The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories

Classic short stories that expand the epic Legend of Drizzt For years, the Legend of Drizzt has included short stories published in Forgotten Realms anthologies and Dragon magazine Collected here for the first time are all the classic stories and one all new tale by The New York Times best selling author R.A Salvatore From the startling origin of Drizzt s panther compClassic short stories that expand the epic Legend of Drizzt For years, the Legend of Drizzt has included short stories published in Forgotten Realms anthologies and Dragon magazine Collected here for the first time are all the classic stories and one all new tale by The New York Times best selling author R.A Salvatore From the startling origin of Drizzt s panther companion, to the tale of Jarlaxle and Entreri s first encounter with the dragon sisters, the tales in The Collected Stories enrich this epic series, and many are available here for the first time in years.
The Legend of Drizzt The Collected Stories Classic short stories that expand the epic Legend of Drizzt For years the Legend of Drizzt has included short stories published in Forgotten Realms anthologies and Dragon magazine Collected here for

  • Title: The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • ISBN: 9780786957385
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Legend of Drizzt: The Collected Stories”

    1. An excellent anthology collecting R.A. Salvatore's early (and not early) short stories previously published in magazines and other anthologies about Drizzt, the Companions of the Hall and more characters from the Legend of Drizzt saga.A very good read indeed, but not a good starting point for people who haven't read all the books (at last the ones published before Gauntlgrym) of that years spanning epic fantasy saga.A must read for old fans of Drizzt & co.The First Notch: 3 starsSalvatore's [...]

    2. Wizards of the Coast outdid themselves on this one and brought in a cast that's actually hard to believe unless you start listening. It's a free download at the moment, so go at it while it's FREE.Besides Ice-T, "[o]ther audiobook readers include Felicia Day (The Guild), Melissa Rauch (The Big Bang Theory), Wil Wheaton (Star Trek: The Next Generation), Sean Astin (The Lord of the Rings), David Duchovny (The X-Files), Michael Chiklis (The Shield), Tom Felton (Harry Potter), Greg Grunberg (Heroes) [...]

    3. The Legend of Drizzt Anthology: The Collected Stories by R. A. SalvatoreThe Legend of Drizzt Anthology: The Collected Stories was released February 2011 and published by Wizards of the Coast LLC. This anthology was edited by Philip Athans. The anthology contains all the short stories that R. A. Salvatore has written that are set in the Forgotten Realms and concern the popular character Drizzt Do'Urden and companions. This anthology is set in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons. [...]

    4. I call myself a geek, and yet, up until last year, I had not watched any Doctor Who. Similarly, I play roleplaying video games, but I have never played Dungeons and Dragons and know very little about the vast lore behind it. Thanks to this book, I have since remedied both of these problems and can now truly fly my geek flag high.The Legend of Drizzt is a collection of Salvatore's early works, read by a star-studded cast. It is introduced by Salvatore himself, who recognizes the flaws of his earl [...]

    5. This is a collection of short stories about Drizzt and other characters from the books of R. A. Salvatore. These stories are okay, but most of them centre around a battle or fight and this becomes a bit monotonous after the first three or four. There were some non-combat material that added a bit of interest. Readers who are not familiar with R. A Salvatore's books might find themselves a bit lost as the majority of the stories feature characters from the books. The last story was probably the b [...]

    6. I listened to this in the car while on vacation. Some of the stories were quite entertaining, while others were rather boring. The writing style was a bit lacking to me, without a whole lot of character development and there were also some fight scenes that could have been very exciting, but were completely dull because of the way they were written. However I am aware these are short stories that tie into several books which I have not read, so I'm not going to be too overly critical of them. Ho [...]

    7. While 14-year old me loved Salvatore, 29 year old me finds it too simplistic, a bit too hamfisted and a bit boring. The all-star cast narrating this was kinda fun - Ice-T was actually surprisingly good, and Weird Al was fun. In the end, a bit underwhelming.

    8. Well, this was an easy read. I had actually read most of the stories that are collected here. Drizzt is one of my favorite characters of all time, making this really easy and fun to read.

    9. First Notch-**** Strong first story for the collection. The one drawback no Drizzt. Dark Mirror-***** Action and an interesting look at prejudice. Third Level-**** Artemis Entreri! A little too perfect and wanted more. However I really wasn't expecting a story devoted to just him that was a nice surprise.Guenhwyvar-**** Not how I would have thought that wondrous panther came to be. Wanted some more on the Bladesinger and the ranger gone wizard. Full of fantastic magic items. (Made me miss playin [...]

    10. The First Notch 4/5Dark Mirror 4/5The Third Level 4/5 *Guenhwyvar 4/5 *That Curious Sword 4/5Wickless In The Nether 4/5The Dowery 4/5Comrades At Odds 4/5If They Ever Happened Upon My Lair 4/5 *Bones and Stones 4/5Iruladoon 4/5 *-Oh my gosh! I absolutely loved where this story went. I was absolutely pissed at the ending of Ghost King (at what happened), and this makes it known that Salvatore didn't just throw away important (from my view) characters, due to not liking where the Realms were pushed [...]

    11. Huge props to Audible for offering this as a free download! And with an all-star cast! There are some really great voices in this collection, and although some of them seemed to struggle a bit with a few words, for the most part they did an admirable job.I have only recently started venturing into the world of D&D, so there were a lot of characters that I didn't know. I'm sure that fans of the series will enjoy this immensely. For me, there were some stories that were harder to follow than o [...]

