Thurston House

Jeremiah Thurston built Thurston House, San Francisco s grandest mansion When he found himself alone with his infant daughter, Sabrina, he was determined to bring her up to run the biggest mining business in California Nothing would stop her from taking over his dynasty not the San Francisco earthquake, the deadly schemes of a cunning rival, the Great depression, or hJeremiah Thurston built Thurston House, San Francisco s grandest mansion When he found himself alone with his infant daughter, Sabrina, he was determined to bring her up to run the biggest mining business in California Nothing would stop her from taking over his dynasty not the San Francisco earthquake, the deadly schemes of a cunning rival, the Great depression, or her own needs and determination as she carries on the traditions established by her father.
Thurston House Jeremiah Thurston built Thurston House San Francisco s grandest mansion When he found himself alone with his infant daughter Sabrina he was determined to bring her up to run the biggest mining busi

  • Title: Thurston House
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780440185321
  • Page: 431
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Danielle Steel, Thurston House (Dell, 1983)Over the past quarter-century or so, Danielle Steel has sold more novels than there are people in America. Fifty-three books, with sales (at present, according to Steel's website) of more than four hundred sixty-three million. She's one of a handful of novelists who have not had a single book go out-of-print in decades. Remember those old Slim Whitman late-night TV ads talking about how he'd sold more albums than Elvis and The Beatles? Well, Danielle St [...]

    2. As the book begins, Jeremiah Thurston is the richest man in California, having made a fortune with the land and mines in Napa Valley he inherited from his father. Jeremiah had planned to marry when he was younger, but she died and a close friend finally convinces him it's time for a wife and an heir. He meets a very young southern belle during a business trip, and despite the huge gap in their ages it seems to be a love match. Or at least Jeremiah's dumb enough to think it is and he builds her a [...]

    3. This is my um-teenth D.S. novel I’ve read to date, some I’ve liked…some I’ve hated. This one I liked. Really liked. This may be a front-runner for one of my favorites of her novels.Thurston House is the story of Jeremiah Thurston & the legacy that he built. It’s divided into 3 different “books”. I’m a sucker for a good, epic, Historical-fiction novel & this one fit the bill. At over 500pages, it’ll take you awhile to get through, but it will hold your interest. Book 1 i [...]

    4. Posso dizer que abandonei por conta do início arrastado e monótono demais e quase sem diálogos Acho que o lerei novamente e posso mudar de opinião

    5. If you are looking for a book that TRULY takes you on a journey, this is the one in true Danielle Steel fashion, she takes you through generations of turmoil, heartbreak and PAIN, but you cannot put it down its wonderfully written and worth the time to push through it I read it in one weekend while in Napa Valley (where the book is based), and it was both awesome and depressing (but in a good way) Highly Recommend!!

    6. This was my first novel I ever read many (many) years ago. It was this book that got me hooked on reading! I laughed, cried, even got angry only to laugh out loud again. Thinking I might read it again.

    7. I had read this years ago and needed something else to read. A nice story and probably one of D. Steel's better books. I don't usually make a habit of reading this writers books as they always seem to be the same story, just different locale and names.

    8. I really liked this book. It took place in the late 1800's, early 1900's. This book really made you love the character of Jeremiah and you were sad to see him die. The one thing that was hard to believe was how Sabrina lost both mines and ended up broke. I knew Camille would show up eventually, but I'm surprised Sabrina's son Jonathon turned out like he did. Really good book though.

    9. I've read almost every book that Danielle Steel has written. This though is my absolute favorite. I re-read this every 2 or 3 years. Family history, spans over a couple generations. Just fabulous!

    10. This was the very first Danielle Steele book I readI could not put the book down!!! Hencew addiction: DANIELLE STEELE NOVELS!!!!!

    11. Jeremiah Arbuckle Thurston was 43 yrs. old. He began mining with his father when he was 17 yrs old. His mother had died on the trip to California. He and his father mined for gold and then silver when the gold ran out. His father died when he was 19 and left Jeremiah a fortune. At 25, he met Jennie and they soon became engaged. He built Jennie a house in Napa, CA. Unfortunately, Jennie died during a flu epidemic. Most of the rooms were closed up, empty. Jeremiah lived in the house but was rarely [...]

