Life's Blood

Just when her relationship with Stuart and Jaegar seemed complicated enough, there are vampires in the peaceful wine country town of Rutherford Amidst the growing danger to her and everyone she loves, a proposition is given to Kalina which would change her life forever Next book in the PULSE Series Book 3 Blood Burned
Life s Blood Just when her relationship with Stuart and Jaegar seemed complicated enough there are vampires in the peaceful wine country town of Rutherford Amidst the growing danger to her and everyone she loves

  • Title: Life's Blood
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: 9781597489423
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Okay, I'm a little wary on this one. Why?? In the first book there was kind of a love triangle with our heroine and our two heroes who are also brothers. At the end of the first one (view spoiler)[we find out that the brother she was dating who was suppose to be dead isn't really dead (hide spoiler)]. It has me wondering where this love thing is going. My edition: KindlePages:260Series: Pulse #2Rating: 4Review: ***Warning: Spoilers if you haven't read the first book Pulse.***So this starts off p [...]

    2. A new hottie vampire gets introduced, and now I'm not sure if I'm Team Jaegar anymore. Can I have them all?

    3. Okay, so I'm going to begin my review by getting out my frustrations at the events which have occurred thus far. I am only three fourths through the book, but I daresay I am qualified to understand what will now happen in this series.(Please excuse the language here) WHAT THE F*CK?!?!?! OCTAVIUS?! SERIOUSLY?!?! Gah, it wasn't bad enough that at the beginning of Life's Blood Kalina was reunited with Aaron, so now there were three boys in her life. Then she had to be kidnapped--yes, kidnapped--by [...]

    4. *-I am really glad that I stuck with this series. I wasn't too sure about the first book. I didn't feel totally involved in the romantic part of the story which for me is a big sell of a book. This book takes place immediately after the first book. Kalina is captive at Octavius' house along with Jaeger and Stuart. The book opens with the discovery that Aaron is not really dead but has been captive of Octavius all this time. Kalina, Jaeger, and Aaron escape temporarily but Stuart is left behind. [...]

    5. Well, much like the first book of the series, this is a quick read. I read it in only a few hours tonightd to be honest, I NEVER do that. I'm just not a fast reader. So, like I mentioned with the first book, this is a good paranormal series to recommend to relunctant teen readers or teens who don't read as well or as fast. The physical print of the book is probably about half of a normal YA, both in content on the page and in font size, etc. As for plot, I like this one better than book 1. To be [...]

    6. Book 2 of Pulse goes into Life's Blood in much more depth. It shows you how valuable it is, vampires are willing to pay billions for it, to even kill other vampires, powerful vampires for it. A departure from the first book with you thinking it's going to be one way, two brothers in love with one girl, it becomes suddenly more complicated. We learn why the two brothers are so drawn to Kalina. Although I wanted Jaegar to be with Kalina, I am now drawn towards the new guy. What a bold amazing twis [...]

    7. When I read book one, I was torn between wanting to read book two or not. I was not 100% sold on the first book, but I decided to give book 2 a chance.The beginning of this book started out better then I expected. In fact, the first chapter or two I felt should have actually been in book one and it would have made a lot of sense. The legend on the Life's Blood would have been good to know ahead of time.I can understand why a lot of people enjoy this book. It is a very easy read. Unfortunately fo [...]

    8. I really liked PULSE, but I absolutely loved LIFE'S BLOOD! The "cliche" love triangle of the first book quickly becomes much more convoluted with the addition of a few more contenders. LIFE'S BLOOD provides the reader with a ton more action, some great plot twist and definitely more romance as our heroin Kalina struggles to choose between her vampire suitors. I know (from other reviews) that a lot of the fans were unhappy with Kalina's choice, but whether you agree of disagree with the final mat [...]

    9. Pulse has become a new series for my book club girl's meeting. We intend to read every one of the books. Now Life's Blood is the perfect sequel to Pulse. Gow had us with the first book, then Life's Blood comes along and you're introduced to some more hot vampire guys, well, not introduced, but get to know them better. Now I'm not sure if I'm Team Jaegar anymore. This new vampire has swept me off my feet. Oh, especially the night of Kalina's 18th birthday. "And I want you to knowyou beautiful, ma [...]

    10. Fast paced and a good book. In this book we come to know more about the Life'e Blood, its effects and its destiny and its history and the Carrier. Kalina is now torn between Jaeger, Stuart, Aaron and Octavious their makers. God! I havee seen love triangles, three loves but four It was a little difficult to handle it. It tells how a Life's blood carrier effect different vampires. How the blood is so costly. It can turn one human if the carrier loved you and make you the evil , strongest vampire. [...]

