Hard Truth

Just days after marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon moves to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park When two of three children who d gone missing from a religious retreat reappear, Anna s investigation brings her face to face with a paranoid sect and with a villain so evil, he ll make the hairs on the back of your neckJust days after marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon moves to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park When two of three children who d gone missing from a religious retreat reappear, Anna s investigation brings her face to face with a paranoid sect and with a villain so evil, he ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end
Hard Truth Just days after marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson Anna Pigeon moves to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park When two of three children who d gone missing fr

  • Title: Hard Truth
  • Author: Nevada Barr
  • ISBN: 9780425208410
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Hard Truth, a mystery set in Rocky Mountain National Park, is the story of a ranger - Anna Pigeon - who ends up in a seemingly impossible situation (one in which you know she'll be triumphant) that involves a creepy religious commune, missing and abused children, and a psychopathic serial killer who loves torturing living creatures. Not exactly a fun novel to curl up with on a summer night! This is part of a series of books about Anna and I have not yet read any of the others. I might give anoth [...]

    2. I love the Anna Pigeon lady park ranger mystery series, but this book (her most recent) was seriously disturbing. Less about the natural surroundings and history than the other previous books, this one delves deep into the psyche of a killer that also twists the minds of young girls he's kidnapped from a small conservative religious enclave. This book will mess with your head. I was open-mouthed in horror by the end. Not the normal Barr mystery, so reader beware!

    3. I usually love Nevada Barr's stories, but this one was a bit hard to read because of all the violence. Either I've gotten more sensitive to it or Nevada Barr stepped up the gory details in this book.

    4. Another excellent story in the Anna Pigeon series although with a little bit from other people's perspectives which I didn't particularly care for. I had a few questions like how the media described the girls' disappearance in the first place. All that was talked about was how they were found in the beginning of the book. Also, at one point Anna talked to Heath about something privately and it was never clear what they talked about. An another big problem that bothered me from the beginning was [...]

    5. So why do I read Nevada Barr? She writes these little whodunit murder mysteries set in National Parks that are mostly fun little reads. As a former NPS employee, she captures the park service culture very well, which adds to the amusement, because that is one of the cultures I live in. She is also famous for thinly veiling some of her characters, so when she writes about a park you've worked in, it is always fun to try to guess who some of the characters are. The ironic thing is that the most ev [...]

    6. Im a huge fan of Anna Pigeon but this is my least favorite thus far. I give it three stars because it was well written enough to keep me up reading, wanting to finish this book, and yet I found it to be more horror cross over than mystery. I actually like horror but not when I expect a mystery, the cat abuse scenes were horrid, as was the end of the novele end was satisfying but more in a Silence of the Lambs/Children of the Corn sort of wayt Barr tried to wrap it up with usual Anna Pigeon charm [...]

    7. Three little girls have gone missing in Rocky Mountain National Park and searchers have found nary a hair until two reappear at an RV housing two women — an elderly woman and her crippled niece. Where have they been and what have they suffered during the six weeks they were missing? And what gives when their family — a religious cult — refuse medical treatment and take them home to admit their sins and to pray for forgiveness?It is the new world Ann Pigeon walks into just days after marryi [...]

    8. Just days after marrying Sheriff Paul Davidson, Anna Pigeon moves to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park. When two of three children who’d gone missing from a religious retreat reappear, Anna’s investigation brings her face-to-face with a paranoid sect–and with a villain so evil, he’ll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. Book description from .Horrible, gut-wrenching stuff happens to kids in this story and that made this a [...]

    9. Actually, this was read as an audio book. It was pleasant to have the words interpreted as well. I listened to it while on an 18 hour car ride. Nevada Barr writes a mystery series based on a park ranger named Anna Pigeon and based at different national parks. This is only the second for me. The first was based on the park in the Florida Keys. This one based in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Having visited RMNP several times, I thought it would be fun. Anna is newly assigned as one of the head [...]

    10. Does Anna Pigeon ever stop to wonder why death, murder, mayhem follow her to every jobsite? Does her husband wonder? Her sister? How about the Park Service? These people are not very intelligent.Of course we're supposed to suspend a certain amount of disbelief. But within the world that a genre writer creates, things still have to make sense and be consistent. In this thriller, three young girls are (view spoiler)[kidnapped by a psycho and trained to do whatever he says. Yet in the last few chap [...]

