The Doctor is Sick

Dr Edwin Spindrift has been sent home from Burma with a brain tumor Closer to words than to people, his sense of reality is further altered by his condition When he escapes from the hospital the night before his surgery, things and people he hardly knew existed outside of his dictionaries swoop down on him as he careens through adventures in nighttime London.
The Doctor is Sick Dr Edwin Spindrift has been sent home from Burma with a brain tumor Closer to words than to people his sense of reality is further altered by his condition When he escapes from the hospital the night

  • Title: The Doctor is Sick
  • Author: Anthony Burgess
  • ISBN: 9780393316025
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This rambunctious brain-surgery-gone-bad comedy is the liveliest and most schizophrenic novel from Burgess yet. The professor protagonist Edwin is scheduled for a brain operation from an eccentric trumpet-playing doctor, but after his head is shaved for the procedure, flees the hospital into an underworld of kettle-selling sadomasochists, phonetic Cockney wideboys, German vamps, bald-headed men competitions, and promiscuously adulterous wives. Rich in various dialects (East London to German to S [...]

    2. Takip etmesi zor ama eğlenceli bir hikaye. Orijinal dilinde okunsa çok daha fazla keyif alınabilir. Kelime oyunlarıyla dolu bir eseri çevirmenin zorluğunu tahmin edebiliyorum ancak ilave açıklamalar ve dipnotlarla belki biraz daha geliştirilebilirdi.

    3. In many ways "The Doctor is Sick" is very much like "A Clockwork Orange," Burgess' mega-hit novel. The structure of the main character going through a difficult journey is the same -and confronting surreal or out-of-wack situations via the journey is part of the fun in both Burgess books. Also I think the main draw to Burgress' work is his language play. Here is an author who loves the accent of the local population - and being set in London, its highly an adventure to accents and class structur [...]

    4. This is a very funny book. You will enjoy it in a bit different way if you know that A. Burgess was diagnosed with a brain tumor that time, and went through all the most unpleasant brain checks himself.

    5. Artık İngiliz mizahının nereden geldiğini öğrenmiş oluyorum: İngiliz diline hakimiyet.Anthony Burgess, kendisi de İngiliz Edebiyatı eğitimi aldığından öncelikle büyük bir sempati besliyordum elbette ama kitabı okudukça anladım ki dile olan hakimiyeti kitabın her yerine yansımış. Sadece İngiliz dili değil, edebiyatı ve toplumuna hakimiyeti de hayranlık duyulası. Karakterlerin kısa cümleleri, rastgele koyulan sıfatları ile konuşanın bir İngiliz olduğunu anlaya [...]

    6. I had a tough time getting into this book although I could appreciate Burgess's dry sense of humour and unique use of words. It wasn't until about page 50 (of a 240 page book) that I really began to get into the rhythm of it and from them on I devoured it as quickly as I could. The plot of the story is really pretty simple. Dr Edwin Spindrift is a linguistics professor at a university in Burma and is thoroughly wrapped up in his work. His wife has multiple affairs (due to an agreement met betwee [...]

    7. It made me very uncomfortable. The narrator was delightfully, crazily unreliable, and it was so darkly funny it was hardly funny, sometimes. I don't know. I wanted to like it more than I did, but I'm a precious flower and I hate the idea of having nowhere to sleep at night, so when characters choose such a lifestyle, I find it difficult to enjoy the story. Which is stupid, I know.I never expected to like any Burgess, though, so at least that's over. If I didn't need so much to identify with a ch [...]

    8. This is one of my favorite books of all time. Burgess is a master of language and wit, and the dialogue in this book is wonderful. The story is great and filled with humor as the hero delves deeper and deeper into a society of which he knows nothing and fits into not at all.

    9. Biraz postmodern denilen tarzda, zaman zaman dıkıcı ve zorlamalı, keyifli bir okuma sunmuyor. Neden bu kadar övgü almış anlamadım.

    10. E-kitap olarak okudum.ceviri sanirim pekiyi degildi. bana pekbir sey vermedir turlu tam olarak giremedim hikayenin icine.

    11. This is one of my top 3 favorite books of all time--a book I'd want with me on a desert island. (The other two are Gone With The Wind and a book written in the 1950's called Horseracing, but I digress.)Full of rich language, implausible situations, and intellectual fun, this tale of a PhD who finds himself in the hospital due to a brain tumor is very close to what actually happened in Burgess' life. He was told he had one year to live and subsequently started churning out books. He lived a good [...]

    12. Another quirky, absurd, existentialist novel. When the story is coherent, it is an enjoyable read, aided by Burgess' knack for dry wit. Too often, however, I found the story muddled by comedic surrealism that neither engaged the reader nor offered any profound insight into the mind of the main character. I came very close to giving this three stars based on the parts I did enjoy (and based on the fact that other books to which I have given two stars were not as enjoyable as this one), but overal [...]

    13. Very interesting if you're into allusions, freeform symbolism, and linguistics, possibly less so if not. Like a lot of Burgess, language is key--the man is enamoured with wordplay, and while that's part of why I love him as an author, I suspect he may be nonsensical or just tedious to an unprepared reader.I'd complain about the ending 'twist,' but it's not the worst thing in the world. Probably better than the alternative, actually. Not my favourite Burgess overall, but certainly not the worst.

    14. I ended up enjoying this book though it was hard to get into. In a way this is a surreal story, dealing with themes similar to Kafka's Metamorphosis. The subject has taken ill, feels objectified and dehumanized by the medical bureaucracy, and ultimately abandoned by his wife. I always enjoy Burgess's word play and knowledge of etymology - so it helps to have a geeky appreciation of language when approaching his novels.

    15. A fantastically enjoyable read. Entertaining, whimsical and enlightening(literarily). Burgess has such a knack for creating characters and this book is a prime example of that. Maybe not the most insightful novel of all time, but an instant favorite of mine and one that is well worth the read. I recommend it to any Burgess fan.

    16. If you enjoy words (etymology, philology, and so forth) and feel reality is overrated--or at least that being grounded in it is--then this is the book for you. Burgess' prose is extraordinary, but if you're the sort of reader who needs to know which way is up, this particular novel won't fit your taste.

    17. A wild, bewildering but occasionally wearisome ride. I'm not too interested in thick accents-as-humour, characters so exaggerated that they verge on the point of pure caricature, and games men play in pubs, so it wasn't as amusing as it might have been.

    18. I didn't get it. I have no idea what happened or why. Is the protagonist crazy? Is it the world that's crazy? Was it all a dream? Someday in the not too distant future, I will pick this book up off my shelf and realize I have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever.

    19. I Didn't really get into this book. It was either just not my thing or it was way over my head. It starts making more sense at the end, but for the most part I was happy when I finally finished it. The premise of the book sounded promising, but it just didn't do it for me.

    20. A little dated to be sure, but I can't wait to re-read this next year or later. Very accessible for Burgess, (didn't have to look up anything until the last third!) Poor Edwin. At least I have the comfort of knowing that the brain tumor scared Burgess enough to write, write, write.

    21. I read this in the heels of A Clockwork Orange - one of my favorite books. I was disappointed. Perhaps under a different situation I would have enjoyed it more.

    22. Det här börjar väldigt bra.Fortsatte lika bra som det började!Charmig, välskriven, humoristisk. Ett sant nöje att läsa!

    23. This was hilarious though I would not recommend it as reading material for someone who is sick and stuck in a hospital bed.

    24. Not much to say except it will not be listed as one of my favorites books of 2016. Very little humor that I could see.

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