Blood Signs

Randall is a poor medical student looking for a job When his roommate Darren tells him all about an easy position with the company he works for, little does he know that he s about to become the favorite blood giver of the toughest vampire in town.
Blood Signs Randall is a poor medical student looking for a job When his roommate Darren tells him all about an easy position with the company he works for little does he know that he s about to become the favor

  • Title: Blood Signs
  • Author: Amber Kell
  • ISBN: 9781920468231
  • Page: 310
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I've sinned and attempted to read two books by this author. I thought I would mention why I disliked her books so strongly. They are without soul, heart, feeling, or any emotion whatsoever. The characters are mindless, ignorant, and cliched robots walking around through incredibly boring situations. I was frustrated beyond belief. And insulted as well. It was almost as though someone went through and deleted every sentence or phrase that could lead to the story being the slightest bit convincing [...]

    2. The protagonist is a push over, the vampire tells him to jump and he answer how high. The love between the two is way too fast, not believable and a cliché.

    3. 3.5 starsI enjoyed this one as the feel of the story sort of reminds me of Ms. Kell's shorter one, "Attracting Anthony". I thought Randall and Sasha are cute. I thought Dustin the shifter is cuter *I want a werewolf as a pet, I swear!*. The story is actually light, from my point of view anyway, and no real conflict among the main heroes (except when Randall is kidnapped, but he is not in real present torture or danger, since he is quickly saved). I think it's a beginning of a series and would l [...]

    4. A friend of Mine (Jess) said : I recommend this book for anyone that wants a few hours of fun reading with cute characters and a simple plot.I'm one of those people.So,for me this story was fantastic and I can't wait for the sequel!!!

    5. Actually I would've liked to give 1½ stars to it. It was good for a quick read-over, kind of like how a biscuit is good to tide you over until dinner, and the characters did have some endearing qualities.However, I feel the story was too choppy, it would've benefited greatly from a more in-depth and complex plotline and character development. As it was right now it felt like everything happened too quickly, as if the author was in a rush to produce something but didn't quite manage to muster up [...]

    6. Can't believe I initially put this review under the wrong book. So sue mently. :laughing at my idiotic err" I found this one to be quite impressive as I zipped through the story quite easily. At first I found the characters just weren't reaching out to me the way I had hoped. I wasn't get a grasp for them and I wasn't feeling or rather connecting with them the way I usually like when reading a story till further on into the book when what was missing finally came to light. Thus far looking at th [...]

    7. poorly written and lack real end. And if this is not enough to justify my 1 star vote there is just one bed scene and it's cold as ice Sorry, but it's not a good book in my opinionPs: PDF file really short's more a short story than a book

    8. Randall is a medical student in need of a job. His roommate, Darren makes him a secretive proposition which ends up changing his life. As a result, Randy is introduced to Sasha, owner of a night club and very powerful vampire and is offered a job as Sasha's personal blood donor.Their situation was supposed to be similar to a dom/sub relationship, as that is the kind of relationship a vampire and a human blood donor with an exclusive contract have in Sasha's club. It wasn't really expanded on, we [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars.This book was fun and just what I was in the mood for. The characters are interesting and the plot was detailed enough to keep my reading the book in one sitting.The book is not perfect. It was really to short to become a 'great' read. By that I mean - I felt like we skimmed the surface of alot of the key aspects of the book.The characters were good but not well rounded enough to be greatThe villain had the potential to be really evil, but we never really got there.The sex was was hot [...]

    10. Vamp meets boy, fangs elongate, vamp falls into lust with boy’s blood and body, passion ensues; boy, previously independently minded, now is susceptible to bursting into tears. Pretty familiar stuff.It’s hit and miss with Kell for me. I really liked the Dragonmen Mate Hunt and Hellbourne Hellbourne: Lost and Found series but have not been so impressed with some of her other work. In this one. Vampire lord Sasha comes off as competitive and shallow and Randy quickly falls under his thrall. Th [...]

    11. This was an great Vampire book, almost not long enough if I am honest, but an enjoyable read for a couple of hours.Randy is a medical student looking for a job. His roommate, Darren, offers to help him find a new job, so one Monday evening, Randy goes with Darren, to find himself offering to be a blood donor to vampires, and specifically Sasha Baros. Randy suddenly finds himself trying to adapt to a world, where he is important, very important to others, in a way he has never been before. This b [...]

    12. Well that was fun. It didn't really make much sense and we had some insta-love but I find these types of book entertaining and a nice break from the heavy stuff. Randy's a med student and broke so his roommate takes him to a club to earn money asp, a blood donor. And of course, the head vampire smells him and has to have him. Then he gets kidnapped and rescued and they live HEA. lol

    13. This audiobook helped me through two of my workout sessions and for that cause it was perfect; a plot that's not too complicated, a nice number of characters and a world-building that's easy too understand. But it was a little bit hard for me to empathize with the heroes. They were rather flat characters and the falling in love was sudden and incredible. And I couldn't believe how unimpressed Randy was about all the different creatures (vampires, shifters, etc) he hadn't heard off before. Add to [...]

    14. Dalla prima pagina ho capito che non mi sarebbe piaciuto e di fatti mi sono fermata immediatamente.Insta-love e vampiriI vampiri sono i miei "mostri" preferiti, perchè rovinarli in questo modo?

