ALEX LOVELL MAKES PEOPLE DISAPPEAR TURNS OUT, SHE S NOT THE ONLY ONE Private investigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety Melanie Bess, desperate to escape her abusive cop husband, was one of those clients But when Melanie vanishes for real, Alex fears the worst, and sets out to discov ALEX LOVELL MAKES PEOPLE DISAPPEAR TURNS OUT, SHE S NOT THE ONLY ONE Private investigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety Melanie Bess, desperate to escape her abusive cop husband, was one of those clients But when Melanie vanishes for real, Alex fears the worst, and sets out to discover what happened Using every resource she can get her hands on including an elite team of forensic scientists known as the Tracers, and a jaded, sexy Austin PD detective Alex embarks on a mission to uncover the truth As far as homicide cop Nathan Deveraux is concerned, no body means no case But as much as he wants to believe that Alex s hunch about Melanie s murder is wrong, his instincts and their visceral attraction won t let him walk away As a grim picture of what really happened begins to emerge, Nathan realizes this investigation runs deeper than they could ever have guessed And each step nearer the truth puts Alex in danger of being the next to disappear.
Untraceable ALEX LOVELL MAKES PEOPLE DISAPPEAR TURNS OUT SHE S NOT THE ONLY ONE Private investigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in sa

  • Title: Untraceable
  • Author: Laura Griffin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Untraceable Sony Pictures Within the FBI there exists a division dedicated to investigating and prosecuting criminals on the internet Welcome to the front lines of the war on cybercrime, where special Agent Jennifer Marsh Diane Lane and Griffin Dowd Colin Hanks have seen it all. Untraceable Diane Lane, Zachary Hoffman Fulfillment by FBA is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in s fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Untraceable Tracers Laura Griffin UNTRACEABLE was an unpredictable romantic suspense about Alex, a computer genius and P.I who helps women vanish from abusive or otherwise dangerous situations. Untraceable lauragriffin Untraceable The Tracers Series Book one Be careful what you look for you might find it Private investigator Alexandra Lovell uses computer skills and cunning to help clients drop off the radar and begin new lives in safety Melanie Bess, desperate to escape her abusive husband, was one of those clients. Untraceable Define Untraceable at Dictionary Untraceable definition, capable of being traced See . Blockchain Futurist Conference Aug Toronto The day conference is located in Toronto Canada, the birthplace of ethereum and home to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and hundreds of blockchain startups. I Made an Untraceable AR Ghost Gun in My Office and The Ghost Gunner may signal a new era where the barrier to building an untraceable semiautomatic rifle is lower than ever before. Ransomware What Is It and What Is Its impact Imagine it s an otherwise typical day You wake up, head into the office, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and settle in to get some critical work done before its due. CBC Secure Drop CBC Secure Drop How to contact CBC anonymously CBC is serious about protecting sources We are also serious about providing you the most secure and confidential way to reach us to share sensitive information. I Built This AK It s Legal and Totally Untraceable The wooden and steel parts I need to build my untraceable AK fit within a slender, by inch cardboard box I first lay eyes on them one Saturday morning in the garage of an eggshell white

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    1. Private Investigator Alexandra (Alex) Lovell helps people disappear. When one of those type clients appears to be in trouble and is truly missing, Alex investigates and finds more than she bargained for. Austin Police Department Homicide Detective Nathan Devereaux crosses her path, again, and they work together (sort of) on a case with a lot of dangerous tentacles. What worked about this story was the mystery and suspense aspect, which was interesting and exciting. The case was difficult to gras [...]

    2. My favorite genres are romance and mystery so you would think that I’d be a big reader of romantic suspense. Not really. In my opinion, it takes a gifted writer to combine the romance and the mystery so one plot doesn’t take over the other. Sadly, this is what happened here. Add to that the first in the series syndrome where there are tons of characters with neon signs pointing ‘I will be the hero/heroine in a future book!’ and you have a rambling romance where the hero and heroine didn [...]

    3. Untraceable is the #1 book in Laura Griffin's romantic suspense series The Tracers which is set in Austin, Texas. I was intrigued by the premise of the series that I read in the author's website The Tracers: An elite cadre of forensic investigators who use trace--often microscopic--evidence to solve crimes. Detectives look to the Tracers for help when traditional law enforcement agencies aren’t up to the job. Mia Voss and other Tracers at the Delphi Center use cutting-edge forensic techniques [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the mystery in this book. I thought it was a strong plot and kept me reading. My main problem was with the romance. Liked Nathan and felt he was very yummy, but Alex didn't make me feel she should be in a relationship. I like a strong female lead, but at times she crossed the line into stubborn/stupid. I really felt the romance was forced and it just didn't work for me. I want to read more in the series to see if the Delphi Project becomes more of a major player in solving myste [...]

