The Enemy

As the days pass, the situation has gone from frightening to terrifying Kids are being picked off the streets the barricaded teens are surrounded by flesh eating zombie adults When a mysterious traveler arrives with an offer of refuge in London s Buckingham Palace, they realize that they have no other option What they can not yet understand is that their intense challeAs the days pass, the situation has gone from frightening to terrifying Kids are being picked off the streets the barricaded teens are surrounded by flesh eating zombie adults When a mysterious traveler arrives with an offer of refuge in London s Buckingham Palace, they realize that they have no other option What they can not yet understand is that their intense challenges will not end with their harrowing trip Another hard pulsing teen thriller by the author of the Young Bond series.
The Enemy As the days pass the situation has gone from frightening to terrifying Kids are being picked off the streets the barricaded teens are surrounded by flesh eating zombie adults When a mysterious travel

  • Title: The Enemy
  • Author: Charlie Higson
  • ISBN: 9781423145042
  • Page: 336
  • Format: ebook
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    1. ”We can’t lose all we believe in. Our sense of right and wrong, said Maxie. Just to survive.Just to survive? There’s no just about it. Survival is everything.”Have you ever noticed that big budget everyone-is-pretty-as-all-hell-even-covered-in-blood Hollywood horror movies hardly ever kill kids? The kids escape, live to tell the tale, and walk off into the sunset with their “happily-ever-after” tucked under their arms. Well….let me say here and now—the same can NOT be said for a [...]

    2. One of my least favorite books from 9th grade English class was Lord of the Flies. I hated its theme, I hated its deliberate cruelty, I hated its vision of an island that was about the exact opposite of Island of the Blue Dolphins, a far more preferable tale. The Enemy is Lord of the Flies amped up, and while adding zombies would seem a natural fit for addressing survival in a world without adults, not even the undead can (re)animate this into a pleasurable tale. Essentially, The Enemy combines [...]

    3. Perhaps the most brutal and goriest YA dystopia novel I ever read. It's bloodfest almost every chapter. The novel is jam-packed with things that makes peace-loving bitches wince. Zombie attacks, strong language[There is a line from a character that shocked the hell out of me: "I didn't like him. He's getting on my tits!". Fuck Yeah Awesomeness!] cannibalism, and gladiator, everything. It's bloody, dark, violent and best of all, it's pure fun. Definitely not for the faint heart and sensitive stom [...]

    4. The Enemy, by Charlie Higson. I got to hear Charlie speak at the Disney-Hyperion dinner at BEA in New York. He said he tried to make this book as scary as possible, and would read scenes to his son, ratcheting them up until his son had trouble sleeping at night. I figured this must be worth checking out! The best description I can think of: The Enemy is The Lord of the Flies with zombies. It’s set in London after a mysterious sickness has killed off most everyone over the age of sixteen, but l [...]

    5. SO GROSS. And yet so satisfying. Recommended for those with an iron stomach and are not 'faint of heart'.Check out my video review!

    6. Can you enjoy a book where pretty much every one of your favourite characters gets chomped on by a zombie?I’m going to say yes because this book was brilliant.This book was genuinely creepy and I like to think I’m made of strong stuff. Unless clowns are involved… and boats…d, like, those huge Australian bugs that Mandee and Reynje take so much pleasure in sending me pictures of when I’m expecting wallabies and koala bears.OK, actually…. Maybe I am a bit of a wuss.But one thing that s [...]

    7. 3.5/5 StarsSummary:This book takes place in dystopian London and all adults have succumbed to this disease, making them zombie like. There are only the kids left unharmed and now they have to survive daily life. With the threat of the grown-ups around every corner we follow a large group of children who are just trying to make it to the next day.Dislikes:I'm a very character driven reader, and this book quickly throws people at you. So I found it a bit difficult to connect to anyone.Likes:The wo [...]

    8. Once upon a time in a land far away, your friendly neighbourhood reviewer Vanessa read a book called Gone by Michael Grant. It did not end well.She gleefully picked up three of the Gone books in a box-set for £10 on her first ever visit to CostCo. She read the first one, was not amused, and the rest have been duly shipped off to the local library collection.Vanessa wrote a review of it (here), but in summation, it was a clever idea that meandered far too much and wound up turning incredibly str [...]

    9. Aw yeah. This is more like it.I usually read books that are more romance-heavy, and reading this has really proven to me that I needed a break. This book was SO GOOD, you guys.I'm not much into summarizing, so in short: for some unknown reason, all adults and older teens (at the time the illness struck) have either died or turned into a zombie-like creature. They will kill and eat any children they can. The Enemy is about a large cast of young characters trying to stay safe by any means necessar [...]

    10. June 2016This is the fourth time I've read this and I love it more than the first time. Can't wait to finally finish this series!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This series is going under my favorite YA zombie books. Even though I wouldn't really call the 'grownups' zombies, but oh well. It's gory, has plenty of action, has great characters, and I love that it takes place somewhere else besides the U.S. I also love the fact that a lot of characters die. The author isn't afraid to kill of some characters. It's [...]

    11. When a mysterious virus turns all of the adults into kid-devouring zombies, the children must do all that they can to survive. Can they while out-running the adult zombies and find a place they can call safe? Read on for yourself and find out.This was a pretty good Ya zombie book that was a different take on the zombie mythos. Definitely check this out if you are a fan of horror and zombie books. This book is available at hastings and wherever books are sold.

