English Literature: A Very Short Introduction

A renowned critic, biographer, and Shakespeare scholar, Jonathan Bate provides in this Very Short Introduction a lively and engaging overview of the literature that Jorge Luis Borges called the richest in the world From the medieval Hymn of Caedmon to George Orwell s Why I Write, from Jane Austen to Ian McEwan, and from Winnie the Pooh to Dr Johnson, this brilliantA renowned critic, biographer, and Shakespeare scholar, Jonathan Bate provides in this Very Short Introduction a lively and engaging overview of the literature that Jorge Luis Borges called the richest in the world From the medieval Hymn of Caedmon to George Orwell s Why I Write, from Jane Austen to Ian McEwan, and from Winnie the Pooh to Dr Johnson, this brilliant, compact survey stretches across the centuries, exploring the major literary forms poetry, novel, drama, essay and , the many histories and theories of the very idea of literature, and the role of writers in shaping English, British, and post imperial identities Bate illuminates the work of Chaucer, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Dickens, and many other major figures of English literature He looks at the Renaissance, Romanticism, and Modernism, at the birth of the novel and the Elizabethan invention of the idea of a national literature, and at the nature of writing itself Ranging from children s literature to biography, this is an indispensable guide and an inspiration for anyone interested in England s magnificent literary heritage.
English Literature A Very Short Introduction A renowned critic biographer and Shakespeare scholar Jonathan Bate provides in this Very Short Introduction a lively and engaging overview of the literature that Jorge Luis Borges called the riches

  • Title: English Literature: A Very Short Introduction
  • Author: Jonathan Bate
  • ISBN: 9780199569267
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
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    2. الأدب الإنجليزي (مقدمة قصيرة جدًا) جوناثان بيتمقدمة مميزة عن أدب عظيم كان له فضل كبير في تاريخ الفنون الانسانية , أدب انتمى إليه أعظم الأدباء و أجملهم على الاطلاق.المقدمة على قدر محترم من البساطة مع توضيح للتعقيدات المختلفة , وذكر أمثلة دالة على المعنى المُراد .معلومات مفيدة [...]

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    5. I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and this is the first book I read start-to-finish on it. I should add that this reading took place on a plane. So the conditions were rather ideal for straight-through reading.That said, this really was a fun, easy, somewhat-informative read. I'm a great fan of Bate's writing on Shakespeare and I wanted to see him in a more casual mode. And indeed this book is casual. It has the feel of someone thinking out loud. Bate knows a lot and this book would be useful fo [...]

    6. I love the Oxford Very Short Introduction series simply because each volume does a fantastic job of introducing a deep subject in a concise yet detailed manner. The volume English Literature by Jonathan Bate surprised me in its approach on the subject, yet it was quite satisfying to read, not to mention it has encouraged me to become more familiar with the earlier English classics.I had expected this Very Short Introduction to go through English literature in a chronological order as it discusse [...]

    7. Early in this volume, and without the round drip of ironic bitter, Bate finds from full compositions the familiar ingredient that the broadly flavourful, Paradise Lost, has in common with the sweet, Winnie The Pooh. By attending in a way particularly sympathetic to difference and variety, he manages a roam over the English palate with stops here and there for short tastes. He finds these commonalities again and again, each time in fresh places marked sensibly and indelibly by their own histories [...]

    8. This survey of English literature is engaging, humourous, and thorough in a way that it's possible only Jonathan Bate could pull off. I wouldn't recommend it to someone with no background studying literature (or at least, I'm not sure that someone could get as much out of the book), but for anyone wanting a refresher course or to get a better sense of which holes in their knowledge (and reading list) to start filling, it's a great little book.

    9. مقدمة رائعة عن الادب الانجليزي من افضل انواع الادب علي مر التاريخ و اقدمهم في الدول الغربية كتاب جميل و ممتع دراسة و توضيح لماهيه الادب الانجليزي بداية ظهوره و العوامل التي اثرت فيه بطريقة ممتعه و مشوقة لمن يستهويه هذا الادب . فمن لم يقرأ ل شكسبير ديكنزفيرجينا وولف برام ستو [...]

    10. *من الكتب التي تغنيك بمفهوم الأدب الإنجليزي إجمالا، من بداية ظهوره وأركان الرواية الإنجليزية وبداية نشاط الأدب الإنجليزي وحركاته الأدبية، عن شكسبير وصامويل وجورج أورويل وسيلفيا بلاث ومجموعة مبيرة من الأدباء الإنجليزيين، مزوّد بالصور والمراجع المهمة، وغني جدًا لمن يرغبون [...]

    11. This provided a good overview and was very readable - would recommend for anyone going to study English at university, or anyone who is interested in learning more about the subject.

    12. This is a marvelous little book, which surprises by its approach and coverage. I thought this would be a historical review, but instead the author jumps into various issues of English literature, with the inspired choice of starting with children's literature in the first chapter. He discusses the many strains that have influenced the English literature, including the Celtic, Scottish, and Irish, asking at the end if it is possible to truly define English literature at all.Well written and intri [...]

