A stunning and moving new novel from Michael Morpurgo, the nation s favourite storyteller featuring the bravest dog in all the world He tackles a current war with the story of a sniffer dog named Shadow and an Afghan boy.
Shadow A stunning and moving new novel from Michael Morpurgo the nation s favourite storyteller featuring the bravest dog in all the world He tackles a current war with the story of a sniffer dog named Shad

  • Title: Shadow
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo
  • ISBN: 9780007339594
  • Page: 229
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Shadow is a book about friendship that spans the UK and Afghanistan. Matt visits his grandfather and tells him about his best friend Aman who along with his mother has been taken to Yarl’s Wood. Aman has lived in the UK for 6 years as an asylum seeker, but according to the Government their time has run out and he has to return to Afghanistan. As Matt is not allowed to visit Aman he persuades his Grandfather, a former journalist to go to Yarl’s Wood detention centre. Aman tells of his incredi [...]

    2. Aman and his mother have been living in England for six years when they are told they have not gained political asylum and must return to Afghanistan. They are placed in the Yarl's Wood detention center. Matt, a good friend of Aman's, enlists the help of his grandfather to try to help the family. When the grandfather visits to try to find out the story, Aman tells him about the death of his father, how the family was living with an elderly grandmother in a cave, and how an uncle in England was a [...]

    3. War, human beings, animals and the relationship remain central to the stories of Michael Morpurgo. Only difference this time modern time war struck Afghanistan. Captivating story with the narrative style made me stick to the book till the last page.

    4. Izzie and I were blown away by this book, another absolutely gripping story from Michael Morpurgo, this time set in Afghanistan and England. Told by three different voices, Grandpa, Matt and Aman, 'Shadow' tells of how Aman and his mother, helped by the stray dog they call Shadow, escape from Afghanistan and the Taliban to move to England and a better, safer, life with Uncle Mir and Aunt Mina.Morpurgo yomps the reader across the terrors of Afghanistan under the Taliban, and introduces us to the [...]

    5. ShadowMichael espesully WARNING SPOILER ALERT This book review is based on a book named Shadow.This book takes place in Afghanistan durning the war with the Taliban.The main character is a dog named Shadow.This dog is a very brave dog.She was an army dog and save the life of Aman ,a young boy that lived with is mother.Aman lost most of his family durning the war.The goal was to get to England to live with is Uncle Mir.I loved this book because it was touching and i realized that many people don' [...]

    6. The good thing about Michael Morpurgo books is they do not delve into politics, but focus on the human cost and the lives of ordinary people effected by events outside their control.Imagine your are living in a good country your family can make a living and you have freedom, education,the country has history of ancient civilisation. Then one day you are invaded by a foreign power (Russia ) the fighting starts and goes on for years and you gradually lose everything , then the Russians leave and y [...]

    7. This book is by the same author who wrote War Horse, and while that might be a plus for some it was off putting for me. Although I haven't read War Horse, I was in the minority that didn't like the movie. I actually bought this book months ago, so I took my time to read it!Basically this is the story of Aman, a refugee from Afghanistan. He has lived in England for almost six years since escaping his war torn country, but wakes up one day to find that his asylum has been denied and his mother wil [...]

    8. He tackles very deep subjects with enormous tact and care giving children – and adults - the chance to explore serious issues. As always this book is beautifully written with warm characters and a hefty dollop of reality.

    9. DNF I wish I read this book when I was younger as I would of loved itbut now the writing style is way to simple and plainrry

    10. Great story, written for children. Author of "War Horse." Inspirational story of friendship and sacrifice.

    11. 2,5 - 3Książka nie wywołała u mnie kompletnie żadnych uczuć. Przeczytana w jeden wczorajszy wieczór, nudziło mnie co zdarza się ostatnio coraz częściej.

    12. Shadow, a book by Michael Morpurgo, is such a beautiful book. It is sad yet engaging, because of how M.M. made me feel more empathetic towards Aman, one of the main characters. The story is about a boy called Aman and his life in Afghanistan and England. (Spoilers) First, Aman and his mother flee Afghanistan when Aman's grandmother dies. This is at the time when the Taliban were controlling his area. So a dog called Shadow mysteriously appeared in his cave (as his home was burned down by the Tal [...]

    13. I think that this book had a very good storyline and I liked the conflict at the end. Overall I thought the book had very clear description. Furthermore I thought that there were good conflicts and the book had a good setup to itself. I also liked that the language wasn't too hard but next time I will try to read a more advanced book. This way I can expand my vocabulary. Additionally I thought that this book was maybe not aimed at my age since the writing was very big.

    14. this book made me cry this is a sad book and a happy book this is based on a true stoy you read the book and find out xx

    15. Shadow by Michael MorpurgoWritten by Adrian Keller-MillerShadow is a story about a boy named Aman and his dog named Shadow. The story is one that takes place in Manchester, England and Afghanistan. When the story begins Aman is in jail in Manchester because he did not have the right immigration papers to be living in England. His friend Matt, who Aman had known through soccer, tried to help him get things straightened out so he could get out of jail. Matt’s grandfather helped out too, and in d [...]

