘ya found a series.The lead character, Court Gentry, is a Jack Ryan or Mitch R [...]

    24. After having read Greaney's initial gray man effort, I decided that the high ratings were undeserved and I would not pursue any further books in the series. Recently, I have read reviews of further books in the series by members of upon whose opinion I place great value. The result is that I read this book and am quite happy that I did.On Target is very well-plotted and well-written. The main characters are nicely described and developed, a couple being very fantastic but still believable. The [...]

    25. This was a solid black ops story and good followup to the first Greaney novel about the character Court Gentry, aka "Gray Man." As with many such stories, the action is the strength and often, the weakness of the plot line. In this case, the action is almost all in the Sudan, which is one of the "hell holes" of the world. I find stories that take place in northern Africa or the Middle East to all be a little monochromatic and not quite as fun as other settings. This is why I gave the book a 3-st [...]

    26. This book takes place shortly after events in the first book. (Just enough time to recover from the injuries he suffers in the previous book.) There are a few references to some of those events, but this book is independent from the first book. They can be read in any order without loss of continuity.I was just a bit disappointed that this book was not to the same caliber as the previous book. This book was not quite as action packed as the first one, but none the less, I was entertained. I thin [...]

    27. Really, I'd like to put 3.5 stars here. I enjoy several different facets of Greaney's writing and of his characters. The plot twists and semi-plausible accomplishments of the (perhaps anti-) hero Court Gentry make for decent page-turning. It's not clear whether Gentry is a true hero, either. Unlike many in this genre, he is flawed and makes mistakes, and there is some political and philosophical influence to some of the characters' actions. Specifically in this book, the morality (or lack thereo [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this book! I found it be thrilling and thought provoking but most of real. The battle in Court's mind as to whether he should kill Abboud or hand him over to the ICC is one the highlights for me in this book. Court is starting to fleshen out more as a character, and while part of this depressing (like his dependence on painkillers) to uncover as a reader, I think it makes a more solid character. Ellen Walsh's character represents to me people who are shielded from the ugliness i [...]

    29. After reading"The Gray Man" I was extremely disappointed with "On Target". The character of Ellen was just so much the boring, intrusive, justify everything female that ruins so many good novels. Sentences like: "I need to know who you are". Why? To my mind she adds nothing to the story line which is no way as tight as it was in "The Gray Man". Court in "On Target" was not the finely tuned, calculating, focussed assassin we first met in "The Gray Man". Rather he has become distracted, weak and a [...]

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