This is a love letter to the exploited oppressed, beaten, downtrodden and abused This is an open declaration of hate to people who may or may not be you.
hector This is a love letter to the exploited oppressed beaten downtrodden and abused This is an open declaration of hate to people who may or may not be you

  • Title: hector
  • Author: K.I. Hope
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. i don't think i will ever read finnegan's wake. when i was fifteen or so, i went on a trip to england, and i was reading the bell jar on the plane and throughout the trip. it was a fun trip, one that boosted my confidence and independence in a variety of ways, and when it was time to go, i was wandering around the airport, with a bit of leftover english currency in my pocket, and i saw finnegan's wake in the airport bookstore (which i doubt they sell in american airports, i'm just going to menti [...]

    2. Semen, blood (menstrual and regular), pussing sores, placenta, vomit, rape, murder, hamburgers. This book has a lot of classic conversation topics. Generally, I liked it. Well, I’m not sure it’s fair to use the word "like" in relation to this book because it’s about as unpleasant as it gets. But it’s elegantly gruesome. I lived in Manhattan when the Sensation exhibit was at the Brooklyn Museum, and it was kind of the Thing to go see it, so my roommates and I went one night. hector remind [...]

    3. If you've noticed the tags I've chosen for this book, you're probably wondering if I've made a mistake about the book I think I'm reviewing. A book which should be in its early stages of causing a tsunami in its effects on the way we view sentience. Let those tags be your guide.A full-disclosure clause, because although I don't know the author, I'm the person about whom she is writing. That's how I feel every day of my life, in my mind, in my reality, as another sentient entity.To explain the la [...]

    4. *NOTE: Authors are specifically authorized to heckle and troll this review.*This is a difficult book to talk about because K.I. plays her cards pretty close to the chest. I want to avoid spoiling anything--in this review, the REAL review. There are some spoilers below in the fake review, so only read it if you've already read Hector. Hector is a book about empathy.K.I. is trying to shake her audience awake and show them how much they take for granted; how little empathy we have as a culture and [...]

    5. I clicked the spoiler button. If you haven't read Hector you might not want to read on because I'm going to just be writing like the big twist given in the afterward is obvious, even though it really isn't so obvious in the text itself. For some reason I knew what the twist was before I knew of anyone who read the book. I don't know if I was just being smart in figuring it out from the blurb from Carol Adams, the author of The Sexual Politics of Meat, which inspired this song, from Consolidated' [...]

    6. [DISCLAIMER: There was no quid pro quo. I repeat. There was no quid pro quo. K. I. Hope and I traded books with no expectations. She recently wrote a review of my book that humbled me in its generosity. But if I didn’t like this book, I would just tell her that privately and not review it because doing so would make me an asshole to a friend. And I wouldn’t lie about liking it either, which is totally douchey. That’s just how I fly, dog. So count this review as USDA Inspector #2 Microsoft [...]

    7. Jabber be praised! After two months, !TWO MONTHS!, my copy finally arrived today. I love what Lulu does, but it blows to buy from Lulu when you're in Canada. __________________________________________________Hector is not a novel. Nor a poem. Nor a work of entertainment. Nor even a manifesto. It’s an act of violence. A sadistic, intentional, deliberate assault on the reader.It is a gash torn into the fleshy, well fed belly of the leviathan that is us. A long suppurating, infected wound that st [...]

    8. If I could sustain my life on meals made up solely of K.I. Hope’s hector I would do so happily.Disturbing, heartbreaking, nauseating and most of all, beautifully written.K.I. Hope is fantastic and I’m eager for anything and everything she writes in the future.Read it. Eat it. Love it!

    9. I'm not going to plot-spoil here, it would be counter-productive. This book is too important. Way too important. It's unusual for me to have a strong emotional reaction to a book. Sadly, it's a common problem for anyone in the industry. We spend a large amount of time reading junk and writing (hopefully) helpful letters to those who have sent the junk. We edit, we sell, we (gladly and willingly!) use up most of our passion for literature on our beloved client's books. In an agency, the first yea [...]

    10. There's only one way to see M. Night Shyamalan's The Sixth Sense, and that's in a packed theater on opening night, Aug. 2, 1999, before anyone has had a chance to smugly tell you how they totally knew the end, omg! it was so obvious! Because that's how I saw it and the ending pretty much floored me, gave a richer depth and texture to everything that came before, helped me rationalize some of the moments that hadn't quite theretofore added up. As a director, Shyamalan gets a lot of flack for rely [...]

