Full Circle

The 1960s Kennedy Martin Luther King Civil rights Viet Nam Tana Roberts comes of age in this turbulent decade, and begins a journey that will lead her from New York to the South during the heat of racial unrest A thoroughly modern young woman, she yearns for a career and is willing to sacrifice everything to get it And it s only much later that Tana discoversThe 1960s Kennedy Martin Luther King Civil rights Viet Nam Tana Roberts comes of age in this turbulent decade, and begins a journey that will lead her from New York to the South during the heat of racial unrest A thoroughly modern young woman, she yearns for a career and is willing to sacrifice everything to get it And it s only much later that Tana discovers that she can have it all Career Love And peace of mind As she comes of age, at last, and comes full circle.
Full Circle The s Kennedy Martin Luther King Civil rights Viet Nam Tana Roberts comes of age in this turbulent decade and begins a journey that will lead her from New York to the South during the heat of rac

  • Title: Full Circle
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780440126898
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. رمانی از دانیل استیل که به مسئله ازدواج کردن یا مجرد ماندن می‌پردازد. قهرمان داستان، تانا رابرتس، دختری سرسخت و مقاوم است که در نوجوانی حوادث تلخی را تجربه کرده و قصد طغیان در برابر غرایز بشری و قوانین طبیعی را دارد و تنها خواسته‌اش رسیدن به اهداف و جاه‌طلبی‌هایش می‌باشد. ا [...]

    2. Lovely story! enjoyable,lighthearted with some very interesting characters whom i think readers will likewell written (paperback!)

    3. Here's the thing, I never read this book. On a lark, I tried to remember all of the DS books i read during the summer between 5th and 6th grade. At the community pool, Sun-In brand hair lightener in hand, I would devour book by smutty book while soaking up the sun and attempting to get the adult male lifeguard to admire my pert little girl tits. I could finish one during peak tanning hours (between 10-2) and get home to catch the remainder of One LIfe to Live and the entire episode of General Ho [...]

    4. ::this is my first of danielle steele's, and i must say, i still love it till nowi practically laugh and cry with iti really love the part when Harry is dying and asked Tana to give marriage life a try when i read it, it's like watching a movie, how the plots being concocted togetheraaaahhi just plain love it !!::

    5. Full Circle, Danielle Steelعنوان: دایره کامل؛ نویسنده: دانیل استیل؛ مترجم: مریم بیات؛ تهران، البرز، 1372، در 410 ص، شابک: 9644420748؛

    6. Lovely read! enjoyable,light hearted with interesting characters whom i think readers will likewell written (paperback!)

    7. Most of the Danielle Steel books I've read, not that there's a lot, have a few things in common. First, there's rape or an act of abuse that is bound to scar the heroine, an oversized burden prolonged until it becomes a flotsam in an ocean of events, and therefore irrelevant halfway and discarded to oblivion. This, let me remind you again, is limited only to a few of the author's works I was able to read. Also, the heroine will have multiple relationships, not all at once though, and Steel has a [...]

    8. I have a secret fondness for Danielle Steel novels dating back to the first one someone dropped on me at school, when her mother was about to throw out some books. I still don't know what prompted that overture of friendship and it never really went anywhere but I collected a bunch of these growing up and then left them behind as I went on to university. I picked this copy up in a charity shop a couple of weeks ago on a whim and it is just as satisfying as it was. Very much a product of its time [...]

    9. This was a good book, but I had some major issues with it. The book started out focused on Jean and then moved to Tana but I wish it had more of the mother in it. Billy should have also been punished or revenged somehow for the rape. Harry never should have died - Full Circle means she & him should have gotten together somehow. She also should have stayed in touch with Sharon Blake's parents or maybe had Sharon's son come looking for Tana. Good book through & good time frame.

    10. I loved this story! I loved how strong and brave Steel always makes her characters. It's definitely one to read over again.

    11. Well what can I say about this story. It seems alright I think I find it upsetting in some scene and what the main character wants and what she don’t want. Heartbreaking and romantic.But I will read this again.

    12. Reseña de LA RUEDA DEL DESEOLa rueda del deseo es una novela de género romántico escrita por Danielle Steel en 1984. Tiene un total de 410 páginas.La novela comienza con el embarazo repentino de una mujer llamada Jean. Su marido muere repentinamente (en la página 22, para ser exactos) y ella tiene que cuidar viuda a su hija.En el resto de la novela, solo se habla de la vida de Tana, su hija. Es una especie de biografía, que comienza a los 18 años y finaliza a los 48. Se resumen todas las [...]

    13. Tana Roberts was born to her mother Jean after her father was killed in the war.Her mother got a job working for Arthur Durning.He was rich,and married with 2 children,but his wife was an alcholic and Jean fell in love with him, and ran his life for him.She was the one that arranged everything for him after his wife died,took care of his children,arranged his schedule,etc.Her daughter knew they were sleeping together and it made her mad that even years later he wouldn't marry her.When Tana got r [...]

