True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle

Charlotte Doyle is just such a girl and she swears to tell the truth in all its detail It happened during the summer of 1832 aboard a ship called the Seahawk The only passenger on the long Atlantic Ocean crossing, Charlotte found herself caught between the madness of a ruthless captain and the rage of a mutinous crew This is her terrifying account of that fateful voyaCharlotte Doyle is just such a girl and she swears to tell the truth in all its detail It happened during the summer of 1832 aboard a ship called the Seahawk The only passenger on the long Atlantic Ocean crossing, Charlotte found herself caught between the madness of a ruthless captain and the rage of a mutinous crew This is her terrifying account of that fateful voyage.
True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle Charlotte Doyle is just such a girl and she swears to tell the truth in all its detail It happened during the summer of aboard a ship called the Seahawk The only passenger on the long Atlantic Oc

  • Title: True Confessions Of Charlotte Doyle
  • Author: Avi
  • ISBN: 9780531058930
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. This book just flashed into my mind this evening unbidden. I can't believe how completely I had forgotten it. But for several years after I just started to read YA novels, I thought this book was the epic shit. And it has a heroine! And she's good for something besides good manners! Either this is way out of character for me, or perhaps as a ten year old I wasn't a cranky misogynist (unlikely). I also read some of the other reviews here for this book, and I have to say, on behalf of ten year-old [...]

    2. Middle school girls who know nothing whatsoever of history will undoubtedly find this book utterly enthralling. I won't deny that the story is paced well and the prose is well constructed. The problem is, it has no internal integrity. Books with talking animals and intergalactic travel require less suspension of disbelief. Charlotte makes a completely implausible personality shift. An etiquette-obsessed, "well-bred," snobbish, wealthy Victorian girl, in a fit of remorse, suddenly rejects her soc [...]

    3. When I was about 12 or 13 years old I read this book. Before this book, I had read all other required material but was not a passionate or avid reader. After this book I have a passion for reading and literature that is very strong. I love the adventure and the imaginative dreams that follow such an adventure. There are so many books that my mind is open up to now, and I really cannot imagine the idea of not loving to read.If you have a pre-teen girl, that does not like to read currently I stron [...]

    4. A sailor chooses the wind that takes the ship from a safe port.Ah, yes, but once you're abroad, as you have seen, winds have a mind of their own. Be careful, Charlotte, careful of the wind you choose.One of my all time favorite books from my childhood. Imagine that paperbacks like this one used to cost Canadians only 4.99! A the 90's! I was a huge fan of Avi when I was in grades 4-6 and The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle was my #1 favorite. I decided to read it to my secondary 1-2 ( grade 7 [...]

    5. Avi is an incredibly accomplished author, and this smoothly written work is well-constructed with a good dose of adventure. However, I disliked the heroine intensely and found it extremely implausible that a young lady of her disposition and upbringing should so utterly and permanently reject nearly all societal mores and roles she was taught to revere in such a short time period. Moreover, it was absolutely unbelievable that the crew would accept her offer to work as a sailor. I thought Charlot [...]

    6. Set in England in the 1830’s, this high suspense historical fiction story takes place on a ship carrying thirteen year-old Charlotte Doyle, a young lady of proper upbringing, home to her family in Providence, Rhode Island. There is high suspense as the tale unfolds and Charlotte is accused of murder. Charlotte learns a valuable lesson about not judging people based on first impressions or positions of authority. The book has won many awards including the Boston Globe – Horn Book Award, Newbe [...]

    7. Is it possible that I have never reviewed this book?! Or maybe I've just reviewed another edition? Whatever the case, this book is fantastic! A young, respectable girl returning from her English boarding school to her home in Massachusetts ends up caught in the middle of a mutiny, and pressed into service as a sailor. Wonderfully descriptive, with meticulous detail about life on board a ship, readers of all ages and sexes can enjoy this book.

    8. This isn't something I would have read if the librarian hadn't handed it to me, but I'm glad she did. Charlotte's struggle to decide who to trust was intriguing, and the description of the ship, complete with an appendix and drawings was excellent. It was an exciting and also thoughtful book.

    9. It is 1832 and thirteen year old Charlotte Doyle is making her way to her family’s home in Rhode Island from England, having finished her schooling. The voyage does not have an auspicious beginning – the two families who were meant to travel with her do not appear, so she is left without a guardian or supervision on board a merchant vessel whose captain everyone seems to want to avoid.The environment of the ship is new and scary but, although frightened, Charlotte keeps her wits and her mann [...]

    10. This was the worst book I had the displeasure of reading. I cannot think of a single book I struggled getting through more than this one. I was forced to read this atrocity of literature in grade 7 and since I still have yet to find a book I genuinely hated reading more than this one, and that is saying something. I have always been an avid reader who was willing to read any book in any genre and I had never found a book I couldn't at least muster up some respect for, until this book. Maybe it w [...]

    11. I think any Newberry Award should be 4 stars, at least, but the ending of this novel is so particularly bad that I can't give it more than 2 stars. The story was educational and engaging. It would be interesting to young children to know more about life in the early 19th century, especially a sea voyage. I hope that's the part that got the Newberry.The end is wrong for so many reasons! A young girl choosing to abandon a comfortable life and good education to become a sailor? I firmly believe tha [...]

    12. This book is also part of my Newbery quest. To be honest, I don't know how this book won. It reminded me of nothing so much as a sanitized Moll Flanders for children (no prostitution). It has that antiquated-pulp feel, implausible and sensationalistic. No child of her age in that era would have been sent to travel alone without a chaperone, there would have been a backup plan if anything went wrong, neither the story nor Charlotte's physical and personal changes could have occurred in the less t [...]