    12. Not the best choice for my first venture into the world of Drizzt. I had no idea who the characters were and subsequently was a bit lost. I do have to say though that Wil Wheaton nailed it!

    13. Terrifically fun, this is an excellent audiobook to tune in and out of. The stories are each about an hour long, which is a perfect length for my listening preferences. Some familiarity with Drizzt, Dungeons and Dragons, or fantasy tropes in general would probably help, but the stories do stand alone very well. My favorite might have been the first, wherein a young Bruenor, the dwarf who will eventually be Drizzt's best friend and King of Mythril Hall, and a few of his yet-beardless comrades go [...]

    14. I haven't listened to many audiobooks. When listening to recordings I tend to do housework or become absorbed in other tasks, which means my attention can wander. Also, with a book you can go back and re-read a passage that you did not parse the first time around, but with an audio recording that is a difficult thing - too often I went back too far and found my attention had wandered again by the time I got back to the passage that I had missed. So I found that I had to listen to these stories t [...]

    15. I had read about half of these when they were originally released in various anthologies (Realms of Valor, Realms of Infamy, Realms of Magic, etc). They are some of the best stories by Salvatore! He somehow manages to build into these tiny stories the emotion and intensity of all of his novels and trilogies. You get to see the origin or Guenhwyvar, patient Zhengyi building his army of dracoliches, Bruenor earning his axe's first notch, and Entreri's ascension as an assassin (before he's even a t [...]

    16. The introduction by R.A. Salvatore is wonderful. He talks about the journey these stories took him on when he went back to annotate them for the collection, and that is exactly how it feels to read them. I remembered the books they fit between; all those events, all those characters. Again, I marveled at how many plot lines Salvatore has juggled. I couldn't pick a favourite, but I was pleased to note that nearly every prominent character from the legend was featured, some more than once. I took [...]

    17. Fan-FREAKING-tastic! So many stories and loose ends tied up here!We're finally caught up with Wulfgar and what he's been doing since he left the Companions in search of his daughter.Drizzt FINALLY gets closure for Ellafain, the elf maiden who was consumed with a misguided need for vengeance against Drizzt, who Drizzt had no choice but to kill.Lovely little tidbits of Jarlaxle and Entreri's partnership, and we get to see in full (mostly) Entreri's beginings in Calimport.Sweet little peice about P [...]

    18. Salvatore has definitely grown as a writer since his first books, his style is undeniably good now. And yet with his growth as an author, his books lost any resemblance of hope. His old stories always seemed to end on a positive note, no matter how dire or depressing the situation was, there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. Now? Not anymore. Now it's the other way around - no matter how feel-good the story, it always has to have a dark and/or depressing ending. And it's just not my c [...]

    19. Dieses Buch hat mich unglaublich tief berührt. Die Kurzgeschichten haben mich öfters zu Tränen gerührt. Aber nicht nur weil es so traurig war es gab auch die ein oder andere Stelle die einfach witzig war.Es hat einfach so viel Spaß gemacht diese kleinen Hintergrundsgeschichten zu lesen und mehr über die tollen Charaktere zu erfahren. Besonders die Geschichten über Artmis und Jarlaxle, das genialste Schurken Duo aller Zeiten aber auch die Geschichte über Thibbledorf Pwent haben mich beson [...]

    20. This was a great anthology, all in all. Fantastic voice acting, but that's to be expected, given the talent involved in the making of the audiobook version. There were some stories that didn't really grab my attention as much, but there were others that caught me by the tonsils and wouldn't let me go until they had ripped me right through. My favorite story was "Dark Mirror". I LOVED that one. Overall, fantastic job as always, R.A. Salvatore. Thanks for the great read. And thanks to the voice ac [...]

    21. I'm not sure why I keep trying to read anthologies. Short stories really aren't my thing. I may have enjoyed this more if I was familiar with Drizzt. I had no background in the storyline. There were some stories I liked, but quite a few were a bit droll.Part of the problem were the narrators. Just because you're a famous actor doesn't mean you can read a book. Again, some did a great job and others were stilted in their reading.

    22. These stories probably deserve a higher rating as I found they drew me in even though I have no background in the Drizzt series. However, coming to them as I did, I found each story started with me floundering to figure out what was going on.This audiobook is not actually a "full cast performance" -- each story had a sole narrator but a different one each time. I liked this approach to audio short stories, which I haven't encountered before.

    23. What an Amazing author with a great way of Challenging his readers to think about their Philosophy of Life. I have never felt like Salvatore has ever pushed his beliefs in any of his stories but he pushes all of his readers to question our own choices in Life!!! Amazing author and I would love just to sit down with him for one hour and have a couple of beers.

    24. I was happy to be able to listen to the audio version of this book collection for free. And it is wonderful in audio, each story is so different and yet has a similarly familiar ring. Excellent work.

    25. This was free from audible a while ago and I'm so glad I finally got around to listening to it. Now I really need to read the rest of R.A. Salvatore so I can get the full story.

    26. Listed to the audiobook with an all-star cast. Most of the stories were good, and most of the narrators great. 4 out of 5

    27. Some of the stories are really good and some of the narration is really good. Just hit or miss a couple times.

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