    11. I am soooooo very glad that I forced myself to read this second book in the Pulse Series. It was fangtastic. At first, I was still a bit concerned with the "love" Katlin had for the Greystone Boys and the quickness of it all, but things quickly started to happen that forced my brain in another direction. In the beginning I really hated Octavious I found him cruel and suspected he wanted Katlin's Life's Blood for even more evil purposes, but. Let's just say by the end of the book I had done a com [...]

    12. The twists and turns in Pulse gets even better in Life's Blood. Life's Blood goes into the legend of Kalina's heritage and you now get a sense of how rare and valuable she is to the vampires. The precious blood that's embodied in her body drives vampires mad, yet provide that elusive dream to become human. In Life's Blood, Kalina thought life was complicated with the Greystone brothers, but then it gets even more complicated. Kalina turns eighteen, truly falls in love and gets her heart broken. [...]

    13. A fantastic continous on from book one, this one had me on the edge of my seat, grinning and grimacing: all in so many pages. Kailin Gow has taken us on a whirlwind , filled with twists and turns one could never predict. We have the three brothers and there creater, at first I was unsure whether I liked him, but Octavius certainly grew on me he was certainly the gentlemen of them all. Wize, and with age : lovable and I to fell in love with him and his ways.A fast paced story, depending upon how [...]

    14. Just when you think you know who are the villains and the heroes in Pulse, you get another twist. Life's Blood, book 2 of Pulse was completely unpredictable, which I love in a good YA novel and series. Kalina is drawn further into the world of vampires. She learns more of her heritage, and in doing so, draws the attention of some of the most powerful vampires in the world. Many questions are answered in this second book of Pulse, but more are brought up (what can you expect's a series), but I'm [...]

    15. For a book the same size of Stefan's Diaries from Vampire Diaries, I felt Life's Blood packs so much emotions and heartaching romance in a book that is engaging and fast read. I read Pulse, book 1 and then Life's Blood, Pulse book 2, in a day non-stop, one after another. I highly recommend this series. It is very very addicting and fun. I can't help loving all the boys, and feeling for Kalina. Kalina is one of the most three-dimensional female teen heroines in vampire teen books today. She has f [...]

    16. As a second book in a series of five books, it had not disappointed me at all. I do really love the book, although I was hoping something different for Kalina. Another one? Come on, I can barely love one guy; just imagine four at the same time, all of them related in some way. And I will always be Team Jaegar, by the way. I don’t care who his sire is, I didn’t like the new guy, he gave me creeps.But I liked “Life’s Blood”, and I am waiting for the third one. Good work from Gow, this is [...]

    17. I didn't see the twist, but it's heartwrenching, yet beautiful in its own way. I can't explain it, but I ended up loving this surprise guy as much or more than the others. Kalina goes through a lot of growing up in Life's Blood. Having read the ARC for Book 3, I have to say Life's Blood is the perfect set up for the amazing plot twists that comes in Blood Burned. This is a series that gets better and better.

    18. I think i find that This series is getting a little more mature in themes.It would be so neat but I'm just not comfortable with some of it. I get that the author is trying to bring up teen issues and stuff and I think that it probably really helps some but for me it just a little too awkwardgood series if you don't mind that kind of thing though I'm sure.

    19. Can't believe I owned this book since it's release date and I just got around to reading it. I was neutral on the first bookuldn't decide either way if I like the series. I couldn't put this one down. I want to devour the next 2 books in the series (which I already own).

    20. I thought this was going to go in one direction, but Gow's twist in what I thought was a love triangle turned out to be a gutsy quadrangle. How is Kalina to choose? It works for me, and I now find myself loving the new guy.

    21. The second installment of the Pulse series is real good. I really hate Kalina’s choice. But that’s not the reason I’m giving up on this book. the ending is actually a cliffhanger. but for any unknown reasons I have I’m stopping at this one.

    22. who do you love? Oh wait everyone! How can you love every vampire you meet, well it was explained well enough that I wasn't annoyed. I was also wondering how this book was going to continue on in a series and it did not disappoint. I will be reading the next book.

    23. These vampires are a good break from my studies. Quick read enough for me to get my fantasy romance fix. Go Team New Guy, but poor Stuart.

    24. It was okay, but mostly it felt long and drawn out. Not interesting enough for me. I don't plan to continue the series.

    25. Junk food readingthis a typical teenage vampire book. great "junk" to read over the holiday. a little risky thank twilight but still pretty tame.

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