Valdez Is Coming: A Novel

Touching on the themes of the popular FX series Justified featuring U.S Marshall Raylan Givens, Valdez Is Coming is New York Times bestselling author El Leonard s classic western tale of corruption, justice, and vengeance.Forced to gun down an innocent man, part time sheriff Roberto Valdez is nearly killed and run out of town when he seeks justice for the dead man s fTouching on the themes of the popular FX series Justified featuring U.S Marshall Raylan Givens, Valdez Is Coming is New York Times bestselling author El Leonard s classic western tale of corruption, justice, and vengeance.Forced to gun down an innocent man, part time sheriff Roberto Valdez is nearly killed and run out of town when he seeks justice for the dead man s family But the same townsfolk who laughed at Valdez s dark skin, mocked his decency, and tied him to a cross will find themselves on the wrong side of a gun when the lawman comes back to deliver his own brand of justice.
Valdez Is Coming A Novel Touching on the themes of the popular FX series Justified featuring U S Marshall Raylan Givens Valdez Is Coming is New York Times bestselling author El Leonard s classic western tale of corruption j

  • Title: Valdez Is Coming: A Novel
  • Author: Elmore Leonard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Valdez Is Coming Valdez Is Coming is a American western film directed by Edwin Sherin and starring Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Richard Jordan and Jon Cypher.The film is Valdez Is Coming Rotten Tomatoes Adapted from an El Leonard novel, Valdez is Coming stars Burt Lancaster in the title role A scrupulously honest Mexican American marshal, Bob Valdez is double crossed and humiliated by Valdez Is Coming The town constable, Bob Valdez, is forced to kill someone accused by Frank Tanner of being a murderer Valdez asks Tanner for monetary help for the man s wife, Valdez, Alaska Valdez v l d i z, v l d z Alutiiq Suacit is a city in Valdez Cordova Census Area in the U.S state of Alaska.According to the US Census, the population of the city is ,, down from , in The city was named in after the Spanish Navy Minister Antonio Valds y Fernndez Bazn.A former Gold Rush town, it is located at the head of a fjord on the Valdez Outfitters Valdez Alaska The Start to Your Alaska Welcome to Valdez Outfitters Valdez Alaska, located in majestic Prince William Sound, is truly one of Mother Nature s perfect creations With a plethora of wildlife, back dropped by striking glaciers and dramatic fjords, it is every nature lover s paradise. Valdez Fly In and Air Show The premier bush flying event Schedule Coming in the spring Thank you to our sponsors Hotels in Valdez The Mountain Sky Hotel in Alaska The Mountain Sky Hotel in Valdez, Alaska Valdez Alaska a captivating destination where visitors experience the world s best salmon fishing, a dramatic Pacific coastline where the Chugach Mountains plunge to the sea, and wilderness grandeur. Valdez.dumarsengraving subdomain valdez Valdez.dumarsengraving is not yet effective in its SEO tactics it has Google PR It may also be penalized or lacking valuable inbound links. Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska Still Affecting TIME An oil skimming operation near the southwest end of Prince William Sound in April in Valdez, a week after the beginning of an oil disaster which occurred when the tanker Exxon Valdez ran Valdez mayor unhappy with Dunleavy, calls for resignation The Mayor of Valdez is distraught with Gov Michael Dunleavy s budget proposal, believing the State s . billion fiscal gap can be fixed if the governor would simply resign In a caustic missive posted on Mayor Jeremy O Neil s Facebook page on Saturday, the official from Valdez called the

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    1. Bob Valdez is a small-town constable who also rides shotgun for a stage coach company. He arrives home one Saturday afternoon to find that much of the town has gathered around a shack on the outskirts of town. The wealthiest man around--a Mr. Tanner--has identified a man he saw in town as an Army deserter and murderer. The accused has taken refuge in the shack along with his Indian woman who is pregnant.Valdez attempts to defuse the situation but is forced to kill the accused man when one of the [...]

    2. "You ride to Mr. Tanner, all right? Tell him Valdez is coming. You hear what I said? Valdez is coming."He is two men.First, there was Roberto Valdez, born of Mexican parents in the United States Territory of Arizona. He was an Apache tracker and worked for a stagecoach company.Then there is Bob Valdez, a part-time constable who wears a suit and knows his place.He will need to be both men when a pissing contest with a wealthy local escalates into a war."Roberto Valdez returned," she said.He smile [...]

    3. “You tell him I’m coming! You tell him I’m fucking comiiiing!”Terence Stamp in The Limey is my favourite example of the type of character Bob Valdez becomes. He doesn't care about the odds, he will do what it takes to ensure those responsible do what is right or die trying. It's this certainty that he is right whilst having no fear of dying in its pursuit that makes Bob Valdez such an interesting character. The fact that he is constantly underestimated by everyone around him only serves [...]