    5. 4.5 stars. Intelligent, clever ideas, things I haven’t heard before. Excellent romantic suspenseORY BRIEF:Alexandra (Alex) is a private detective working mostly for insurance companies, but her passion is helping women disappear from abusive husbands – think civilian run witness protection program. She’s a computer whiz. She helped Melanie disappear, but Melanie broke the rules and returned to her home town. Alex believes Melanie has been killed. Alex asks homicide cop Nathan to help her i [...]

    6. A fast-paced, sexy romantic suspense read. Nathan and Alex are stubborn--well, moreso Alex than Nathan--but they will have you cheering for their happy ending when the suspense is finally over. Nobody writes wounded but strong heroines and the rugged heroes who love them better than Laura Griffin.1st read 11/27/2009Re-read 8/17/2016

    7. * August 2017 - I listened to this book again just to rate the narrator since I had intensely disliked her narration of another book I read this week. She's not my favorite by any means but will stick with this original review.3/5; 3 stars; BI read this book several years ago and recently listened to the audio version. Reagan Talmadge did a fairly good job as the narrator but her style is kind of slurry. I enjoyed the mystery and the characters, although I really noticed quite a few TSTL live mo [...]

    8. I was first introduced to Alex Lovell in Whisper of Warning and I really liked her character. She's strong, intelligent, dedicated and loyal to the bone (all of my favorite characteristics in a lead female).So as soon as I discovered that Alex had her own book, well I just had to read it. and then there's Nathan Devereaux (my sexy, Cajun homicide detective working in Austin, TX). *sigh* This book just got soo much better!I was not disappointed!Great story, writing, and characters. I will defini [...]

    9. The first in the Tracers series by Laura Griffin. A wonderful start for the series. I am looking forward to upcoming additions to this series. Great blend of suspense and romance.

    10. Okay, I'm going to try and keep this review short no, really, I'm going to try and keep this review short. I'm not kidding!Untracable (Tracers #1)General Impressions, Thoughts, Feelings, etcIf you are big on Feminist issues, you will be caught in a juxta position. That means you'll have to tape some brown paper around it so nobody can see what you are reading because, once you start it, you'll want to finish it.This book turned out to be a delightful read. I liked the female lead initially, and [...]

    11. This book was a random buy at Wal-Mart. I felt like buying a book and this one looked interesting, especially since it was a romantic suspense book. I hadn't read anything by this author before so I wasn't sure what I'd get. I ended up liking the book quite a bit. It was pretty good.Series Note: This book is the first book in Griffin's new "Tracers" series, but the book also has ties to other books by Griffin, with continuing characters and whatnot.Summary:Alexandra Lovell is a private investiga [...]

    12. Going to give this book 2 and 1/2 stars. This story had Soo much more potential! I loved certain aspects of it. I thought that the romance between the two main characters was good and I liked how it developed. To be honest, the main reason I read this book was because of the relationship between a private investigator and a cop. It intrigued me, but I was disappointed. Firstly, I felt as though there were many things that were addressed in the story, but were never finished. (view spoiler)[ eg- [...]

    13. I'm re-reading the Tracer series, so this is the second time I've read this book. I really liked the plot and definitely liked the hero, Nathan. Nathan was a solid secondary character in The Glass Sister series and it was good seeing him get a starring role.I had mixed feelings on our heroine, Alex. There were times I liked that she was a strong female character and other times when her character went too far into the loner status. The plot was good and I enjoy Ms. Griffin's writing style.

    14. I thought the mystery plot was pretty decent. The romance was a little blah; I couldn't really feel any connection between (or even with) the characters. I also had trouble with Alex's overall attitude toward Nathan. She has no hard proof, yet she is upset that Nathan has to follow police procedures in investigating the case? I am slightly intrigued by the Delphi Center, so I may read the next book in this series.

    15. Very suspenseful with a good romance. Characters were well developed and maintained a strong dialogue throughout. Very strong-willed and tough heroine. Have enjoyed every book written by this relatively new author.

    16. Two-haiku review:She helps women hideA client ignored adviceNow missing or deadCould have been deeperBut still pretty good storyAnd okay romanceThis particular couple didn't really grab me, but good enough to continue series.

    17. I enjoyed this romantic suspense and can see it would be a good series all told. Liked the main characters, the work together to solve the case and the list of possible characters for future stories.

