Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, Vol. 1

Hayao Miyazaki was a budding filmmaker in 1982 when he agreed to collaborate on a project with the popular Japanese anime magazine Animage This was Nausicaa, which would make Miyazaki s reputation as much as his 11 films and TV shows.Set in the far future, Nausicaa visualizes an Earth radically changed by ecological disaster Strange human kingdoms survive at the edge ofHayao Miyazaki was a budding filmmaker in 1982 when he agreed to collaborate on a project with the popular Japanese anime magazine Animage This was Nausicaa, which would make Miyazaki s reputation as much as his 11 films and TV shows.Set in the far future, Nausicaa visualizes an Earth radically changed by ecological disaster Strange human kingdoms survive at the edge of the Sea of Corruption, a poisonous fungal forest Nausicaa, a gentle young princess, has a telepathic bond with the giant mutated insects of this dystopia Her task is to negotiate peace between kingdoms battling over the last of the world s precious natural resources.Nausicaa took Miyazaki 12 years to create, in part because he worked with few or no assistants, doing both the writing and drawing using a meticulously detailed style that critics have compared to the work of the French artist Moebius.
Nausica of the Valley of Wind Vol Hayao Miyazaki was a budding filmmaker in when he agreed to collaborate on a project with the popular Japanese anime magazine Animage This was Nausicaa which would make Miyazaki s reputation as

  • Title: Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, Vol. 1
  • Author: Hayao Miyazaki
  • ISBN: 9781569310960
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. [This is a review of the whole series.]Several years back (this was maybe 2002, right before Spirited Away hit American shores) I was finally able to see Hayao Miyazaki’s film Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind. I had heard a lot of good things about it both from friends who adored the bastardized American release fifteen years earlier, Warriors of the Wind, and from friends who regularly sought out Japanese fare. Weeks earlier, I was able to get ahold of a Hong Kong set of all of Miyazaki’s wo [...]

    2. This was a slight letdown for me, and it might be one of the rare cases of "The Movie Was Better Than The Book." Miyazaki's designs are of course a marvel, and I love the spiritual and ecological themes, but I found much of the action, particularly the dogfights, difficult to follow. It would also be easier to keep up with the complex political maneuvering (I count at least 6 competing factions here) if everybody's armor didn't look exactly the same. By the end of this volume (which is actually [...]

    3. (My review of the whole series)An incredibly imaginative and (mostly) coherent manga. The setting is a far future Earth where man has almost been overrun by a toxic jungle filled with giant insects, but continues to subsist in a few fuedal kingdoms that wage war on each other with the last remaining bits of technology. The characters, outlandish creatures, mix of technological and primitive, and quasi-Buddhist spiritual themes reminded me a lot of Star Wars. However, where George Lucas is clunky [...]

    4. Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind is one of my favourite films and I've wanted to read the original manga for awhile. Much of the film is taken from the content in this first volume. For the most part I really enjoyed it! I wouldn't say the artwork is staggering, but Miyazaki manages to convey an extrememly strong characterisation for Nausicaä that really made me care about her and her world and plight. Sometimes I found the action sequences a bit chaotic (from my limited experience, this has [...]

    5. Gosh, I'm trying to find a way to get into manga, but it's just not happening. I kinda like the storyline, but it was difficult for me to follow who was saying what, which wasn't helped by the muddy, claustrophobic art. It hooked me enough that I'm going to try the movie to see if I can parse things better there.

    6. one of my favourite miyazaki movies, but the manga doesn't translate well for me - i think i find it a bit confusing visually. the art is gotgeous but tends to distract from the text and there's a lot going on on each page - especially during action sequences. but the story is compelling and it does have a very nostalgic quality for me.

    7. I found the world and characters interesting, but my enjoyment of the graphic novel was constantly interrupted by the lack of color. I've seen a few Studio Ghibli movies, so I'm not unfamiliar with Miyazaki's art style, but I've never read one of his graphic novels before. All of the characters look alike, and in black and white, you don't get a lot of help differentiating between them. Also, some of the blocks are detailed to the point where it can be hard to tell what is even happening. Not su [...]

    8. Very interesting read of the manga that started everything Studio Ghibli. The movie is noticeably similar to the manga but there's quite a few differences. It's alright because I enjoy both. Time to read the rest!

    9. I'm on a bit of a dystopia binge right now on accident so this fit perfect with my current reading. I can see how the extended volumes might be a bit better because the story was rushed but I really loved this. I fell in love with the princess almost immediately.This version was better for me because I don't get to read a lot of graphic novels recently and it was nice to have one with a bit of length to it.

    10. This is just about as good as it gets. I love me some manga, but the only thing that maybe comes close to this in epic storytelling is Akira, and I think I like Nausicaa a little better. I originally read these in the single-issues version from the 80s. I like reading it in this more compact "Perfect Collection" version, but I don't know if it really benefits from the reduction of the page size. There are definitely places where the panels get a bit small for the amount of action in them, and it [...]