    4. I listened to this as a short story in The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard. The first chapter of this book is a cut down version of that & the rest of the book has a totally different tone.The setup of the situation in the first chapter was masterful as was the portrayal of Tanner. The way Valdez & Tanner got Valdez into the situation was a devilishly clever by Leonard. The more I think about it, the better I like it. It had a lot of pretty good action, but the motivations did [...]

    5. I finished this about eleven last night and sure enjoyed it but I believe I liked the movie better so I will watch it again maybe today. The end of it annoyed me a little which is why I didn't give it 5 stars. I believe I liked the movie ending better but have forgotten most of it. I recommend for anyone who likes westerns.

    6. Quiet, part-time town constable Roberto Valdez is called in when a mob has tracked down a black man who is accused by Tanner, a rich businessman in town, of being an Army deserter and murderer. Roberto tries to diffuse the situation and is forced to shoot the man, who was holed up in a house with his pregnant girlfriend and turned out to be totally innocent. When Valdez goes to Tanner to ask for reparations for the man's wife, Tanner's crew beats Roberto and tries to crucify him, leaving him for [...]

    7. Read this for a book club. First of Leonard's westerns I've read. Pulls you in right from the start as Valdez gets caught up in the persecution and death of an innocent man. Valdez attempts at a civil restitution are rebuffed, again and again, until it's time to pull out the guns.

    8. I have been reading Elmore Leonard books for 35 years and enjoyed each and every book. I have read all but a few of his books and decided to read this one after watching the 1971 movie version with Burt Lancaster as Bob Valdez a few nights ago. Bob Valdez is a quiet Mexican American, part time deputy and part time stagecoach shotgun rider. He comes upon a bunch of men in front of a cabin, shooting at the cabin. He asks what is going on. He is told that there is a man in the cabin suspected of ki [...]

    9. This was the first time I've ever read a Western novel. I've had a few on my to-read list but never gotten around to them. Set somewhere along the US-Mexico border this is a classic story of revenge. After rich local crime boss Tanner causes Valdez to kill an innocent man. Valdez seeks retribution money for the dead man's wife and unborn child. Tanner declines Valdez by almost killing him. That's the wrong thing to do to Valdez.I was looking for a bit more in this book though. It just seemed to [...]

    10. Synopsis/blurbThey laughed at Roberto Valdez and then ignored him. But when a dark-skinned man was holed up in a shack with a gun, they sent the part-time town constable to deal with the problem -- and made sure he had no choice but to gun the fugitive down. Trouble was, Valdez killed an innocent man. And when he asked for justice -- and some money for the dead man's woman -- they beat Valdez and tied him to a cross. They were still laughing when Valdez came back. And then they began to dieOne o [...]

    11. I've read a ton of Elmore Leonard. I love his dialogue, his authority and his wit. I like his spare style. This is the first western that I've read of his, and if it were by anyone other than Elmore Leonard or Cormac McCarthy I wouldn't have tried it. To my surprise I liked it even more than his crime novels. There's more of the landscape in this novel than is typical of his crime novels: "A mile across the grazing land and then up into the foothills, following a gully and angling out of it, cli [...]

    12. Well, this is a dandy western. It's lean and economical (only about 140 pages), very straightforward and linear in structure (our hero sets out to get compensation for a widow, is rebuffed and tortured, but of course turns around and comes hell-bent for payback), but with good meat in its sketchy but complex (well, within the limits of hyper-macho lit) characterization--a scene in which we track the death of a minor character is especially nice. It's mostly predictable, a good example of its typ [...]

    13. this here will be the13th tale from leonard for mede 1st westernis, on the cover (kindle) : "a classic tale of western justice from nyt bestselling author elmore leonard" below that: "a leonard novel that still holds up as one of his very best." washington post book worldver: has this cool marlboro man scene, cowboy on horseback, leading a pack horse, mountains in the backgroundhappy little lakelooks to be 9 chaptersheh! has a section called "praise" ha ha ha ha ha! i dunno, but that is funny. o [...]

    14. I've read a huge chunk of Elmore Leonard's work over the years, but this was my first Western of his. Seriously very glad I finally got to it, as it's one of his best. Valdez is a lawman who gets zero respect, hired basically to do thankless grunt work. He's not taken seriously by the town's governing bodies (or anyone else, really), and when they need someone to roust a black man with an Indian wife, holed up in a cabin, they tag Valdez to do it. Valdez is forced to kill the man-- who turns out [...]

    15. Haven't read that many western novels, but I doubt they come better than this short, laconic masterpiece. This is existential territory, a man being shaped by his actions. Valdez's reaction to his circumstances seems monomanic, but is motivated by his sense of honor and justice. He is a man, but he is also a concept being formed, under the blazing sun and under the readers' eyes. And after all this hard, violent stuff, at the end Leonard lets the story fly away like a feather, while yet another [...]

