Hello, Animals!

A charming introduction to ten of baby s best loved animals, featuring high contrast black and white patterns A glittering burst of colored foil brings a vivid splash of color to every page With first words to join in with, this stunning book will captivate sparkly little babies everywhere
Hello Animals A charming introduction to ten of baby s best loved animals featuring high contrast black and white patterns A glittering burst of colored foil brings a vivid splash of color to every page With first

  • Title: Hello, Animals!
  • Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Emily Bolam
  • ISBN: 9781589258617
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Board Book
  • 1 thought on “Hello, Animals!”

    1. Perfect for one of baby's first books--darling black and white images with a little foil glimmer. My grandson still enjoys it at age one. Note: His first copy was ruined when a bottle of milk spilled in a diaper bag. Upon checking for another copy, we learned it is only available used but is still available. He loves bugs, too! Bzzzzz.

    2. The bold black and white images in this book are perfect for infants and young toddlers. The bright accents of color on each page invite children to touch the book and will keep their attention as you read. The simple, repetitive text encourages children to help you tell the story.

    3. Newborns are born without the ability to see clearly or color. Prior my son being born I read up on the need to have high contrast books for the first few months. So naturally, when he started to be awake more (vs. sleeping all the time due to being in NICU), this was the first books I read to him when I brought him home. You can see how his eyes are tracking the contrast. I also recommend looking at high contrast videos, and he liked that a lot as well.As he grew a little older and grasping for [...]

    4. This one is actually my husband's current favorite board book. The black and white illustrations have the required contrast to attract and hold a baby's gaze (yes, we have actually field tested this with our baby daughter) but the little colored foil bits add a bit of pizzaz that makes it seem a bit more fun than some of the other black and white books. Bolam frequently reverses the black and white foreground/background making the book lively. The gutter transitions are especially nice and show [...]

    5. This is a nice black and white book for very babies. Natalie didn't get all that excited about it when we read it at 19 months. The variety of animals was pretty average, but they all looked very nice in the black and white style. Another nice touch to this book is that each page as a color, foil section. It really adds something to how each page looks. Also, each animal has a sound written near its mouth, like its talking. So, I'd recommend it to newborns to enjoy the black and white contrast, [...]

    6. These are my baby's favorite books so far. He loves the friendly animal faces, the splash of color, and the fun words that accompany the animal. I think the "crunch, munch" make it more exciting and fun for him as opposed to Look at the Animals.

    7. It probably isn't fair that two "baby books" are counting toward my yearly goalbut considering I have read them both more than 200 times, I am going to count them! I LOVE this book! My son LOVES this book! Every baby under 12 months should own this book! A "must buy" for any/every baby shower! I love to give books as giftsd this is perfect for our littlest readers! :)

    8. This cool black and white board book will introduce your child to some very fun animals. Your little one will even learn all the different sounds they make. Shiny bits of vivid color will leave your child curiously wanting to touch and explore Hello Animals over and over again.

    9. Excellent for baby's first book. Completely lacking in plot and I don't know why we say goodnight to the leopard and hello to everything else but my 3 month old son really enjoys the pictures, so FIVE stars!

    10. Nice high contrast black and white pictures get baby's attention. The animals are cute and the pages have foil accents for fun. Simple words and animal sounds make for a happy, quick read.

    11. This short simple book is cute with black and white images and shiny bright colors. Great for babies, and little kids for a quick read.

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