    12. So good! I ordered the complete series before even finishing this one! I'm on #2 now and completely hooked! I've been in a huge reading slump the past year - trying and failing to get captivated by a book. This is the first one I've been completely lost in in such a long time and finished it in only a few sittings (I'm a slow reader too lol). I love how in just a few pages, and with many characters to boot, you really get to understand and root for every single one. Which is likely not the best [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book so much! Characters are killed left and right, and none of the horrible details are left out. It's gory, brutal, slightly gross at times - just how I like it. The writing, guys, is just fantastic! There's nothing "special" about it: there's no flowery prose or philosophical quotes to hang on my wall, instead it's fast-paced and drew me in so fast! Higson has this way of writing that makes it feel soreal. One moment I'm with Maxie and her gang, and in the next paragraph I can [...]

    14. 7/4/2016I stand by everything I said about this book last time around. Except that this time, I adopted a don't-read-before-bed strategy to avoid the nightmares, which was incredibly successful. HURRAH. It's such a fast paced and engaging story, and I was on the edge of my seat for the duration of the book. There are characters you'll hate but can still feel for, and characters you just want to hug, and characters you'll be terrified for. It's gory and violent and creepy and gross, but I just co [...]

    15. Maybe even 4.5*?Is this MG or YA? I'm not sure. But either way it didn't feel like it. Sometimes when I read books with younger characters it feels like it's been written for a younger audience but not so with this one. I really liked the writing and the characters. Though I've decided not to get too attached to the characters because I can see there's no point. The death toll across the series is probably gonna be high. It all felt pretty realistic too. Though we don't get to know what caused t [...]

    16. Okay, so the ending really changed everything for me. I love the characters, although there are a few too many to follow but I think Charlie Higson has set up a series nicely. I'm super excited to continue on with the series and find out what happens to the Waitrose and Morrison's Crew.

    17. It's finally fall and thus the perfect season for some creepy horror books! I picked up this book for the traveling book project Germany, which always adds a lot of fun to the reading experience due to the comments throughout the book."The Enemy" is set in a dystopian world where everyone over the age of 14 has fallen ill and behaves like some kind of zombie. We follow a group of kinds in the heart of London who are trying to stay alive and roam the surrounding area for food and other supplies. [...]

    18. “If a wolf attacks his sheep, the shepard kills the wolf, but he eats the sheep when he's hungry.”The Enemy is one of those books I really, really liked when 14/15. I read all the series that was out at the time, and then I had THE READING SLUMP™. So I lost track of the series and now four or so years on I was like, hmmm, maybe I should check those books out againTwo things strike me about thse books: 1:THEY ARE SCARY AS FUCK !!! JFC !! 2: They're not /as good/ as I remember. But still pr [...]

    19. This book has been sitting on my bookshelf since last Spring.I feel like a complete idiot.I absolutely LOVED this book.Without a doubt my favorite book of 2011 so far.Seriously my mind is blown.This book was crazy.I have never read a book that has kept me up at because it freaked me out so much.I usually don't get freaked out easily, but The Enemy was definitely freaky.Not to mention gross, whatever you do, don't read this book while eating.I made that mistake and couldn't finish my food.But I h [...]

    20. 3.5 starsI've been meaning to try out this series for a long time, and I'm glad I started! It's an interesting story that keeps you engaged, and features terrific action sequences. I especially liked how the gore was handled--squicky, but not too over the top. The author isn't afraid to kill of characters you've gotten attached to, and they aren't telegraphed too far ahead of time, either.What prevents this from being rounded up for me is that those deaths, while piquing my interest, never moved [...]

    21. The Enemy by Charlie Higson is set during the middle of the zombie apocalypse in London, England and follows teen survivors. The zombie apocalypse came about due to a disease that only affected the adults who slowly deteriorated into mindless flesh-eating zombies. The main group of survivors have holed up in a supermarket, so when another group comes and offers them refuge at Buckingham Palace, they begin the dangerous trek across the city in hopes of finding sanctuary.I plowed through this 448 [...]

    22. Lord of the Flies meets The Walking DeadIt was a good book but another series. I think it would have been enough to add a few more pages and leave it as a stand alone.Still a fast read!

    23. Original post at One More PageIt's been a long time since I last read a zombie book, so I knew I was in for a bit of an adjustment when I decided to read my stocked zombie books for my February challenge. The Enemy by Charlie Higson has been languishing on my shelf since 2010, after my friend Aaron lent it to me for my YA-D2 challenge for that year. Obviously I never read it for that, and I don't think I would have unearthed this now if I didn't choose to read it for this month.Besides, a borrow [...]

    24. This book has a pretty great (if not entirely original) premise: A year and a half ago, everyone over 16 contracted a horrible disease that killed almost all the adults and turned the rest into what are essentially zombies. A group of ~50 kids has been making do by turning a Waitrose grocery store into their fortress, but food is becoming scarce, the grown-ups/zombies are becoming bolder, and kids are getting picked off one by one. Then comes word that Buckingham Palace is safe--no grown-ups, a [...]

    25. Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.There is no way of hiding it. I've been in a major reading slump considering the last I time I finished a book, the Sun was still visible at 8 PM. With a little push from my friends, like Mama Bird pushing her babies off the tree so they can learn to fly, I picked up this book. Screw Red Bull,this book gives you wings. I loved how intense this book was. BAM. Zombies from left. BAM. Zombies on your right. There was never a moment to calm your heart rate before something exc [...]

    26. I have to say this exceeded my expectations. It was one of the only dystopians/apocalyptic books I've read and I've loved it. The characters were so developed, the plot was thrilling, and the concept of it was horrifying enough to be awesome.

    27. *No spoilers*Grown ups have literally never been so scary!This book was great. I was expecting to like it but I didn't realise how much I did until like halfway through. The plot is strong, the pacing is frantic, and the body count is so damn high! It's called The Enemy for a good reason - there are so many enemies! There are the obvious zombie adults who want to eat the kids (we've all been that hungry before, right! No? Awkward) but there are also some enemies that you don't expect as much. Th [...]

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