    16. "Shadow" by Michael Morpurgo is a book about an Afghan boy named Aman. After his Grandma and Dad were killed by the Taliban, Aman, his mother and a sniffer dog named Shadow decided to flee to their uncle in England. From looking at other people's opinions of the book, and reading the back cover, I felt from the start, this book was going to be emotional. I never doubted quitting the book, and this opinion lasted through the whole book, as he never slowed down with the plot, always adding that su [...]

    17. this book is seen through the eyes of three characters, Aman a teenage boy who escaped Afghanistan with his mother. Matt, the boy who befriended Aman, and Grandfather, of Matt. Aman has been taken with his mother to Yarl's Wood immigration removal center that is intending to send Amal and his mother back to Afghanistan. Matt's grandfather visits Yarl's Wood to talk to Matt's friend Amal. Here Amal talks to the grandfather and goes back six years when he and his mother lived in a cave since they [...]

    18. A young boy and his mother flee their native Afghanistan and escape into England, only to be denied political asylum six years later. The boy tells his story to his best friend's grandfather (visiting him in the deportation prison), giving the grandfather a way to share the boy's story and try to get their case heard.Particularly relevant right now, with the recent controversy over the Central American children being sent back to the violence in their home countries instead of being given refuge [...]

    19. Set in the early years of the Afghan war ,this book is about a boy called Aman. He and his Mum are going to be deported from the UK back to Afghanistan. They are being held at a prison near his best friends Granddad's house. David ( his best friend) Comes to see Aman i the prison but no children are allowed in. David sends in his granddad and Aman tells his story. This book is amazing and so sad it almost will make you cry. It opens your eyes to how bad they are treated and to the horror of livi [...]

    20. Told from three different perspectives (an Afghan boy, Aman, his British friend Matt and Matt’s grandfather), Shadow exposes the plight of detained refugees, explores the way friendship can transcend nationality and highlights a beautiful grandfather-grandson relationship. I am a sucker for books with animal heroes in them and Shadow is quite a hero, helping Aman and his mother reach safety in Afghanistan. Morpurgo manages to make the reader fall in love with this dog without being sappy. I re [...]

    21. Beautiful story. Read it like 4 times, it's just so emotional and touching and so very realistic. Definitely recommend this book for people who love a good emotional story, and especially if you like dogs.Review edit I rate this book 9/10. As I just said it's such a beautiful story. The only flaw is the writing style is a little simple and I'm kind of only interested in the past not the present aspect, but luckily it is mostly the back story of Aman so this was a beautiful book. I cried the firs [...]

    22. A story of love,hope,courage and war This is a moving and breathtaking tale about a friendship between a dog and a young boy. When grandpa hears Aman's story about how he escaped from Afganastan, Grandpa is convinced that he should try and do something to get Aman out of Yarls Wood, (A place where they keep fugitives). He and Matt do all they can to prevent Aman and his mother being sent to Afganistan again. It is an exciting and breathtaking story with twists and turns. I would recommend this b [...]

    23. This is about a sniffer dog during the Afghanistan conflict. Shadow is an amazing dog who runs away in an ambush and walks 1000kms to an Afghanistan home where the family are forced to leave and Shadows goes with them. The book follows the journey of them all but they don't realise Shadow is leading them to his master who a Sargent in the British peace keeping force. This book kept me engaged as I followed their journey. I highly recommend Michael Morpurgo his books are aways interesting.

    24. Read this to my boys (9 and 11) and it is a fantastic book. Quite serious and sad but the author handles a really dificult subject matter from a child's point of view with great sympathy and unbelievable insight. I learnt something and so have my boys. I will certainly have more sympathy with asylum seekers from now on and it is a great lesson to the boys when a map pops up on the news and I can say that is the town (Kabul) that we are reading about.

    25. Truly good book. Usually I do not read books about war, but MM is one of my favourite writers, I enjoy reading his books as this is part of my self-learning process of English. As place of birth can determinate you to easer or harder life path, it is so sad that is some parts of world savage and cruel things still happens on everyday basis.

    26. I read this book to our 10 and 12-year-old kiddos. We didn't and still don't know a lot about people seeking asylum but our hearts were touched by the story and this will be a great springboard for further reading and knowledge-seeking. Our son especially liked all the parts about the dog, and the bit of mystery there. I liked when the grandpa made his decision.

    27. Michael Morpurgo is a spectacular writer capturing the minds of what millions of people go through everyday into a single book starting with a dog named Shadow. It's so educational and inspiring. I read this when I was 11 and I cried. I am 14 now, I would definitely read this again and CRY. You're amazing, Mr Morpurgo!

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