Hawksbill Station

In the mid 21st century, time travel is used to send political prisoners to Hawksbill Station, a prison camp in the late Cambrian Era When the latest arrival suspiciously deflects questions about his crimes and knowledge of Up Front , the inmates decide to find out his secret NOTE a novella length version of this story is also available.
Hawksbill Station In the mid st century time travel is used to send political prisoners to Hawksbill Station a prison camp in the late Cambrian Era When the latest arrival suspiciously deflects questions about his

  • Title: Hawksbill Station
  • Author: Robert Silverberg
  • ISBN: 9780425036792
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Hawksbill Station was Robert Silverberg’s most Kilgore Troutian concept.Kilgore Trout was, of course, the recurring fictitious science fiction writer from Kurt Vonnegut’s canon, based loosely upon fellow writer Theodore Sturgeon. According to Vonnegut, Trout would come up with wild ideas, one after another, in a prolific if not profitable career.Silverberg, also a prolific but happily profitable writer, describes in Hawksbill Station, first published in 1967, a situation where political pris [...]

    2. 5.0 stars. I have said this before but Robert Silverberg is one of those writers that has never disappointed me and this story is certainly no exception. One of the things that is so impressive about Silverberg is that, other than the Majipoor series, he almost always does stand alone stories and so his stories are always a unique experience. The breadth of his stories are amazing.This short novel (really a long novella) is about a group of political prisoners from a future United States that ha [...]

    3. Look at the covers above. They may not tell you everything about the book, but if the Sad Puppies narrative is to be believed, they'll be a straightforward adventure yarn, instead of harbouring something more subversive. You hear that, Silverberg? You guys didn't write anything more complex than that, right?Note: The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement. You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the entire review a [...]

    4. Although it had been over 45 years since I initially read Robert Silverberg's novella "Hawksbill Station," several scenes were as fresh in my memory as if I had read them just yesterday; such is the power and the vividness of this oft-anthologized classic. Originally appearing in the August '67 issue of "Galaxy" magazine, the novella did not come to my teenaged attention till the following year, when it was reprinted in a collection entitled "World's Best Science Fiction 1968." Silverberg later [...]

    5. (content note: this review and its subject mention sexual violence.)I read the novella version of this story, which is available online here.The premise is that time travel has been discovered, but it only works one way. A totalitarian government creates the camp for political prisoners, Hawksbill Station, that is the setting of this story: the late Cambrian period, when dry land is nothing but bare rock and all life on Earth is marine invertebrates. At this period, there's nothing the prisoners [...]

    6. This is a relatively original SF novel in three ways,is a prison novel,is temporally located in the cambric period and has a strong rather fuzzy political antifascist charge,also has interesting reflections over a clandestine revolutionary process with recruitment,betrayals and fights for the power.Also has a accurate description of the anxious,despair,madness and resignation of the mens imprisoned by life hundreds millions of years ago in the strange Earth ,depicted in the ladscapes,of the past [...]

    7. This was a great book. I am surprised to learn it is an expansion from a novella because the parts that were added fit in seamlessly. I couldn't begin to guess what was novella and what was only to be found in the novel.A book that is now almost fifty years old should be dated. In one respect it is. The Soviet branches of Marxism mentioned in the book are something I can't imagine even being of historical interest any more. No one these days debates them or takes them as a serious foundation upo [...]

    8. This short novel started out strong, but never was able to maintain its initial promise. Silverberg is a wonderful writer, and I love how his worlds seem so vast and well-developed, and this book is no exception.Time travel is a common SF item, so writers strive to develop their own unique system. Silverberg achieves that here (view spoiler)[but loses a whole star in this review because at the end of the book he removes that which made his time travel original (hide spoiler)].I was expecting thi [...]

    9. This is one of the slighter Silverberg novels I have read, but like all his novels I have read it is entertaining.In the 21st century, the U.S. has cancelled the constitution and now runs as a syndicalist government. (What exactly is a syndicalist government and why has no GOP candidate accused our sitting president of being a Muslim Syndicalist? It sounds sufficiently damning.) In Silverberg's novel Syndicalism means no more president, no more congress, just commissioners of this and that and a [...]

