Hawke is strong, shrewd and savvy, with an aplomb not seen since James Bond tore up the pages of Ian Fleming s novels.Warlord stands tall.A first rate thriller National Public RadioThriller fiction of the highest order, Warlord by Ted Bell returns British American MI6 counterterrorism operative Alex Hawke to the field, as he races to stop a plot to murder Great Brit Hawke is strong, shrewd and savvy, with an aplomb not seen since James Bond tore up the pages of Ian Fleming s novels.Warlord stands tall.A first rate thriller National Public RadioThriller fiction of the highest order, Warlord by Ted Bell returns British American MI6 counterterrorism operative Alex Hawke to the field, as he races to stop a plot to murder Great Britian s royal family This latest spellbinding installment in the New York Times bestselling series is filled with twists and turns, shocks and surprises, ever escalating peril and ingenious spycraft Warlord puts a capital A in adventure Madison County Herald and offers further proof why Ted Bell deserves his position on the A list along with Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Daniel Silva.
Warlord Hawke is strong shrewd and savvy with an aplomb not seen since James Bond tore up the pages of Ian Fleming s novels Warlord stands tall A first rate thriller National Public RadioThriller fiction of

  • Title: Warlord
  • Author: Ted Bell
  • ISBN: 9780061859311
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Ted Bell strikes again. Warlord, along with the rest of the Alex Hawke series, borders on epic while maintaining a "no boring page" standard. I find it hard to rate any of the Hawke series with less than a perfect score because they are all just so compulsively readable and near-mint. The stories are always different, but finding fault in them is not an easy task. Therefore, I won't even try. I loved this book. To rank it among the other Alex Hawke books, I would say it falls somewhere behind Ts [...]

    2. Wasted. That's the only way to describe the way we first find our favorite British spy in Ted Bell's exciting sixth Alex Hawke adventure. After all, what could one expect from even the strongest, most disciplined of men when he's lost everything that had any meaning for him? In Alex's words, "My parents were murdered before my eyes when I was seven years old. I met a wonderful woman, the first I'd ever wanted to marry. She died in my arms on the steps of the chapel where we'd just been wed." The [...]

    3. Bell writes a whole lot of words, but so does the Government Printing Office, and neither one writes well. His prime character, Alex Hawke, is another comic-book Superman-type, a descendant of ancient English nobility, who just happens to be an old childhood friend of Prince Charles, and admired by the Queen, as well as most of the other gentrified and oh-so-important ruling class of England (and Scotland too). He also just happens to be the only person who knows every cranny of Balmoral Castle [...]

    4. Overall I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. It was a little above my reading level, yet I still enjoyed reading it. Even though I had too look up a word every couple of pages I thought it was very well written. Quite often, when reading an action novel, you will get a sense of seriousness. Not with this book. Ted Bell balances humor with seriousness very well. His main character Alex Hawke is an MI6 agent that has been down on his luck. His depression over the death of his wife and newborn [...]

    5. You know what? A year plus later, this book still fills me with righteous indignation. The thing is, I thought that I was going to like this book. After all, it had two things that I really enjoy: spies and the royal family. What could be better?But I hated this book. For one, Alex Hawke was lost in a sea of angst and alcohol at the beginning of the book, to the point that his friends were thinking he was going to die, and then his BFF Prince Charles calls, and lo, he just decides to stop drinki [...]

    6. This was my first Ted Bell book. As this is one of my favorite genres, I am always looking for new authors. Unfortunately, I probably won't read any more. I liked the character of Alex Hawke but I did not enjoy the jumping around from chapter to chapter to different cities, different countries and even different times. I have to admit I was also not a fan of the storyline either.

    7. Love this character, and his adventures. Tough guybut sensitivewaaay unreal! That's probably why I like Hawke. Dream on.

    8. Some people have said that his book was better than his previous works, but if I am honest I personally think that it is weaker. I've rated it at three stars, but it is a definite 3.5 Stars.On one hand the plot is certainly intriguing and definitely as good as the previous books. In essence. However, on the other hand it was not produced as well as it could have been. I think that one of the most intriguing things about the Hawke books is the bond-esque feeling that they produce, yet for me the [...]