    11. I'm not completely happy with these last 2 books. Nevada Barr is changing her style of writing to include perspectives from characters OTHER than Anna Pigeon. I don't want to read what other characters think - I like to know what Anna Pigeon thinks. I enjoyed the book for the most part, but found myself skipping over sections that weren't focues on the main character.

    12. "She held [the flashlight] backward and the light blasted her retinas. Startled, she dropped it. Found it. Pointed it in the right direction. "Holy shit," she whispered.Then the screaming began."Hard Truth (2005), another National Parks series mystery by Nevada Barr, is the weakest of the five installments I have read so far. In fact, I actively dislike the ending of the novel, badly written and simply in bad taste. Until about page 235 (out of 320) it seems an interesting and worthwhile additio [...]

    13. I completely concur with other readers who love this series but find Hard Truth to have crossed the line in terms of brutality. Halfway thru, I simply skimmed to the end, because the material is so very disturbing. The story graphically depicts torture of children and animals, so skip Episode 13 if you are sensitive to this type of material. Other than the fact that Anna and Paul are officially married but living apart for a year due to career pursuits, there is nothing new to learn in the back [...]

    14. This book is much darker than the earlier books. I think it is because it deals with a psychopathic killer of children and the oppression of women and children in the fundamentalist break-away sect of the Mormon church similar to the enclave of Warren Jeffs. In both cases, the helpless are being oppressed and the reader is helpless.There is a new character introduced that I would love to see again. Heath is an embittered woman who has become a paraplegic due to a climbing accident. She is a very [...]

    15. This is a novel full of suspense with two heroines: Anna, the ranger, and Heath, a woman thrust into the story. Both have issues which help drive the plot. While the "story" of the book involves a religious group, Anna's strong anti-religious leaning is overdone, actually leading to distraction of the reading experience as the reader wonders what is her underlying problem. Her constant "digs" put in question the viability of her relationship (and now marriage) to Paul Davidson since he is a mini [...]

    16. Setting: Rocky Mountain National ParkMain Character: Anna Pigeon a fictional law enforcement ranger for the National Park Service.Plot/Storline: Anna Pigeon leaves her new husband, Sheriff Paul Davidson, back in Mississippi, to assume a new post in Colorado's Rocky Mountain National Park, where she encounters a serial killer and a strong, determined woman, Heath Jarrod, much like herself. Heath, a former ice climber now confined to a wheelchair after a near-fatal fall, feels depressed, isolated [...]

    17. Diverging slightly from the more normal "park ranger" duties, there's more of an edge here, and quite a nasty one. The bad guy's attitude is quite shocking, as is the final handiwork. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a horror book in the realm of Stephen King, but it does explore the dark side of human nature more than most of the Anna Pigeon series. Think Barr with a touch of Koontz; the horror comes from knowing what was done deliberately, and the sadness it brings.But there is happiness too. So [...]

    18. "Just days after marrying , Anna Pigeon moves to Colorado to assume her new post as district ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park. When two of three children who'd gone missing from a religious retreat reappear, Anna's investigation brings her face-to-face with a paranoid sect -- and an unspeakable evil "~~back coverThis one was MUCH further along the psychotic horrific spectrum. First there was the fundamentalist religious sect, complete with patriarch -- well, you know that story. And then t [...]

    19. I still gave this three stars because I'm a sucker for the character Anna Pigeon, and in this book we meet another woman of similar spirit. In Hard Truth Barr tries to weave two stories into one as she did in her 2006 novel Flashback, but this time it didn't seem to work. The sociopathic serial killer was a new villan-type for her, and trying to also work in a fundamentalist polygamist cult was too much; the cult angle was too stereotypical and didn't really resolve itself satisfactorily. (Oddly [...]

