Decorating Schemes

Immediately engaging and full of humor and heart, the second book in the Deadly Dcor series continues the fun and excitement readers found in Design on a Crime.
Decorating Schemes Immediately engaging and full of humor and heart the second book in the Deadly Dcor series continues the fun and excitement readers found in Design on a Crime

  • Title: Decorating Schemes
  • Author: Ginny Aiken
  • ISBN: 9780800730451
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “Decorating Schemes”

    1. Haley Ferrell has just been offered a job to redecorate a home for a prominent plastic surgeon. Dutch Merrill has also been hired. She arrives to take a look at the house and as Mrs. Marshall is showing her what she wants done they come a cross a body of a young girl in a pool of blood on the patio. Dutch shows up just then and calls the police.Lila Tzu seems to be narrowing her focus onto Dutch because he has a previous relationship with the victims parents. In fact she turns out to be his Godd [...]

    2. First of all, looking at the cover of the book, you see a light-hearted chic lit book.If that's what the author is looking for, then she missed her mark. Ginny Aiken writes a series of three books where the main character is emotionally messed up after a personal tragedy happened in her life a few years before. She is trying to deal with the pain, but it's hard. In this book, she reveals another part of that time in her life and it makes me, the reader, want to bawl. Then as the conclusion draws [...]

    3. A pleasant read, but I hate it when ages of characters don't add up correctly. Along those same lines, what girl who is 3 years/grades older than her boyfriend goes all through college still dating her high school boyfriend? Although the story doesn't say that directly -- maybe Lori was visiting Dutch when he was a freshman in college as friends only, where she met her future husband, Ron? Marry still in college (she should be a senior now) and have a baby right away? Assuming the normal age of [...]

    4. It was just okay. I felt like this book was almost a replay of the first book in the series, except Dutch and Haley's roles were reversed. I think the killer's identity was too easy to figure out. I suspected almost from the start. The ending seemed rushed -- I would have enjoyed a bit more time spent with the last hostage situation. Oh well, I did enjoy the banter between Dutch and Haley and will probably read the next book in the series, if only for that.

    5. Another great cozy mystery from Ginny Aiken. The duo of Haley Farrell, interior designer, and Dutch Merrill, general contractor, once again stumble over a body and work "together" (when they aren't arguing) to find out "whodunit".

    6. This second book had a delicious dash of humor and some cozy romantic tension. It also includes a terrific cast of characters.

    7. Enjoyed this book and the characters development. Huge "pro life" agenda/message that I wish was a little more unbiased but it was ok

    8. Yipes! This was not what I expected it to be. It had a political and religiously motivated agenda to the mystery. and I don't appreciate that. Also, the writing is pretty flat.

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