    15. Amber Kell has a new series--AND a copy editor!!!! Color me giddy! This a was a fun read, beautifully drawn characters and a wonderfully woven paranormal world. Loved the whole diabetic donor spin, and the vast cast of vamps, humans, shifters and Unseelie---can't wait to see who takes center stage next!!

    16. Great story. I liked Sasha (although somehow this name suits more a submissive character imo) and Randall and the development of strong relationship between them =)I'd like to read more more about other vampires. And I would love to read the story of Dustin and Lewis. Dustin is just too cute! =)

    17. I didn't care much for the protagonist, Randy, in this story. He seemed to be a little to accepting and outright weak. Especially since he's a med student. Not necessarily a profession I would equate with weakness. Anyway, it's a cute story, great for a quick read.

    18. A very fun read with quicky characters and lots of paranormal creatures. Really needs a sequel or two, because it seems to short right now - introduces a lot of subplots and characters that make you really want to read more.

    19. 2014 Re-read:This is such a fun little story. No matter how many times I read it, I keep loving it. Sure, things are handled with fewer words than most authors would use and no one is exactly wallowing in emotions, but I still never fail to be entertained.I’m especially tickled by the way Randy pretty much calmly goes along with what happens. And the fact that apparently he was the only person not to know about vampires, heh.I don’t even recall anything about the sequel right now, so I’m e [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this novella. An older release, I've still read and re-read Blood Signs. It's short, it has paranormal elements that I enjoy, and it has some serious alpha male loving going on. I really liked the character dynamics built in between Sasha and Randy. The variety of characters were nicely done to add all different personalities but were a bit predictable. We had the powerful, scary, yet sweet for you alpha male in Sasha. The fun loving protective friend in Liam, the ubiquitous sec [...]

    21. A fun and entertaining story with characters that are fairly well rounded considered it's short length around 25,000 words. Both Randall and Sasha and interesting men. I like both of them for vastly different reasons. Randall for his warmth, caring and determination to remain as independent as possible, and Sasha for being possessive, protective and just a little bit of a marshmallow and wanting his mate's happiness. Yes, he's not a warm and fuzzy kind of guy to the general masses but to Randall [...]

    22. 3.5 starsAn engaging read from Amber Kell, who seems to be able to give the quick, satisfying read a little more depth than similar books. They're always a joy to read and I feel like I get a bit more world-building in her books than in others but I still get a satisfying guilty-pleasure type book that I can usually read in under an hour.This book ended with more questions than when it began, and it's pretty obvious that it is the beginning of another series. I'm looking forward to seeing where [...]

    23. The story is really interesting, it's the kind of story i always search and never find, i always find those boring books with an exciting summary, and when i begin to read it all i see is: blah blah blah blah blah until i find something interesting, you know the feeling? But this book, THIS book i just can't explain it. I know it sounds cliché and lame but when i read Blood Signs my heart giddyupped something fierce, it's not the always boring I-have-found-my-mate-and-i'm-going-to-have-to-conv [...]

    24. I have to say I enjoyed this books. I read it a couple of years ago and I just reread it recently. I enjoy its an easy read when I don't want anything to deep. Which is why I gave it 3 stars.That is not to say that the story doesn't have it faults. The story seems rushed and seems like to could have been longer. There is also the fact that Randall is diabetic but then it seems to go nowhere. It seems like pointless point. It actually made me laugh on not only lack of information but the little i [...]

    25. Well I liked it. Even though it was full of holes. Sometimes I just don’t care about that. The story was short but sweet. Randall is a medical student in need of money. He meets a vampire and becomes his blood giver. Of course the vampire is not just anybody, but the most powerful one in the region. Randall knows nothing about vampires. Apparently the entire world knows, but not Randall. The connection between Randall and his vampire lover leads to jealousy, death and kidnapping . But everythi [...]

    26. Randy is a med student in need of a job that will work around his hectic schedule when his friend Darren introduces him to Sasha the local vampire master. Who knew vampires existedeverybody except oblivious Randy. Signing a contract with Sasha starts changes that Randy is not prepared for but he seems to easily roll with the punches. He does say things that I would say "hey! shut up! you're giving up too much info!". Loved the whole diabetic delicacy thing. The upside, the ending says to me that [...]

    27. This was a fun short about Randall, a medical student struggling to pay his bills and tuition. Randall is taken to meet Sasha by his roommate, Dustin, when Randy tells Dustin that he is short on money. What Randall doesn't know is that Sasha is a powerful vampire and the "job" is to be a vampire feeder. This was a cute story, nothing too exotic or complex, just a pretty straightforward vampire short. It's an insta-love romance which is not my favorite, but is definitely Amber Kell's primary mode [...]

    28. Plot-wise it's very good and interesting but the execution leaves something to be desired. The romance is incredibly rushed, the background is almost non-existent as well as the world-building and the characters are still basically complete strangers even after reading this book 'till the end. The HEA wasn't very good either. Kind of downplayed and slightly dull. I was sufficiently entertained tho.

    29. While Blood Signs is another love-at-first-bite tale, and is very short (90 pages or so), Amber Kell manages to pack a lot in and gives a different approach to vampires. Blood Signs had touches of humour, a few surprises and engaging main characters,Randall, a poor medical student, and Sasha, the vampire.There are also some great secondary characters, particularly Liam And Dustin, so I am hoping there will be a second installment, as there are certainly some loose ends to tie up.

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