    16. Everything Leonard ever wrote is worth reading. This particular book is an excellent example of an Elmore Leonard Western novel. As engaging as any of his Detroit or Miami based crime novels, this book should be less than it is. The plot is of the "hardheaded old west guy gets his revenge against powerful, rich rancher guy" variety that is the base of seemingly one third of the Western novels and movies ever produced. Despite this fatal flaw, or flaw one would think would be fatal, this book is [...]

    17. This is the best of Elmore Leonard's westerns that I've read so far. He expertly uses the "they didn't know who they were messing with" concept that he would later put to such great effect in one of his best crime novels, 52 Pick-Up.

    18. Elmore Leonard knows how to write a guy's book.No fancy words, no long sentences, just straight-out, good story-telling.

    19. A solid revenge Western, highly enjoyable but with a few flaws. The gender politics have not aged well, for one, and some of the characterizations are hit-and-miss. Still, the plot is gripping, the action on point, and the dialog strong (though Leonard's best was yet to come in that department).This is often hailed as one of the great Westerns, and is a darn good one. I've been wanting to read it for about ten years now, and was overjoyed when I saw my local library had a copy. I read it in abou [...]

    20. I sat down late yesterday afternoon to read Valdez Is Coming. I never stopped until finishing it. This, this is what a Western (or any story from any genre) should be. The characters for the most part are neither good people nor bad people, each with validation for what they do, each roaming in the gray area we all do. The main character Valdez is one of the most fascinating characters I've come across. After being humiliated and mistreated, he will do just about anything for vengeance and does, [...]

    21. Elmore Leonard is currently enjoying one of those critical re-evaluation periods that see a writer previously regarded as lowbrow or populist elevated to some kind of canonical great hope for literature status - in some people's minds. I don't think it makes sense in his case. This early western is impressively cinematic, but considering it's structured like a pretty conventional thriller it really isn't thrilling at all, and the themes are pretty tired if you've watched more than a couple of we [...]

    22. I'd give this one a 3.5 to be fair. The book keeps you reading and there is the hint of interest in the characters but I feel that is a false sense of character. You feel like you are getting invested in a character but this is a western, and part of the appeal or genre characteristic of westerns is that they are the the story of a man measuring his character against nature, other men, and himself. So you are shown the character of your character. All the same, the characters in this story were [...]

    23. A man chooses his actions; he cannot choose the consequences. Bob Valdez, the part-time town constable chooses to try and bring a peaceful end to a stand-off. Another man, Frank Tanner, chooses to use Valdez's good intentions for his own ends. It costs the man in the middle of the stand-off his life. Valdez and Tanner come into direct conflict when Valdez insists that the dead man's woman receive compensation for his death. The dead man wasn't the murdering, deserting soldier everybody'd been co [...]

    24. This is a simple tale of vengeance where everybody cusses a lot, but Elmore makes it interesting by developing the idea that "A man can be in two different places and he will be two different men." What the villains in this story learn too late is that Bob Valdez, the part-time constable who gets along with everyone, is the same man "who had been a contract guide when General Crook chased Geronimo down into the Madres." That Bob Valdez was once "in charge of the Apache police at Whiteriver," whe [...]

    25. Pay the $2.00 already! Valdez is Coming quickly establishes that familiar Elmore Leonard feel, especially of his 1970s crime fictiond for that reason alone it's worth reading. Valdez also quickly establishes the revenge format that Westerns seem so fit for. I was a little disappointed in how little it took to kick off the revenge aspect Valdez fulfilled. Maybe it was because he really didn't have anything at stake family, no real friends, no possessions to be taken away from him. Leonard does mu [...]

    26. Leonard did everything right, here. His sparing use of description suits the badlands of the West. The plot is simple: A small town constable wants restitution for a woman done wrong. And he's coming to get it.

    27. I just have not found a E.L. book that I haven't enjoyed. Some better than others but I've like them all. I am coming late to Elmore Leonard, probably discovered him in my 40s, I'm 64 1/2 now and I am enjoying the heck out of him.I, being a HUGE fan of Burt Lancaster, always liked and watch repeatedly the movie version of this novel - as ludicrous as it is he portraying a Mexican. When I realized the book was from a novel I bought it immediately and it sat on my To Be Read shelf (literal shelf i [...]

    28. Not as good as Hombre, but still a fun little western. Plot is simple but compelling and I wanted immediately to turn it into a movie (which has already been done) as long as I can change the hero so he isn't a womanizer, and develop the heroine more, and fix the ending so it doesn't feel like someone deleted the last three pages. I like Leonard's lean, mean style. As far as writing warm-up goes (when I read a variety of authors), he pairs well with another fav, Anthony Doerr (All the Light We C [...]

    29. "A man can be in two different places and he will be two different men. Maybe if you think of more places he will be more men, but two is enough for now."Leonard's best Western so far, by far. I thought Hombre was good - and it was - because it played on the way Leonard told his stories in his first 4 or 5 novels. But Valdez is Coming took that same innovation and did it even better, opening with a wonderfully sharp and sparse description of the world we're being introduced to for the next 150 o [...]

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