Bride of the Water God, Volume 7

Soah, our heroine, is saved from a strange, sacrificial ritual by Habaek, the young Water God While Soah has come to appreciate the Water God and his kingdom, the heavenly Suguk, she s also fallen in love with a mysterious man named Mui What she doesn t know is that Habaek is Mui he s been cursed to appear as a little boy during the day while he lives in his true adultSoah, our heroine, is saved from a strange, sacrificial ritual by Habaek, the young Water God While Soah has come to appreciate the Water God and his kingdom, the heavenly Suguk, she s also fallen in love with a mysterious man named Mui What she doesn t know is that Habaek is Mui he s been cursed to appear as a little boy during the day while he lives in his true adult form at night Will Soah discover that she s torn between two versions of the same person, or will other sinister forces drive them apart Soah and Habaek try to overcome a kidnapping, memory loss, pride, conflicting passions, and an array of devious interlopers on their paths to true love
Bride of the Water God Volume Soah our heroine is saved from a strange sacrificial ritual by Habaek the young Water God While Soah has come to appreciate the Water God and his kingdom the heavenly Suguk she s also fallen in

  • Title: Bride of the Water God, Volume 7
  • Author: Mi-Kyung Yun
  • ISBN: 9781595826688
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Bride of the Water God, Volume 7”

    1. This volume was all about the beginning of Habaek and Nakbin's love story, and because I don't care for Nakbin at all, reading this was actual torture for me.

    2. Face palm. Really? REALLY? I call bullshit.We find out that Habaek actually fancied himself a lecherous Casanova who hit on teenaged girls because they ‘amused’ him and that Nabkin had a thing for superficial pick up lines; ‘there’s no way a beautiful god like you could be an evil god.’ In other news we see how Nakbin actually became the bride of the water god. As expected, the ‘tale’ of their love is contrived and superfluous. Habaek actually fell in INSTAlove with Nakbin. The who [...]

    3. Turns out that stupidity of Soah for not figuring out that her husband and her other lover ("his husband's cousin") is actually the same person is be a major dilemma in the plot of this manga. Here is a short review of my first reaction to thatI definitely want to push her on some cliff for being naive and do fucking nothing. And does Habaek/Mui even feel somehow betrayed knowing that his wife is ready to go with another man even if that other man is his "alter ego"?Mui/Habaek:Nakbin. Nakbin. Na [...]

    4. I would probably give the volumes in this series 3 stars if it weren't for the lush/gorgeous art. The story tends to have so much going on that I have trouble keeping track of all of the "political intrigue" in the world of the gods much so that I even lose sight of our main human character, Soah. But, I still keep getting drawn back into the world Mi-Kyung Yun creates

    5. When the past is explained in each chapter I was like,♫I can see clearly now the rain is goneI can see all obstacles in my wayGone are the dark clouds that had me blindIt's gonna be a bright (bright)Bright (bright) sunshiny day♫Talk about Mood. LOL!

    6. The story is still rather juvenile. But the art is pretty, so I'm going to keep reading.

    7. This manhwa gets more convoluted and confusing with each installment. Soah finds herself facing Mui who tells her the truth about himself. Only it’s not technically Mui and somehow she’s allowed two gods (?) into the palace, gods who can appear as other people. Oh, and the cold hard truth? I have no idea what happened. Does she faint? Does her brain break? Do they hurt her? All I know is she’s unconscious and becoming less and less a heroine to root for. Sigh.This happens all in the first [...]

    8. i can see why some find the story confusing - it's the result of (a) flashbacks that are not clearly flagged as such and (b) similar faces (that's what the flowing hairstyles are for, folks - telling characters apart). it also doesn't help that the emperor likes to turn up looking like other people, although if you read carefully you can identify where this happens. but having just reread vols 1-6, i can testify that the plot both makes sense and is going somewhere. and Bride of the Water God's [...]

    9. I heart Huye. Heart, heart, heart. ^_^Okay, now that that's out of the wayI was hopelessly confused in the last volume. Partially because it had been a while since I read volume 5, and partially because volume 6 is full of hard to follow transitions and impossibly convoluted scheming by various characters (or people who look like familiar characters, but aren't really those characters and are actually someone else in disguise). To borrow the words of another reviewer's a good thing the artwork i [...]

    10. The flow of the plot is somewhat sharply cut off to show flashbacks explaining the relationship between Habaek and Nakbin. While all that is interesting and good to know finally, I was pretty sad that Soah's only appearance was to be kidnapped in the beginning of the volume. Also, it's pretty difficult to tell sometimes what scenes are supposed to be taking place in what timeframes. Fortunately Habaek's former appearance in adult form is different enough from his current appearance that it's a l [...]

    11. I didn't really enjoy this one. I think it's because Soah didn't apear in this volume. She's teh ehad character and this volume is about Habaek's past; about Nakbin.I dislike Nakbin so much. I can't explain why. She just ahs this thing about her. Also that she treatened Soa in the previous volume didn't give her much credit.I was surprised that Huye and Nakbin are brother and sister, did I get that right?Also that that peculiar God is their father!

    12. I was so confused at first .-. And I didn't like learning about the past of Nakbin, but it did help me understand a lot though. I don't dislike her as much as I use to. I still really hate her imposter though. My rating isn't all that fair, because I had a headache as I was reading this. So ignore the two stars!

    13. Wow! I am amaze at the new progression in the world of the gods. This volume was great because we get to see the most of the character developement thus far and I was sad to see the volume end. I can't wait to see the next one. Beautiful story!beautiful art!

    14. Wow reading the history of Habaek and Nakbin, Nakbin isn't so innocent either?Habaek hurry up and notice that Soah is the only true one

    15. Part of me is sad the storyline isn't stronger. Yet i keep checking these out from the library and reading them anyhow

    16. If this story is what really happens to the girls that are sacrificed Then I don't mind getting sacrificed

    17. Sajnos az eddigi kötetek közül ezt éreztem a leggyengébbnek. Kusza volt és követhetlen, nem is nagyon értettem a dolgokat. Egynek elment, de van sokkal jobb része is a sorozatnak, ez tény.

    18. The art is gorgeous but it's been so long since I've read volume 6 I'm not really sure what's happening anymore

    19. Flashbacks! Doh! Finally when I think things are going to start coming together. Ah well, maybe the next volume will explain motivations more now that we have a glimpse of some character stories.

    20. I am just starting to figure out what is going on. I was pretty confused before, but the author is finally showing scenes from the past and filling in gaps.

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