    14. Danielle Steel's novels are either a huge hit or a huge miss with me, this one fell somewhere right in the middle (which I feel usually dosen't happen with her books) I have read quite a few of her novels but in retrospect have probably made only a small dent in the numerous amount of novels she has out there. I did enjoy this story, and although some parts of the novel moved along quite slowly, there were other parts that keep me extremely engaged. There were a lot of twists and turns that were [...]

    15. My first ever Danielle Steel! I've avoided reading her for so long, being an ardent rebel against the chick-lit genre, but I finally succumbed and gave her a go. It wasn't as bad an experience as I had imagined, to be honest, and that surprised me. She's actually not a bad writer technically, and her characters stand for themselves in a realistic way, I suppose. What I didn't like was the storyline itself. It started out fine and built up quite well, but the ending was mediocre and anticlimactic [...]

    16. Tana Roberts comes of age during the turbulent times of the '60s. She begins a journey which will lead her from New York to the South during the height of racial tensions. A thoroughly modern young woman, Tana desires everything that life has to offer. Most of all, she wants a career and is willing to sacrifice anything to get it. It's not until much later in her life that Tana discovers she can have it all - love, career and peace of mind as life for her comes full circle.I did enjoy this book [...]

    17. If you didn't see the 1990s TV movie, or if you want to revisit the magic in the present version, you'll enjoy Danielle Steel's Full Circle, another compelling historical romance. Set in the 1960s, Tana Roberts lived through it all from Kennedy's assassination to the racial unrest. During this troubling decade, she came to age and yearned for a career of her own for this modern young woman. She's willing to sacrifice everything in order to get it. It would take her to New York City and all the w [...]

    18. This is a very interesting book where a young lady gets raped in her mother's boss house by her boss's son who was never brought to justice. She came full circle in the things that she wanted and the things that she did not want. She did not want to get married and she did not want kids but when she met the right man her attitude changed for the better. She married Russ and wind up having two children besides being a Judge on the Supreme Court. This book had me riveted to where I never stopped r [...]

    19. i don't know what made me write a review for this book now years after i read the novel but here it is.This is one of the few books that have made me cry or actually made me think about it for days after i had read it.The life of Tana ,her struggle and fight for survival really touched me.This is easily my favourite Danielle Steel book.I loved Harry in this book and i cried the most when he diede courage of Tana was really admirable and how she overcame her trauma and became successful was reall [...]

    20. Vowing to never have a relationship with a man like her mother, Tana was careful with her heart. As time went by, Tana experienced such heart wrenching pain to further support the cause not to commit to a man fully or get pregnant. She channeled all her energy in advancing her career succeeding beyond her dreams instead. It took her acceptance to enjoy life and when the right man and the right time came along, her life flourished with abundant joy. For me, the book had a constant flow which seem [...]

    21. Another "of the multitude of Danielle Steel books I read again and again as a teenager" stories. This book follows the life of a girl who lost her father before she was born and spent her girlhood in the shadows of her mother's boss/boyfriend and his kids. I love the friendship she finds with Sharon and then Harry when she move out on her own and the story her life in the latter portion of the 20th century.

    22. Do you like Danielle Steel books? One of us Dolls has just finished reading Full Circle. It's about a girl living in the era of Martin Luther King Jr. She was also fighting for independence and didn't want to settle down and have kids. It was a great story and the mother of the story will make you admire her but you will also want to slap her as you have wanted to do with some v.c. andrews mothers!

    23. I don't know where I got this book but somehow it ended up on my bookshelf. I'm very slowly starting to downsize and I honestly hate to get rid of a book without reading it first. So I finally pick full circle up off my shelf. I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it. It was mediocre, just ok. Would be an ok summer read where you want to just let your mind wonder. I wouldn't read it again.

    24. Daniel Steel once again has a her own style in conveying that women may go through thousand ups and downs but they do sail their own boat.That's what Tana Roberts did in this story. This girl had a mind of her own and fought her own battles to maintain her dignity and self respect and achieve what she aimed for

    25. I was on my way back to hometown when I brought along this book. This is one of DS best written novel ever. I couldn't tear myself apart from it. I learned that deep within oneself, there is always a part that wants to be completed and we are, indeed, not complete by ourselves.

    26. This book was published in 1984 and was on my grandmother's shelf. I took it from her house and just now read it, all these years later. I really enjoyed the story as well as the history of what was happening in the world in the 60's and 70's. Good read!

    27. What can I say? Up until the mid-90's I read every Danielle Steel book the minute it came out (this and Message from Nam were better than her usual). It's kind of like my obsession with Harold Robbins and Sidney Sheldon. I'm so over all of them!

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