Being and Time

One of the most important philosophical works of our time, a work that has had tremendous influence on philosophy, literature, and psychology, and has literally changed the intellectual map of the modern world.
Being and Time One of the most important philosophical works of our time a work that has had tremendous influence on philosophy literature and psychology and has literally changed the intellectual map of the mod

  • Title: Being and Time
  • Author: Martin Heidegger
  • ISBN: 9780060638504
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. The most important philosophical work of the 20th century, and a text whose influence will still be felt for some centuries to come, I am willing to reckon. Even if you are one of the many detractors, the fact remains that it is simply an outstanding monument to man's ability to think deeply, freshly, terrifyingly, and poetically about himself. Heidegger's main focus is on Being ; what does it MEAN to be? This is of course an old question, stemming from the days of Aristotle, but Heidegger is fo [...]

    2. Is it unreadable? Yes. Were the 17 words I did understand enough to blow my mind and change my life and understanding of philosophy and being? Yep.

    3. done was like losing my philosophical virginity :)and it feels like everything i have read until now was a preparation for this. including my "dipping" in it for seven years or so. and i'm glad i read (and discussed) augustine's confessions with a wonderful group of people, during a course - otherwise i would have understood nothing at all from the part about temporalitye dynamic of the book is very musical, it seemed to me. drone-like. as if the loooong sounds are repeated and repeated again, c [...]

    4. Being and Time by Martin Heidegger is an ocean of infinite gems. It is one of those books, which require re-reading only to discern new motifs surfacing up every time. No single review can fully justify the thoughts running throughout the book. I did try jotting down few thoughts but am sure I still have missed some of them, which I might add later after reading it the second time.Coming straight to book, ‘Being’ does not means presence, rather being is time and likewise never really shows i [...]

    5. Sein und Zeit = Being and Time, Martin Heidegger (1889 - 1976)Being and Time (German: Sein und Zeit) is a 1927 book by the German philosopher Martin Heidegger, in which the author seeks to analyse the concept of Being.عنوانها: وجود و زمان؛ هستی و زمان؛ نویسنده: مارتین هایدگر؛تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و ششم ماه سپتامبر سال 2008 میلادیعنوان: هستی و زمان؛ اثر: مارتین هایدگر؛ مت [...]

    6. This I will re-read, and re-read, and re-read, until I get all the chapters. This book actually blew me away and made me think differently about a lot.My philosophy teacher told us to fall in love with the philosopher we're studying , like he had with Heidegger, and so I did too (completely ignoring the fact he was a nazi). I will return to this very soon.

    7. This is the best book I have ever read. I had no problem with the translator, Joan Staumbaugh seemed to have done a very good job. I couldn't imagine reading this book in German even if I spoke fluent German because the way Heidegger appropriates words. This edition provides Heidegger's added footnotes and the edition provides a much needed and used by me Lexicon for the Latin and Greek phrases. I had no idea what "Being and Time" was going to be about before I read it. Every synopsis that I had [...]

    8. This book made my life come back into light. It also serves as proof that philosophy is about life, and nothing else. Being and Time renewed a sense of autonomy and history that I hadn't thought possible, my responsibility for the places, people, and meanings I carry with me, and those that I choose to leave behind.

    9. I would rate this as the number one philosophical book written in the 1900's. I wish I had read it in my twenties. Given, it is at times frustrating to read, however it is also addicting at the same time. This is one of the books I will keep with me for life.

    10. This book will change your lifeif you can understand it. Heidegger is a brilliant man who sees the world in a way that is very different, yet very familiar at the same time. This work laid the foundation for a lot of modern philosophy. If you aren't familiar already with the concept of "being-in-the-world", then it's suggested you take a class on Heidegger, or read a beginning or companion guide. You know how sometimes when you're driving a car, you forget that you're driving, and think to yours [...]

    11. This is one of the most rigorous and methodically constructed treatises you will find anywhere in philosophy. Heidegger is known for his difficulty, but this book holds an added challenge due to its cumulative dependence. What I mean is, you cannot possibly come to fully grasp the later sections of the book without grasping earlier sections. Every bit of the author's impressive terminology (whether it be a common term imbued with new meaning or a clever neologism) is systematically chosen, intro [...]

    12. One of the most important philosophical books of the 20th century. Heidegger gives an idea of the ontological structures of existence. Some people have a love/hate relationship with this book, I sympathize with them :) My first read was in Greek and I found the translation to be challenging. It has nevertheless helped me to revaluate the book the second time I read it in English, I found it to be rewarding of my time and effort. If you haven't read Heiddeger before, it is not a good idea to star [...]

    13. before 1927 there was darkness and god said let's be light and published being and time "our aim in the following treatise is to work out the question of the sense of being and to do so concretelywhat determines beings as beings, that in terms of which beings are already understood."but than god sad let's be cloud and there was only one part of being and time

    14. This book changed my life. It helps that I'm a philosophy major, and took a class on the book (which I honestly recommend NOT reading it unless you have someone who actually understands it helping you). This is the book that make me decide to actually go into Philosophy, specifically 20th Century Continental. It's just amazing.