    10. This is an expansion of an earlier novella, but is nevertheless still a fairly short novel.The basic premise is that a time-portal to the past has been established. As there is no possibility of return, the US Powers That Be have set up two points in the remote past, one in the late Cambrian Era and the other some 250 million years later. As there is no other use for such a thing, the government have decided to send political prisoners back through time along with the materials to build their ow [...]

    11. What I’ve read of Robert Silverberg prior to this—not much I admit—I’ve enjoyed; his novel A Time of Changes and his novella Born with the Dead are long-standing favourites. Why I’ve not read more by him I can’t answer. I simply never got round to it. The premise of this one appealed and now I’ve finished it I can say that it was a perfectly decent story but that’s where my problem with it lies; it’s a story and not a novel, not even a short one. I know it started off life as a [...]

    12. En un artículo incluido en el periódico universitario de la UANL, alguien (no recuerdo ni quiero recordar quien) hacía una conexión entre el mundo creado por los Washowski en 'Matrix' y el otro expuesto en esta novela. Honestamente no encontré ese link por ningún lado. Al menos no directamente, tal vez, si aplicamos una súper interpretación de lo que critica Silverberg en esta obra y lo que los Washowski señalan (la represión del poder, el concepto de cárcel, etc) bien podríamos esta [...]

    13. This was a very strange read. Not to say bad, by any means, but it was a very different story. Silverberg has an amazing ability to really set the mood, and his writing sticks with you well after reading. It's about a colony of fugitives set at some point in the Paleozoic Era. Advanced civilization had learned the secret of time travel, but only one way. As such, it's major use was in the disposal of their most heinous criminals in a camp created to be their "Death Row", I suppose. Silverberg re [...]

    14. Political prisoners are sentenced to exile in a paleozoic gulag one billion years in the past, before the appearance of the first land-dwelling lifeforms. The story alternates between the exiles in the past, aging and battling mental illness brought on by their isolation, and the activities that resulted in their sentences. The primary character, Jim Barrett, struggles to maintain his deteriorating community while investigating the puzzle of a new prisoner who is unlike any of the others. The en [...]

    15. Toda a parte de sci-fi aqui é um mero pretexto pra uma premissa bastante simples.O lugar q era uma prisão pro protagonista depois de décadas se torna o seu lar e ele não quer mais sair de lá.Assim como a colonia penal era no Cambriano, poderia ter sido em outro planeta, ou numa ilha, ou no deserto, q não faria a menor diferença.O texto é bem executado, mas faltou totalmente uma dimensão épica, cósmica.

    16. Reading classic science fiction from decades ago can be both interesting and jarring. Hawksbill Station was published in 1968, the heart of radicalism in the United States, but it posits a revolution in 1984 and continues with a counter-revolution being disrupted by time-travel in 2005. Those are pretty wild ideas from the perspective of 2018. At the risk of “spoiling” what one discovers in the very first chapter, Hawksbill Station is a time-travel book where one can only travel in one direc [...]

    17. Another expansion of a short story of the same name, this time written by Silverberg himself (I finished the Silverberg-coauthored Asimov expansion NIGHTFALL the other day). In my opinion, this deserves to be a political/dystopian fiction classic, and I consider it loads better than 1984 (and the currently-in-vogue THE HANDMAID'S TALE), helped by mostly excellent writing from Silverberg and a fascinating SF premise. Eerily, its "present" (called "Up Front") is approximately now (early 21st Centu [...]

    18. Pretty good storyIt’s a combination of SF and politics. SF part or quite good, not too technical, scientifically not really elaborated l, but not too bad. The basic idea is good. The political part however is really boring. At least for someone expecting to read a SF story and not a political essay.

