1 thought on “Days Of Change”

  1. I read this to get a first impression/ idea of Malaysian literature. And I learned a lot about Malaysian culture that a history book probably couldn't have told me. But. Poetically, this book about a man who has lost his memory and tries to remember what happened before his accident is unconvincing. The male narrative voice (love his name: Hafiz, keeper of memories) is not convincing me (Eng is a woman), and I am not at all sure if this novel tries to be a postmodern piece on the nature of memor [...]

  2. i can't wait to discover this book! need to go through it layer by layer knowing that there are more to be discovered! This book is a sequel to Echoes of Silence and is written from the point of view of a childless man who given a thorough thought on his life and what he had went throughlove this book to bits!

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