    18. Laura Griffin created a mystery full of potential inUntraceable, however, lost herself along the way. The plot is unsure but moves along at a brisk pace towards the end. Alex Lowell is a PI that helps women fly under the radar. But when the last one, Melanie Bess, disappears Alex must find her. She seeks an acquaintance and homicide detective, Nathan Deveraux, for help. He’s somewhat skeptical. Alex believes Melanie’s cop husband is responsible and may have killed her. But has no proof. He f [...]

    19. This was a great first book in the series. I liked Alex from where we met her before. I thought that she was a gritty and determined heroine to do all that she could to protect her clients. Now if only her clients would listen to her. People come to Alex for her to help them disappear. If they follow her advice, then they vanish like a puff of smoke. But when her clients start turning up dead, did the clients not follow direction or is something more sinister at work? Nathan, a homicide detectiv [...]

    20. Not a bad read, took me a bit to sort out all the characters though. The main character Alexandra "Alex" Lovell is one of those people that can be a bit irritating and way too often is TSTL! Once I got past that love/hate relationship I settled down to a good mystery involving murder, bad cops, and missing people!This is the first book in the series, I wasn't sure after the first couple of chapters whether I was going to finish the book or not, but I persevered and I am glad that I did. It was a [...]

    21. You can’t always have your way.That line perfectly describes the heroine of this book, Alex Lovell. As a private investigator, she goes above and beyond for her female clients, helping them create new lives to escape the terror of their previous ones. And while that is a noble cause, she can be a real pain in the ass too. Just ask Nathan Devereaux, a police detective she brings in to help with a missing client, who Alex believes is dead.This story, the first in the series, focuses on Alex’s [...]

    22. Alex Lovell and Nathan Devereaux crossed paths in the book Whisper of Warning. Alex's job as a private investigator is to make people disappear. This time, the person she helped escaped from an abusive husband who also happens to be a cop, seemed to disappear for good. Alex is worried she might be in trouble, so she enlists the help of detective Nathan Devereaux.Nathan isn't as convinced considering there's no proof of substantial evidence or dead body to ensure Alex's claims. Alex is going on g [...]

    23. Untraceable by Laura GriffinRomantic Suspense -Nov. 24th, 20094 ½ starsLaura Griffin has written another outstanding romantic suspense! This story is sure to be a hit because it is: intelligent, detailed, and filled with high tension. In Untraceable the indomitable P.I. Alexandra Lovell fears one of the women she has helped escape her abusive husband has been murdered. The problem is Alex can’t find the body! When she visits the victim’s home and finds traces of blood just before it is expl [...]

    24. The blurb is good enough -- I can use it for future purpose -- so I am just going to jump on what I think.The way the story is told makes me feel like I'm being jumped into a middle of something.Alex has a history with Nathan (they worked together before, I think, one that ends up with Alex getting beaten by the suspect). The secondary characters also have a background story that is not being completely told. For example, Troy Stockton (a true-crime author who used to date Alex) or Sophie Barret [...]

    25. This is an excellent setup for the series. It feels longer than the other books I've read, which follow it; that means the relationship feels more fleshed out and that there's more room for stupidity, but the plot moves quickly enough that the stupidity is mitigated quickly (and matters less). (By stupidity, I mean people unnecessarily putting themselves in danger.)I'm really enjoying this series, and I didn't expect to: I thought it would be too creepy or too procedural, but somehow it works re [...]

    26. Maybe 4.5 stars - may revise upward.This first book in the Tracers series got off to a bang-up start. It seems familiar; in fact, I know I've met Mia somewhere before, but I don't have this marked as read. I fully intend to read this series in order, so perhaps I'll remember whether I've (also?) read others in the series:)If you like Romantic Suspense as a genre, with private investigators, forensic labs, (good) policemen and Texas Rangers among the characters, I recommend you begin here.

    27. 4.75 StarsTruly excellent romantic suspense! I enjoyed the balance of romance and suspense. Nathan was a saint to put up with Alex. She had a lot of issues with relationships that didn't have solid reason, IMHO. However, it made for just the right amount of push and pull to keep that part of the story interesting. I'm happily moving on to the next Tracers.

    28. Rating: ★★★½Trope: Romantic SuspenseChemistry: Low BoilOne-Sentence Summary: A PI and Cop Versus a corrupt cop drug gangReview: I have been curious about this series for awhile so finally decided to dust off the first one in the series and see what all the fuss is about.I liked it but enjoyed the setup for the series more than this book itself. There were constant jumps in time which confused me.Off to enjoy Troy's story now .Edit: Just realised there is a prequel series so need to go and [...]

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