    19. Esta novela me recordó un poco a "If this goes on" de Heinlein y me hace preguntar ¿por qué carajos Heinlein alarga tanto todo tipo de historias sobre levantamientos contra el gobierno? Silverberg en pocas páginas va al grano y presenta una historia compleja con un final agradable.

    20. First things first, this book is deeply misogynistic, and that in part affected my reading of it. While Silverberg is undoubtedly a gifted writer, I wasn't blown away by this novel. It had great things to say even thought it struggled to say them at points. Some things happened too easily, while others never grew to fruition. I love how politically bent it is, and it's a clear love song to Orwell's 1984.

    21. Un libro bastante querible, le hace gala a la época en fue escrito, sin ahondar en grandes despliegues técnicos logra una narración atractiva enmarcada por una historia casi policial con la cual es difícil dejar de leer la siguiente pagina. La historia de los personajes se va construyendo a partir de flashbacks que son detonados en el momento justo para descubrir las razones de ser de cada personaje. A pesar de estar en rodeada de elementos de ciencia ficción es una novela de personajes y c [...]

    22. I do like Silverberg, for all his flaws.In Hawksbill Station, one of his best, dangerous political criminals are sent to prison in the past, a billion years back to the Late Cambrian period. That's before the birth of the mammals, before the dinosaurs, even before the evolution of insects.A stupid idea if ever I heard one, surely taking an unnecessary risk of "more paradoxes (being) created than you could shake a trilobite at," as Jim Barrett says, but a great premise for a science fiction novel [...]

    23. As I mentioned in an earlier review of a book in tribute to Robert Silverberg, I realized that it was time to catch up on some of his earlier works that I had missed. This is the first in that effort. Written in the late 60s, I was pleased to see that, for the most part, it holds up very well. The language isn't archaic, there's only one reference to women that might not be quite as politically correct now, and - the most important part - it's a good story.In the near future (actually about now) [...]

    24. A group of political dissidents are exiled via a time machine into the distant Cambrian past. There they hunt crafty trilobites and slowly lose their grip on reality. The de facto leader of the group was a rebel cell leader in the future. He knew Edmund Hawksbill, the man who invented the time machine. An old friend who had introduced the leader into the rebel movement, and later defected, betrayed the leader to the police. The old friend harbored bitterness because the leader stole a girl away [...]

    25. This was a fairly enjoyable story about a group of political activists who were considered so dangerous by their government that there were exiled to the far past and left to survive or not. While I don't know enough about the geology of the world ~2 billion years ago to know if there was an oxygen atmosphere yet or whether survival at this era was remotely possible, the story itself was pretty engaging, although it did have Silverberg's usual problem with women. The only female character was on [...]

    26. Brisk read from the mighty pen of iconoclastic sf writer Robert Silverberg. I was engaged right from its especially bleak opening gambit, and read through with great alacrity to the end. I don't know where this stands in the mighty canon of Siverberg, but 'Hawksbill Station' certainly held my interest from cover to cover, and I felt a deep pathos at the ignominious travails of all these ragged, soul-broken counter-revolutionaries who had been so cruelly banished to a crude and meager existence o [...]

    27. Un estado totalitario se ha hecho con una máquina del tiempo que, al igual que la de terminator, sólo da un viaje de ida hacia el pasado. Así los burócratas de turno tienen la genial idea de utilizarla para enviar a los disidentes políticos al período cámbrico, en una especie de carcel de alta seguridad de tamaño planetario y sin barreras excepto las del tiempo. Porque hablar de comunismo a los trilobites no causará una revolución.La llegada de un extraño personaje hace que el protago [...]

    28. I had no expectations of this book (not good nor bad) when I started reading it, so was pleasantly surprised by it. Loved it, in fact.The only reason I am giving this a 4-star rating instead of 5 is that I thought the story set in the far past could be a little fleshed out (like the story about the revolutionary post-1984 movement). I don't think more should have happened there, but the feeling of total boredom and possibly apathy of being trapped in a world that has little in it, for decennia, [...]

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