    11. OK, I had vowed I wouldn't review books here anymore bc I just wanted to read for pleasure in the off-hours and not think about writing critically and pithily on them, in part bc my pith had gone pffft. My priestly vows held for about a year and a half. But I just finished this book (after protracted reading in batches, which is the only way time permits anymore) and well I want to help sell folks on K.I. bc she's a talented writer and deserves an audience. This isn't my official review bc I'm [...]

    12. this book was going to be a 3 for me, but i was planning on giving it a 4 anyway cuz K.I. is mad cool. and then Enter The Afterwardyway! i was feeling kind of sorry for having a penis during the whole time i was reading this book and i was planning on congratulating K.I. for making me feel that way! i mean i fucking love my penis!!! then i was planning on talking about a Dariah episode were she is asked to write something for some psychiatrist people and when she gets there they try to put her " [...]

    13. There is an unvarying nag in my head hollering that I would not do a better job than Brian on this review. Overwhelmed by copious snuffles and fleeting "Lorena-Bobbitt" delusions, I rather comply with the lyrical rhyme of my monotonous cerebral paranoia. So, here’s the better deal:-/review/show/Cheers! To Brian and his fine review!P.S.:- The epilogue joggles your wits.(Ha!)

    14. I don't know K.I. Hope personally, but I would like to. She's a brilliant author who has written a hauntingly poetic manifesto of our times; where the boundaries between what's real and what's a dream are so eloquently blurred, you can't tell the two apart, but then at the end, both come into shockingly sharp focus. I seriously can't wait to read more from her.

    15. tried my best not to give any spoilers. it's pretty hard to talk about without doing so, but here's my shoti've been trying to figure out how to review this book and more importantly, the impact it's had on me. it certainly was not an easy read - because of the content mostly, but also because the readability was a bit sketchy at times as it hopped around the way only a stream of consciousness could. but it definitely was not just a stream of consciousness; there was planning involved lots of it [...]

    16. The only 'problem' that you have after you finish this book is that you have to start it again, because that massive spoiler at the end, in my head did a numbing twist, because sincerely during the first reading I didn’t really care about this imprisoned woman. I as well felt like this story is very much disjointed, but this is my problem, I don't like too much of dissectioned everyday philosophy and nagging 'let's talk about our feelings' drama. So it’s fair to say that writing is exaggerat [...]

    17. I have been done with this book and thinking about how to review it for a long time. I've decided I won't do it justice so I should just get on with it. What can I say. K.I. you are fecking brilliant. You also piss me off a little because I try really hard to not think about these things since I cook. A lot. But there you go, making me think and feel and want to do the "right" thing. It's good I'm such a hardass. I am not the target audience for this book I don't think, or maybe I am the exact r [...]

    18. This is me, rolling my eyes. We're not supposed to eat meat huh? And what about every other carnivore out there? I'm sorry, I don't buy it. The afterward mentions an ecosystem and I believe in one that involves supply and demand and yes, eating meat. But oh, do we have to treat the animals so badly? No, and I've been swayed by those videos showing the worst of the worst slaughterhouses. And they're convincing though I suspect not completely indicative of the entire system. I did not find this bo [...]

    19. As a side note to this quick review, this was the FIRST book I read on my brand spankin' new KINDLE. Now that I've finished reading it I must say it was an interesting way to break it in. Now onto reading the ton of free samples I downloaded in the past week It's hard to tell about Hector without spoiling any of the details, so I'll just be simple, dull and quick about it. It's written fantastically, with a heavy amount of passion for the subject and the statement behind it. If you don't feel co [...]

    20. I can't believe it took me this long to get this book finished. It's not long at all - in fact if you were determined, you could probably finish it very easily in a weekend. I really, really want to stay away from adding spoilers to this review so talking about the book in depth is difficult.It is very well written - K.I. Hope is a very talented writer and I look forward to reading "This is Not a Flop House," a book that I am sure is much, much different in tone and theme than this one. Because [...]

    21. I won't pretend to be objective (Kristen is a friend), but this book is incredibly powerful book. I have many thoughts that would give away parts of the book - so if anyone reads it and wants to know what I think, just send me a message.

    22. Got a little over half way through when I found my missing copy of A Feast For Crows. I'll finsih it shortly.

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