    20. I really didn't enjoy the end of this book, which colored how I felt about the rest of the book. SPOILERS: I am not a fan of Psycho-Sociopaths as the murderer in a book. I read books like this for escapist entertainment, and frankly the world is full enough of disturbing forces that I don't need to spend my time reading (or in this case, listening to someone read) about them for hours on end. It was relentless for at least the last quarter of the book, and honestly I would have stopped listening [...]

    21. Somewhere, Nevada Barr jumped genres and started writing horror novels, and I didn't get the memo. Eek. I don't often wish I could un-read books. I like the fact that Barr is not willing to write the same book over and over, and I respect her for it. However, since her heroine got married 2 books ago (after being a widow for 15 years or so), surely there is plenty of scope there for character development? Why is Barr so firmly keeping the new husband off stage instead of playing that facet of th [...]

    22. The premise of this AP mystery was a recent move to Rocky Mountain to take a district ranger job. When she arrives, she finds that 3 children have been long missing in ROMO's moutainous terrain, and their LDS-like parents aren't even actively looking for them. Main characters included a recently paralyzed rock climber and her Dr./aunt, and a young male youth group leader. I have to say I was disapppointed in this one. It seems that the author Barr has truly mastered the building-up-suspense and [...]

    23. Nevada Barr has a way with words -- no doubt about that. But I'm not so sure that mysteries are her strength. The storyline in this book was compelling, but the number of plot holes and the confusion generated by the teeter-totter between points of views undercut the strength of the book. I lost the thread several times, and was constantly questioning Anna Pigeon's decisions (particularly the idea that once she captures the killer, she wouldn't just shoot him in the leg or lock him up instead of [...]

    24. A lot of these suspense/mystery writers are just so similar to each other. Her main character, being a park ranger, and setting, being the great outdoors, makes Nevada Barr stand out from the others, but other than that it's just so formulaic. This particular book had a very 'ripped from the headlines' feel to it centering around a polygamist 'Christian' community that was very reminiscent of Warren Jeffs, but then the bad guy ended up being your normal psychopath who only did bad things because [...]

    25. A rather dark Anna Pidgeon mystery set in Estes Park. Several children from a fundamentalist religious sect living on the border of the park are missing and then show up not much the worse for wear a few weeks later. But they're not talking and one is still missing. The ensuing mystery involves a man posing as a park ranger who has stolen the children and turned them into willing slaves. The scenes between the children, whom he has trained to attack on command, and the ranger are creepy.As usual [...]

    26. Okay, so usually I love the Anna Pigeon mysteries. But this one I dunno. The bad guy wasn't scary, and I had him figured out waaaay before Anna sniffed him out. And seriously, it felt like two different stories smushed together. I found Heath's storyline much more interesting than the serial killer one. And Heath was a better character than Anna in this book. Maybe Wilkie Collins has ruined today's mystery writers for me--I've never once figured out the end before it happens in his books.

    27. I really wanted to like this book, because a. it's a mystery and I love mysteriesandb. The main character is a park ranger in a national park and I LOVE national parks.However, I just couldn't give this more than 2 stars. I didn't really find any of the characters very likeable. I thought about just stopping the book, but I wanted to give it a fair chance so I read it all. It seemed rather slow and too wordy at times.

    28. This is the first Nevada Barr book I've read and I was bowled over with her excellent characterization details and story line! I listened to it on CD, loved the narration by Barbara Rosenblat--I doubt I could or would listen to another Nevada Barr book without her. Sometimes the characters--both hero and villian-- are a little over-the-top and unbelievably strong or evil, but for a mystery to listen to while driving, it's great. I also enjoy the national park service settings.

    29. The first two-thirds of this novel were great. The mystery was intriguing, there were plenty of suspects to choose from and the twists, while not super creative, were at least entertaining. Then the bad guy is revealed and what was an intense, psychological thriller all of a sudden morphs into torture porn. The shift is very jarring and completely killed whatever enjoyment I had gotten from the first part of the book. Very, very disappointing.

    30. This Nevada Barr book was well written and does draw you in but I feel that she is following the path of everything else to the very dark side of our collective psyche. It was very dark and thank goodness ended quickly. I really would not recommend this book, but love all the other books.The few descriptions of "true" Mormons, were a little off and not well researched. This disappoints me because it makes me wonder what things in her other books are incorrect.

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