    11. 1Z GRAPHIC NOVEL2.7/2 = 15 minutes, 7/5 = 20 minutes, 7/7 = 35minutes3.7 words summary: Nausicaa - forest - voice - ohme - calm - friend - rescue4. Q. Do you like animals? What animlas do you like?A. I really like animals. Especially I like baby animals such as puppy and kitty.5. Honestly, I have watched this movie on TV in Japanese. I am happy to read this work in English! My biology teacher in high school said to us in her class, she was Nausicaa of Heisei era. That was so funny, but I really [...]

    12. By far the most beautifully-drawn, sweeping graphic novels I have ever had the privilege of reading. The books go much more in-depth than the movie (which is excellent on its own), and makes it a much more complex story that likely requires a few reads to fully grasp. It's hard to not be the slightest bit guilty while reading, since it concerns humanity's future in a world twisted with pollution, and the nature of human lust for war. On the other hand, Nausicaa is a grounded and lovable heroine. [...]

    13. This book, and its further volumes, has had a profound influence on my own writing and on my perception of this world and the role of heroes. The art work is detailed and complex, never rushed or incomplete. The story explores an enormous number of themes, from the role of humanity in this world, the destruction of life and even how and why military units operate and hold together. It is a sad story with so many wonderful characters dying, or turning evil. Yet many others gain insight into their [...]

    14. I think my mobile phone was not the best medium to read this on. The drawings had so much detail that it was difficult to see what exactly was happening.The story was good. A lot of fantasy elements completely different from anything Ive seen before. And also as a major in climate studies (more or less) I loved the environmental angle. However the storytelling itself was not that original. It stays in fantasy archetypes. So definetly a book for people who are looking for an epic fantasy epos wit [...]

    15. It's interesting to see a Miyazaki narrative on page instead of on screen. In a lot of ways, it's better. He writes such interesting stories, and his dedication to the character of Nausicaa shines through brighter here than in the movie. The part of his work that was lost in print was his art. I don't know if it was the edition I read, but Miyazaki has such intricate artwork - the towns, the corrupted forests, the insects - they're all amazing to look at. But my copy was tiny and often times I g [...]

    16. I really wanted to like thisThe story line is really unique and appeals to me personally, but I think that might also account for my disappointment. I could not get into the story, because I found the art and characters hard to follow. Additionally, I did not care about the main character. She's proclaimed special by those around her constantly, but I did not find her likable or interesting.I might give the anime a go, because this is so well-regarded that I feel I might be missing something.

    17. Great. Overly environmentalist possibly. Very "cinematic", and has classic awesome miyazaki creatures/art. only thing is that I wish it was all colored, as color played kind of a big part in the movie (with the eyes of the beasts changing colors etc). Anyway ill buy #2. I hate that doesnt just allow you to list an entire series. listing ever graphic novel volume will become obnoxious quickly.

    18. Ha-yow! I don't get what's going on yet, really -- a new-age-y love letter to an Earth unspoiled by industrial processes, filtered through a Charlie-Brown-esque admiration for the perfect girl, maybe -- but this dog can draw like, buh-chow! It's a shame the art is reproduced so tiny here; the air battles pop off the page, but if they were bigger, they'd be bigger.

    19. Miyazaki never should have switched over to anime. Not that his anime is bad, but it will never compare to this series, which is about as perfect a manga as can be. Of course, he totally destroyed the film version by completely changing the story. The problem is that this story can't be told in 90 minutes.

    20. As I'm not big on graphic novels, I unfortunately waited far too long to experience this beautiful story. A long time fan of the movie, I anticipated the book would be better - which is a massive understatement. The meticulous illustrations augment the storytelling and it's easy to see why this work is a cult classic.

    21. As much as I love Miyazaki's films, this one just didn't capture my interest that much. It was confusing and kind of contradicting in its story and I didn't know where it was going most of the time. Nausicaa was kind of cold and distant as a female protagonist. I couldn't connect with her that much. It wasn't awful but it wasn't that great either.

    22. Consider this review as relevant to all the volumes listed - this is world-building and narrative intricacy and drive comparable to Herbert's DUNE. Terrific artwork with incredible renditions of tech and biology. Character design is a bit on the Tezuka 'big eyes' end of the spectrum that many folks find vexing about manga, but easily overlooked IMO.

    23. I would say that this is better than the movie, but they are peeeety much exactly alike. The graphic novel could have been, and probably WAS, the storyboard for the film.Well drawn, engaging story, several moral lessons snuck in under the radar and with little-to-no preaching. Also, it made me cry. So there's that.

    24. I must've read this in college It felt pretty disjointed to me, but I still enjoyed it. I definitely prefer the anime. It was fun to compare the two, though, and there are some story subtleties lost in the translation to screen.

    25. (This entry stands for the whole series.) Sweeping and immersive. Thematically, it doesn't go much beyond what the film conveys, so some parts get repetitive. On the other hand, this is a sign that the story remains remarkably cohesive across the volumes.

    26. Read this series ages ago. Sadly it degenerates into endlessly cryptic involution toward the end, but this first volume is magnificent. Exquisite penciling, cool flying machines, wonderful ecological parable.

    27. Some of best manga I've ever read. I'm so glad it was translated into English. Appropriate for all ages. Reads more like a novel than a comic book. does a nice synopsis here.

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