    13. I have now read this novel, well, 13 times. Wait! Thirteen times? How can that be? And why? This novel is okay, but it is definitely not of a "read thirteen times" caliber. The first reading was when I was a sixth grade student; it was a class novel. Inspired by the novel, my classmates and I signed a round robin in an attempt to overthrow our teacher. We knew that the crew was on to something, and like them, we were dissatisfied with our "captain". And, like the crew, we failed. After scribblin [...]

    14. Mutiny! A hurricane at sea! A 13 year old girl in a tall ship surrounded by seasoned and brutish sailors! This book definitely has some exciting elements going for it. Yet, it all falls sort of flat. A big reason for this is because the protagonist, Charlotte Doyle, is a weak character. Ironically, the book is structured according to her character development. In Part One, she is a snobby girl concerned with manners and status who looks down upon the crew. In Part Two, she is wearing a sailor's [...]

    15. I have read this book so many times. Once I start it, I absolutely can't put it down. I started out borrowing it from my library all the time, until finally I found my own copy. It's my favorite book by Avi, who is truly a very gifted storyteller. The book focuses on 13-year-old Charlotte Doyle, making the passage (alone) from England to Providence, Rhode Island, to be reunited with her family. They've taken care of all the arrangements, booking her passage aboard the Seahawk. But from the momen [...]

    16. This is my favorite book from my pre teen years and nineteen years later, I sat down to re read it. It is still just as good. Charlotte Doyle is a thirteen year old young lady traveling via ship from England to America in 1832. She is the only female on board and she is surrounded by a very angry, rough crew. The captain, tho charming at first, shows his true colors and a ship mutiny occurs. Charlotte learns a hard lesson that people are not always they seem. Then, this young lady dons a pair of [...]

    17. I very rarely give out 5 stars, so get thee to a bookshop and read this riveting, coming of age, adventure of a young girl!

    18. I loved this book as a kid and decided it was time for a reread. Is it absurd that Charlotte goes so quickly from well-bred Victorian girl to being part of the sailing crew? Yes. Is it just as delightful as I remembered? Also yes.

    19. I read this for one of my book clubs. I was not impressed. For one thing, I think I'm getting tired of adolescent fiction. It can be zipped through, but it does not satisfy in the least. Since this one won't warrant a legit review on my blog, I'll go ahead and sum up here why I didn't enjoy it very much. I'll start, however, with the one good thing I have to say about it. The author is male, and the protagonist is a female. The narrative is written in first person, and I must admit that I though [...]

    20. Charlotte Doyle is a proper early 19th-century 13-year-old girl. When her family moves from England to the United States, she plans to join them after her school term. However, she soon discovers that the plan has gone awry when she boards the Seahawk, one of her father’s ships. The families she was supposed to travel with have suddenly canceled, and the crew gives her several cryptic warnings to stay away.Thus begins The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle. I wanted to root for Charlotte and [...]

    21. When 13-year-old Charlotte Doyle embarks on a voyage across the Atlantic, little does she know that she is about to have the adventure of her life. The ship on which she sails is led by a ruthless captain and a disgruntled crew who would like nothing better than to mutiny. As unrest and danger begin to grow onboard, Charlotte must let go of her prim and proper upbringing and take sides before she herself becomes a victim of the sea.This book is one of my top 5 favorite MG books of all time. The [...]

    22. Oh how I love this kind of book: children's historical fiction in combination with an adventure story and a strong female heroine! Of course, reading this book as an adult, many things seem a little unrealistic and the heroine at times seems quite naive. But the book is written for children and they just love this kind of thing. And Charlotte also is a child; of course she would rather trust in the captain, a person who reminds her of her father, and not in the sailors. This also explains the wa [...]

    23. This one sat on my shelf for a while because it's, you know, girly. Turns out, though, my apprehension was misplaced. It's got a strong female protagonist, true, but there's enough high-seas action to appeal to male readers, and it's clear that Avi did his research, which I found to be the most interesting thing. Combine this book with Dan Simmons' The Terror, and I now know more about the life of the 19th Century sailor than I ever thought possible. So yeah – great stuff here that also manage [...]

    24. This past Halloween, I had the pleasure of talking to one of my patrons about her costume, which she informed she dressed as a female pirate. Her mother then added that her daughter researches all her costumes, and this one came from a certain lady-of-the-night, who worked her way on to a boat, only to take it over from the male crew. Be still my youth service's heart! I exclaimed: Have you read The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle?!?! To which they replied, No.They must! You must! While Char [...]

    25. Get more reviews like this at fortheloveofliterature/What a fun children's book! I really wish I would've found this book at say age 12 or 13. I would've read it over and over. What's better than a spoiled prissy rich girl turned pirate/sailor who (view spoiler)[ finds true courage and honor in herself in order to help the crew mutiny against their cruel captain on the high seasoh and there's a hurricane!(hide spoiler)]. The ending was nothing but perfect, and if it would've ended any other way, [...]

    26. We are doing persuasive/argumentative writing in my fourth grade class and I splurged and bought 15 of the recommended books of 2012. They are writing letters telling me why they should be the first to get a specific book. I had a student tell me she didn't want to read any of them because they didn't have enough action and mystery. And she doesn't like graphic novels. So when I read the teaser of this book it sounded perfect, but I had never read the book so I did so last night. I am recommendi [...]

    27. In the summer of 1832, thirteen year old Charlotte Doyle sets out on a sea voyage to join her family in America. She becomes the reluctant participant of life aboard the Seahawk, including betrayal, lies, cruelty, murder, mutiny, a ruthless captain, and a hurricane. Her journey will change her life forever.I really enjoyed this book. Though intended for middle grade or young adults, it will be enjoyed by adults too. Avi gives us an entertaining and well-written story that deserves the many award [...]

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