    12. De vez en cuando me apetece leer a Danielle Steel, sus historias son sencillas y con finales felices, pero con este libro me costó un poco terminarlo, la historia decae por momentos, se hace aburrida y demasiado cursi. En cuanto a los personajes Jeremiah es tan bueno que por momentos parece tonto y Amelia es odiosa y repelente a más no poder. Para mí le sobran páginas al libro. Primer libro que no me gusta de la autora.

    13. I used to read Danielle Steel all of the time but then grew tired of the "formula ". It has been at least 25 years since I have read one of her books. On a nostalgic whim I decided to read one and chose Thurston House. It is a heartbreakingmult-generational saga of the Thurston (then Harte) family. While still formulaic (but it works!), it is an engaging story that I trust enjoyed again.

    14. Typical Danielle Steel that reads like a 500 page run-on sentence. Insert a victim/heroine surrounded by doting men and a villainess. The bonus in this book is a mansion on Nob Hill.

    15. Very goodI would recommend this book to anyone who wants a captivating story,I like the way the author keeps you enraptured

    16. I have actually read this a couple/few times. I'm not a huge Romance fan but, I really like this story. I will read this one again one day.

    17. Book 1 Jeremiah Thurston Danielle Steel has it in her to evoke and churn emotions but amidst the whirlpool of emotions what I found was how very similar the character of Camille was to Mrs Dalloway. Virginia Woolf's character Clarissa often loved to throw parties, she was disillusioned, she would stay away from her husband and the Dalloway couple could never confess their love to each other. These traits are seen in the characters of Elizabeth and Camille. Elizabeth keeps talking about the lost [...]

    18. Ini adalah buku Danielle Steel ketiga yang saya baca setelah Message from Nam dan Jewels. Ketiga buku ini mungkin tak akan saya baca kalau saya berada dekat dengan toko-toko buku yang menjejerkan banyak buku lain untuk dipilih. Disini saya membaca buku yang ada, tak banyak pilihan :D. Jika saya sedikit kecewa dengan Message from Nam, novel Thurston House ini memuaskan saya kecuali pada beberapa bagian yang membuat saya risih karena terlalu dewasa. Iya, ini novel luar yang budayanya berbeda denga [...]

    19. Well the missing chunk (pp. 281-312) in the Dell edition certainly knocked a hole in the story's flow, and a repeated section (pp. 313-344) further ratcheted up the annoyance level. When it was interrupted, Sabrina was fighting great adversity to keep her inherited mines going, with her father's rival John Harte trying to buy her out, while developing a growing admiration for the way the young girl kept things going, and when it started again she was trying to fight off a rapist and getting enga [...]

    20. Danielle Steel has plenty of fans, so I don't feel bad that I am not one of them. This book had some interesting parts, but I felt like I was waiting for it to really get going the entire time. The characters are one-dimensional, and so much is told, not shown. Years in the plot pass by with a paragraph that is basically "This happened. Then this happened. Then this. Now we find our characters again here." A lot of the main characters have affairs/mistresses, and it didn't seem like you were sup [...]

    21. I thought it was a great book, Jon was a spoiled brat, children don't often think of how money is brought into the household, and at a certain point he was old enough to know how her money was made, with his father dead, she was the sole provider, it sucks but that if he wanted material possessions, either she had to work, or he did, I would have said him after age 18st of his rambling was "Mommy I want a trip to Europe"Mommy I want a car, you can and should not spoil a child to compensate for a [...]

    22. The journey of a house in the hands of it's original builder Jeremiah who built it for the flash love he felt for his child bride Camille and finally their daughter Sabrina, who ends up loving the house as much as her father.It's a compelling story about the strength of character and a never-say-die spirit. How, first the Father and then the daughter survive the cruelest blows of fate, loss of business, loved ones, heartbreaks and political turmoil yet continue to stand tall. I was totally hooke [...]

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