    15. Being and Time is perhaps the most important philosophical book of the 20th century that is unless you’re an Analytic philosopher, in which case it is just nonsense. I personally, am all for a book that created Continental philosophy and goes further than Wittgenstein in its deconstruction of Metaphyics, Epistemology, the problem of mind and body, of the world, other minds, etc. Basically dissolving all traditional philosophical problems and foundations. As a philosophical text, Heidegger alth [...]

    16. In lieu of a review a brief history of philosophy.I. The beginnings, e.g the Pre-socratics.II. Plato footnoted by AristotleIII. Immanuel Kant aufgehoben by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelIV. 20th century showdown: Martin Heidegger v. Ludwig Wittgenstein

    17. One of my favorite books. If you don't have a philosophy background, you'll want to read a few commentaries first (dreyfus is good). Also read up a little on the metaphysics of Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Kant and Husserl.

    18. ---Read this and reviews of other classics in Western Philosophy on the History page of BestPhilosophyBooks (athinkPhilosophy Production).---It is hard to overstate the importance of Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time. It is a work that not only turned the world of philosophy upside down but it also inaugurated several new schools and movements - for example, existentialist phenomenology, popularized as existentialism, philosophical hermeneutics, and deconstruction. Although Heidegger published [...]

    19. A necessary read to see to turn from Cartesian philosophy. Heidegger "explodes all of the history of ontology" in this work, where he finally uncovers the question of being, which has been neglected since Plato and Aristotle first considered way back. Since philosophers, namely Descartes and Husserl, have assumed being to be an impenetrable subjectivity, a soul or an ego.Heidegger main goal is undercut the ontology that generates either/ors, the kind of ontology found in Plato’s forms, Aristot [...]

    20. When I first began reading Heidegger, he was eschewed by the academic community as a Fascist. As these things generally go, he eventually reclaimed his status as a brilliant thinker and was once more, thank goodness, embraced by the academy. Though Heidegger's thinking underwent many changes over the course of his career and though existentialists of all sorts of explored the "situatedness" of our experience, I've always been devoted to Being and Time for opening awareness to the complexities of [...]

    21. Being and Time is probably the most difficult book I've ever read, even with the help of Dreyfus, Polt, and Blattner. (Who are great helps, all of them.) What's really interesting about the book is that Heidegger is simply describing basic everyday "common sense," but in order to get back to the common sense of Aristotle he has to deconstruct 500 years of western thinking. In order to do this he has to invent a new vocabulary that describes being in a extraordinarily rigorous and entirely new wa [...]

    22. Reposting my short review from the Being and Time version, which no-one seems to post upon, despite (though this is only my opinion)Stambaugh's translation being superior.A truly great work from a man whose thought only progressed from here. A book that one must read and reflect upon much more than once. It will ever be on my list of to-reread.Heidegger opened the space for what philosophy is destined to become, if it is to remain alive. Also, I agree with many others that this is not the best w [...]

    23. An incredibly difficult read, but well worth the effort. You have to work to learn Heidegger's language, but once you get the hang of it you can follow this masterpiece of Western Philosophy. This book is the foundation of all of Heidegger's thought and the culmination of 2 milllenia of Philosophic thought from Plato to Nietzsche and Husserl. At root this is really a book about Me and my relationship to the world I live in and my being in it. It helped me see things in a more profound way than I [...]

    24. One of the most important books in philosophy. Unfortunately, this cannot be read by a novice. It would help to know phenomenology, existentialism, and a fair amount of the history of philosophy. The best summary for this book is actually the Yeats line asking how can you tell the dancer from the dance. Heidegger shows how meaning cannot be separated from its context and puts what may be the last nails in the platonic idealist notion of a humans having a knowledge of some reality of forms. Heide [...]

    25. To me there is no one who approaches the most fundamental questions of phenomenology and ontology with such clarity and rigor as Heidegger. As a being for whom our being is a concern, this text is a must read for anyone who wishes to seriously think within the fields of philosophy, as many arguments can be made for the primacy of the ontological question in regards to philosophical thought. I highly recommend this work to persons of all degrees of interest in philosophy.

    26. Probably the most acute philosophical essay after Nietzsche and before Deleuze. A travel to the disembodiment of the cultural egos in order to find a basis for the self, and to show the limits and disorder of contemporary sciences. The language is not difficult in itself, and there are many practical examples of daily life, but the repetition of the word 'being' in almost every sentence of the book renders it difficult to digest for most readers.

    27. Well This is one of the key works of philosophy and a classic. Heidegger tries to figure out the meaning of being in this astounding work of immense scope.This is one book that you can't just read once and then think you have understood - this one will require that you go back to it time and time again to get it all.Very hard to read, very hard to understand, very impressive.

    28. this book absolutely fascinated me. It was helpful though to have a German copy to read in parallel, as the translation into English sometimes "swallows" some of the world plays that make it easier to understand. Time to re-read

    29. addresses the most fundamental question. supplies a completely new language for understanding what it is to exist. possibly the most important book i have ever read.

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