La Grande Therese: The Greatest Scandal of the Century

One hundred years ago, Therese Humbert was one of the most powerful women in France Her salon was the center of Parisian life and her wealth, as the daughter of an American billionaire, was fabled She lived a fantastic lifestyle, was the talk of Paris, and was connected through marriage to Henri Matisse But in truth, she was one of the greatest imposters France had everOne hundred years ago, Therese Humbert was one of the most powerful women in France Her salon was the center of Parisian life and her wealth, as the daughter of an American billionaire, was fabled She lived a fantastic lifestyle, was the talk of Paris, and was connected through marriage to Henri Matisse But in truth, she was one of the greatest imposters France had ever seen this doyenne of high society was actually an incredibly resourceful and inventive commoner whose grand lifestyle was based solely on illusion and fantasy wealth When she was exposed in 1902, the scandal nearly destroyed the French Third Republic Thousands of creditors, including Matisse s in laws, were ruined An unforgettable real life story, La Grande Therese describes the rise and fall of a poor French peasant girl with extraordinary willpower and irresistible powers of persuasion.
La Grande Therese The Greatest Scandal of the Century One hundred years ago Therese Humbert was one of the most powerful women in France Her salon was the center of Parisian life and her wealth as the daughter of an American billionaire was fabled She

  • Title: La Grande Therese: The Greatest Scandal of the Century
  • Author: Hilary Spurling
  • ISBN: 9780060196226
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1 thought on “La Grande Therese: The Greatest Scandal of the Century”

    1. La Grande Therese: The Greatest Scandal Of The Century by Hilary Spurling. It was published on June 1, 2000. A Non-fiction, biography and history book that seems like a novella, but it's all facts. Therese Daurignac (her maiden name) was a peasant girl who lived in Languedoc, south of France. According to the author, there was nothing special about her except her power of imagination which led her to an elegant life later on but only lasted for years."When Therese was small, she invented palaces [...]

    2. Revolviendo en la librería de la terminal de ómnibus, me encontré con este pequeño libro, en muy buen estado, y a precio de saldo. en un principio, pensé que era una novela corta o un relato (pese al resumen), pero con el correr de las páginas me di cuenta de mi error.Thérèse Humbert es una de esas mujeres que la historia, en su afán patriarcal, deja de lado. Demasiado talentosa para su sexo, demasiado astuta para la sociedad, dejó en ridículo a todo París y alrededores en el siglo X [...]

    3. Was 'cleaning' up a bunch of old books from my room and came upon this. I keep buying non-fiction books always feeling 'I'm sure I'll be in a mood to know about this person someday' and Therese Humbert certainly doesn't disappoint. Prose doesn't get in the way of the facts, but also there's enough in it to actually make me want to read more about the subject matter. Pretty good quick reading for a lazy day.

    4. It's the tale of Therese Humbert's great deception at the turn of the century. It may have surprised a lot of the readers that it's not a novel. The book's narrative is a true blue biography. I didn't mind that at all as I truly enjoy biographies at its own right. This book is a bit on the short side, similar to a novella. And, that was the book's biggest disappointment. From the get go, we both learn and love Therese Humbert. She has one of the must humblest beginnings as the daughter of bastar [...]

    5. About the major and sophisticated swindle/scandal done by Mme Theresse Humbert and her uncle/father-in-law , Sr Humbert. Scandal was sophisticated and cunning. In the scandal Mme Theresse contributed her charm and daring and a grand splendor (achieved by other’s money which was acquired based on a fake non-existent inheritance), Sr Humbert(uncle/father-in-law) brought his political position and Frederic (cousin/husband) brought his methodical planning/management. Sheer scale of the swindle is [...]

    6. What’s found in this book are things that can actually be found everywhere else, like . In fact, I find the telling in and other sites more detailed than what’s in here. I was hoping there could be something else. I was hoping for a more detailed, well researched, documentary-like account on the life and swindling of Therese Humbert. I was hoping for more. Bitin.

    7. This is a very small book, can be read in couple of hours. It is little known story of a female shyster in late 1800's France who bilked people out of funds, reminding me of the Madoff scandal. She was poor and lied her way into living the high life among the rich and famous. Amazing story of how a whole family got involved, how duped people can be.

    8. It's good as it was - short, entertaining, and worth the time for reading. I just hope that someone would eventually make a novel out of it (or a film wouldn't be bad). Some scenes would be great in the minutest detail. (review written on 2013)

    9. One of the best short books ever, highly recommended.How far can one charming young girl get in society simply by lying her eyes out? You'll be amazed! By the time people figure out what's true, many of the richest families in Paris had lost their fortunes in her schemes

    10. Journalism, no more, but a fascinating story about a woman who lied her way into society and the rich life in late 19th-c. Paris, then came a cropper. The Madoff of her day, I suppose. A quick read; makes you want to know more.

    11. I liked it- although I think this would make a much better novel than a short biographical sketch. The subject matter lends itself to wild speculation more than just the basic facts. I actually can't think of a better story for a Masterpiece series. Or possibly a Baz Lurman moviebrary book

    12. Good grief, this is tedious. In spite of my love of Matisse and the fact that this book deals with a fascinating major fraud, I found it very boring. It certainly did not make me want to read Spurling's biography of the artist.

    13. The history within this short novel is rather interesting, but I didn't find the book comedic or joking despite its book cover summary. It's like it's trying to be something it's not and it just doesn't work very well.

    14. a nice little book for about 2 hours, requiring little to no thinking. perfect while waiting for the plane at the airport

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