    13. Mostly good but the final chapter “The Englishness of English literature?” takes a very interesting subject and makes it utterly dry and difficult to follow. Additionally, this isn’t exactly an introduction - quite a lot of prior knowledge is needed in places to understand what is being talked about. Good thing Horrible Histories explained to me what the Restoration was with a catchy song.

    14. While the last few pages of this book were far from interesting, I can without a doubt say this was a wonderful overview and a clearly articulated read. I don't have much to say except that, should the need arise, I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn about the history and purpose of English literature.

    15. الشئ الذي أثار غضبي أثناء القراءة هو التنقل من موضوع لموضوع ثم العودة لنفس الموضوع أكثر من مرة يبدأ بشكل جيد ثم يتفرع ويتفرع ولا ينتهي مما يريد قوله الكتاب جيد وفيه كم كبير من المعلومات عن الادب الانجليزي ولكن طريقة عرضه بالنسبة لي لم تكن جيدة

    16. كتاب جميل والترجمة رائعة جدا خصوصا وأنها تشمل أبيات شعر ونصوصا أدبية.

    17. The Englishness of English Literature: “English Literature” by Jonathan Bate Published 2010.  “Once upon a time, a very long, long time ago now, about last Friday, Winnie-the-Pooh lived in a forest all by himself under the name of Sanders.” What you get contents-wise: Once Upon a Time;What it is;When it Began;The Study of English;Periods and Movements;Among the English Poets;Shakespeare and Dramatic Literature;Aspects of the English Novel;The Englishness of English Literature? Last [...]

    18. Often these VSI volumes read like apologia, full of allusions to what the lack of space will not allow us to look at. Aware that the chronological soup-to-nuts approach will be derided as boringly unsubtle, many of the appointed writers - clearly capable of or indeed veterans of much larger works in the same field - proceed to give us just that chronology, but sketched out with sheepish brush strokes. Others renounce such aims and focus on the margins or a specific guiding thread, which often co [...]

    19. كانت البداية الحقيقية لﻷدب الانجليزى من خلال نشأة أدب التفسير وشملت ترجمة الإنجيل للعامية عن طريق الكهنة لتبسيطه للجمهور وكان فن التفسير بيتم تدريسه فالكنايس .سبقته كتابات لﻹيرلنديين أولا بعدها السلت ،الانجلوساكسون وأخيرا النورمان لكن لم يعتد بيها كنشأة لﻷدب الانجليزى * [...]

    20. I love Oxford's Very Short Introduction series. Even though a lot of the books are dreary or badly written, and none of them are deeply inspiring, I find them the easiest way to get a broad and scholarly knowledge base as quickly as possible. But amid the large piles of dry information, one occasionally find an absolute gem. Jonathan Bate's book on English Literature is one of these gems.Despite eschewing any particularly organised structure, Bate manages to give both a coherent account with man [...]

    21. I'm not quite sure what to think of this VSI. In many ways I liked it and there were definitely a few chapters I enjoyed very much, but I didn't think it was as good as some of the other VSIs I've read and I often found the great number of references annoying. In some cases you might need to have been very well read in order to understand what his point was as Bate often uses his numerous references to explain what he means. As it's impossible to have read every single book by every single autho [...]

    22. بلغ الكاتِب (د. جونثان بيت) من التمكّن والضلوع في مجال الأدب بحيث يصوغُ أفكارهُ باقتباساتٍ من أكثر الأعمالِ الخالدة في الأدب الإنجليزيّ.بمعنى أبسط، لدى الكاتب صورة جماليّة يريدُ إيصالها للقاريء، وفي سبيل ذلك يأخُذ ابتسامة "المونوليزا" لدافنشي، وألوان فان جوخ البهيّة، ونحت ( [...]

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    24. Aussi intéressante que l'Histoire de la littérature anglaise puisse t'être, ce petit roman m'est resté tout de même trois mois sur les bras pour mon manque total d'intérêt pour ce roman. Ce livre m'a fait autant d'effet que si j'avais lu un manuel scolaire, remarquez qu'il a tout de même le mérite de m'avoir appris bien des choses (ce qui explique en parti les 2 étoiles accordées).

    25. I was undecided between three and four stars for this one, but in the end plumped for three.Like the curate's egg, I it was good in parts. I picked up some interesting and useful information here and there. But sometimes I just felt as though information was being dumped on me.Overall, though, definitely worth a read. And could almost have easily have been four stars.

    26. Bate covers issues such as definitions of "English literature" or "British literature." Though he prefers the phrase he uses in the title, he also discusses wriiters and themes characteristic of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and colonial nationality.

    27. Bate, J. (2010). English Literature: A very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press.As its name suggests, this is an excellent introduction to the world of English Literature. Loved it!

    28. Great introduction to the different periods of English litterature. Overview and information about the main authors and social main characteristics. A classic in itself!

    29. في هذا الكتاب، تغطية موجزة عن أهم أشكال وملامح الأدب الانجليزي كتاب قيّم ومفيد

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