The Isle of Battle

Treachery and deceit run rampant throughout a devastated land, spawning dark alliances in the terrible war ignited by the enmity of two families But unbeknownst to all, there are others who truly control the beleaguered kingdom s destiny combatants emerging from eons of restless sleep to renew the bloody terror of a battle older than time.
The Isle of Battle Treachery and deceit run rampant throughout a devastated land spawning dark alliances in the terrible war ignited by the enmity of two families But unbeknownst to all there are others who truly cont

  • Title: The Isle of Battle
  • Author: Sean Russell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Another example of when I much prefer the second book to the first. The first book had to devote too many pages to background and setup, this book was able to start on the cliffhanger ending of the first and continue on from there, without having to stop too often to explain. Also, this one had much, much more Alaan, and as I'm absolutely in love with himI mean, what? I didn't write that. Okay, the Vale boys are alright, as far as barely adult characters go, but there wasn't anything really spec [...]

    2. I really liked the history and setting in this world. The idea that everything revolved around a river is very intersting to me. The plot seemed well thought out and the Characters were real. the only thing I didn't like about this story is the cliffhanger ending. It just stops, and I hate that

    3. This is the second book in a series, and I suppose this review is, in a way, a review of the series so far, but I read the first book back in the summer, so it's not as fresh in my mind.The basics: epic fantasy, filled with political and personal scheming. Russell weaves a world rich in history, thick with mysterious magic, and peopled with wonderful characters. The plot, briefly, starts off apparently centered around two rival families who each wish to reunite and rule an ancient, shattered kin [...]

    4. The one thing I’ve learned after reading the first two books in this series: Sean Russell does not feel he has to provide his readers with any kind of conclusion, closure, or comfort in regards to his characters.I was annoyed by how the first book in the series ended – given that there were far more questions than answers provided – but this book’s ending was even worse. Far be it for me to tell an author how to ply their craft, but as an avid reader, I do know that I like to be left wit [...]

    5. “The Isle of Battle” is the second book in the “Swan’s War Trilogy”, and it immediately picks up after the conclusion of the first book. The author provided a brief recap of the events in the first book, which is helpful for those that may take a break before continuing the series. I rated this a three-star read, although I thought it included more interesting characters, events, and more insight into the Children of Wyrr as compared to the first book. One reason that I feel like the s [...]

    6. The characters are interesting but not really endearing. For one thing there are too many of them. I would be hard pressed to call any of them main characters. Instead there are groups of characters. Different groups with differing goals; some which intersect, and some that are totally opposite. The end result is a collection of individual stories that all contribute to the larger story. Sometimes the divergent groups merge, sometimes individual members of one group switch to another group but r [...]

    7. "The Isle of Battle," is certainly not as good as "The One Kingdom," which was a master piece for fantasy. I didn't dislike this book, but I didn't love it. The story moved very slow and the characters became boring and dull. Much of what I loved about the first book was missing from the second. Lord Carral's part was my favorite and even that slowed to a pace that had me wanting more and left me empty. I'm going to read the third boom in hopes it will have the magic of the first. I felt trapped [...]

    8. Part 2 of the Swan's War epic trilogy continuing the struggles between the Wills and Renne' families for control of the land. The outcome of the struggle focuses on Tam, his two friends, Lady Elise, and Alaan as they oppose the plans of Hafydd who seeks control and power and they stand in his way. Fantasy, gods, mysterious magic are mixed in with the real world as the seeming struggle between good and evil plays out.Like Part 1, The One Kingdom, the story moves quickly but is filled with endless [...]

    9. In the second installment of the Swan's War trilogy, the rival families of the Wills and the Renne faction and break as unlikely alliances are formed and conflict within the families takes root. The fate of Elise Wills is revealed and more becomes known about Alaan and Hafydd, whose unique backgrounds and mythologies become a focus of the plots. While an alright read, and I do have plans to finish the trilogy, I must say I am not entirely impressed with the series and the writing fails to engage [...]

    10. This is book 2 of the Swans' War series. It picks up right after the events of book one. We learn more about the history of the land and the feuding families. I found some parts of this book hard to follow because some of the descriptions of the lay of the land or how the fighting was going were a little unclear for me. Otherwise, this was another great book that is full of action. I enjoyed learning more about the characters and seeing the relationships between them change and deepen.

    11. How long it took me to finish this book is a testament to the quality. I'm sorry to say it, but Russell is clearly a better fantasy fan than he is a writer. There is little character development, no explanation of the inner workings of the magical system and only vague references to the history of the kingdom where it all takes place, which is supposedly integral to the plot but not integral enough to warrant explanation.

    12. It wasn't a roller coaster ride of excitement, but it was good. A lot of new characters are introduced in this book. The plot doesn't advance very much, and you are given a lot of back story. Over all the book was good if a bit slow at spots. But as far as a writer I really like Sean Russell. So I will keep reading his fantasy work. On to the third book.

    13. Interesting. I usually don't read the second book in a series because the first book contains most of what's new and interesting in the world and it's characters. This series was no exception. That's me though; I'm interested in the new world and characters that that the author has created. I'm not as interested in a long and twisty plot about power struggles, intrigue and politics.

    14. Now we get more of the political aspect of the world that the boys' hometown has been hidden away from. Not a very rich environment, really, as the rules seem somewhat ridiculous. There are a few good characters, but not enough to hold up the slowly continuing plot.I'll read the last book, but this one isn't going on my re-read list.

    15. A nice continuation of the series. There are a number of characters I feel great affinity toward so that I care what happens in the story as a whole. Definitely a cliff-hanger ending on this one as on the last.

    16. This was an improvement on book 1 as the author started to make the characters a bit more 'alive'. However it was simply the need to know how it would end that drove me on to read the third and final instalment

    17. I love how he uses the terrain to influence the pacing of the story. I don't know if it's intentional or not but I really feel it. Book one was a meandering river book two was a swamp and you really feel it while reading the books.

    18. very literate and thoughtful fantasy - this series would sit comfortably beside many other classic fantasy trilogies, being the middle book many things are not resolved, but i enjoyed the journeys the characters embarked on and i am sure i will enjoy the concluding volume.

    19. Still not blown away by this series, but I have committed myself to finishing the third and final book in the coming months.

    20. Great world building, but I felt the story rambled a bit, and some of the characters' actions did not tie out very well.

    21. This is book two of the Swan's War Trilogy. It's a world of fantasy in terms of magic as being some huge mystery and only the wizards of ancient times knew how to wield it.

    22. As good as the first!The second book in the Swan War trilogy is just as good as the first. Can't wait to start the next one.

    23. In this book I began to be disappointed as the promise of part 1 didn't seem to be fulfilled and while I cared enough about the characters to want to continue the pacing was too slow.

    24. Also the second volume had surprising ideas, lovely new and old characters and enough character development to be a great read. I instantly started the third book after I finished this one. :D

    25. This Book had a little more action than the first book. The action is divided more as characters split up to different activities.

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