Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?

In the first new Princesses book in four years, Coyle celebrates friendship as two girls play dress up, make forts from blankets and sheets, stomp in the mud, and generally do all the things that best friends do Full color.
Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever In the first new Princesses book in four years Coyle celebrates friendship as two girls play dress up make forts from blankets and sheets stomp in the mud and generally do all the things that best

  • Title: Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?
  • Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle Mike Gordon Carl Gordon
  • ISBN: 9781589795426
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. I love this series, and little girls do too! These books are a hit in the princess cubby. In this book, the princess little girl of this series has a friend come over to play all day. Having been a little girl myself, I remember that playing can be fun, but little girls have a way about getting in little fights and having their issues. I like that this book addressed that, but also shows how fun having a best friend can be!I great addition to a wonderful series!

    2. Adorable book about two new friends. A couple of the two-page spreads bothered me, as they felt really out of place (like the elephant poop). But girls will enjoy most of it.

    3. Two best friends, during a play date, ask if "everyday things" are things that princesses are able to do. Can princessess stomp in the mud and then clean their toes off? Can they sing while on their way to the zoo? Can they get ice cream and they can play dress up? Most importantly though, if they hurt someone's feelings it is their responsibility to apologize to them? These two cute girls start out doing very girly-princess-like things (playing dress up) and gradually move to doing more 'adult' [...]

    4. I love this series!!!! And I say, "YES"!!! Princesses have best friends forever. And some of my best friends are getting this book this year for their birthdays! Great addition to the "Do princesses" series. Can't wait for the next one!!!

    5. Cute storybook with wonderful illustrations. Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever? reflects all children of a young age - enthusiastic questions that never end with understandable answers.

    6. This was a cute read. My daughter wasn't super interested in it, but every once in a while I could get her to sit down and look at the pictures with me. I thought it was cute to go through all the different things the girls did together on their play date.I think the title of these books confuse me. I'm not really sure why it's a question because there is no question posed in the book itself. I feel like it should be titled "Princesses have Best Friends Forever".We really like the How do Dinosau [...]

    7. Summary:It is about a younger girl wanting to have friend over. She is a princess (or at least in her mind) and she wonders if a princess can have a best friend forever. They do many fun activities throughout the day. Also, she learns what to do when a princess makes someone feel sad.Connections:It reminds be of a manners book I read. Although this book seems to be a lot more subtle than the book that I had read. From this weeks chapter I think that this book would be a good book for interaction [...]

    8. We've read a few of the books featuring princesses by Carmela LaVigna Coyle. They are all fairly similar tales, with a bouncy, rhyming narrative and adorable illustrations. I think our girls are outgrowing books like this, but I liked the theme of having a best friend and wanting to have playdates often. Our girls are certainly in this stage and I love to see them with their friends. Overall, I thought this was an entertaining book and we enjoyed reading it together.

    9. This book is cute small quick read that talks about to "princesses" being friends and doing everything together. The book includes plenty of cute little illustrations that grasps the readers attention. I would use this in a classroom to talk about friendships, and what it means to be a friend.

    10. The best part of this book was the illustrations. Usually I like rhyming text, but this one just rubbed the wrong way. Perhaps its something to do with the whole 'little girls are all princesses' theme. Regardless, not a huge fan of this book.

    11. I am delighted that in this book girls pretend to be princesses - since they were three - and not only dress up and wear crowns but make play forts, jump in muddy puddles and make messes. A fun not-so-normal princess book to delight girls who also like to do more traditionally boy-games!

    12. The illustrations were nice but I wasn't certain about all of the text. I will let others decide on a rating.

    13. Princess books not my favorite but liked this one a lot. Great illustrations and enjoyable story line. Very real.

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