    9. I commend Bell for his portrayal of Islamic fanatics. If anything, they are much worst that the characters in the story. Criminals are being radicalized in prisons. This is a fact--a fact our leaders chose to ignore.Bell uses India, and Great Brittan's pullout as a key component of the story. As soon as the last Viceroy departed, the country erupted into a religious civil war. Bell did not address the root cause of this conflict, which was the Muslim conquest of India. Invading Muslim armies des [...]

    10. An intense well written tale about a man named Alex Hawke. For someone like me, who hasn't read the first five books, the author made it fairly simple to understand the plot of this book. It is a thrilling adventure well worth the read. Hawke is a character that draws the reader's emotions that they become attached to. Brilliant descriptions of the characters' emotions, appearances, and personalities really helped me get to know them and care for them. The author does a good job introducing the [...]

    11. If there ever was a better Janes Bond, we have it in Alex Hawke. Born to privilege, best bud of Prince Charles (yes, that Price Charles), secret agent with a valet of wiles and ways of taking care of him. Alex has been absorbing all the alcohol in Bermuda and doing a grand job of it. Grief will do that to you and he has had more than his share after losing his fiancee and their unborn son a year ago. Pelham has all but given up on him when the call comes in the veritable middle of the night - th [...]

    12. I won this book through the First-Read Giveaway on September 7th, 2010!Synopsis of Warlord - Alex Hawke is an M16 operative who has seemingly lost his will to live and everyone around him notices. His life in Bermuda centers around drinking, smoking and mourning the loss of his love a year before. All of this changes when Prince Charles calls him and asks a personal favor of him - to find the man/woman behind the threats to the royal family.First thoughts after finishing Warlord - Why in the wo [...]

    13. This is a great thriller with a tight plot and believable characters (both the bad and the good guys). I love Ted Bell's Alex Hawke series and eagerly await each new book. This book starts with Hawke trying to drink himself to death in Bermuda after he has lost his fiance and unborn son. The book takes us all over the world. First to England, then Northern Ireland, Miami, Florida, and high in the mountains and caves in Pakistan. That is part of the fun of these books-we travel all over the world [...]

    14. Warlord by Ted BellThis is my second Ted Bell Book. This is in the adult as opposed to young adult genre. This is a thriller right off of the pages of the newspaper (or nytimes). The British Royal Family is threatened by terrorists and a shell shocked, combat fatigued Alex Hawke is called in to save the day. This book is a medley of rock and roll action. This is a fun read. Alex Hawke makes James Bond look like a girl scout. His pal Stokely is intimidating even on paper. The characterizations we [...]

    15. Hmmmm. This one is tough to review. I liked it but I didn't finish it.The story starts back in time with the murder of a British royal and then comes up to before Princess Diana dies. There are warnings and fears and intrigue. It is well written and well read.So why didn't you finish it? Because the news stories before and after the death of the Princess are still too close in my mind. Such a tragedy! I just could not let it that close again.Now, my husband (the one born in Scotland), he thinks [...]

    16. Had not read any of the first books, can't say that any more. After finishing this book I ran to get my hands on the first book of the series. After making the mistake of letting someone read the first few pages I had to make sure that I got the book back! Like 007 one cannot mistake Hawke as anything but fictional. Likeable, Hawke has surrounded himself with lots of interesting characters (is there anyone he doesn't know?) and finding himself in interesting situations, there is never a dull mom [...]

    17. I have read all the previous Alex Hawke novels by Ted Bell, and found this one to be the best so far. The main character Alex Hawke follows in the footsteps of James Bond, meaning that he saves the world in every novel. While I find the plots frighteningly realistic, the fact that Alex Hawke seems to be a mortal superman is absurdly not realistic. However, that doesn't take away from the sheer entertainment level of this book. This was a very good book and I look forward to the release of the ne [...]

    18. Hawke rises from his "Blue funk" to save the empireo threats have emerged has been ingeniously interwoven into all of the bad events of the "Royals" from the burning of Windsor Castle to Diana's deathe other involving a Jihadist movement within England and the USA called the "Sword of Allah"Hawke and his band are more than a match for these two threatsfun read as always!!!

    19. This is a huge book - in style, action and length. I loved every page, had some good laughs and was kept on the edge of my seat from the action. If I have one complaint it is that although there are over 500 pages, it seemed rushed to me at the end. I could have done with some more savouring of the baddies demise. That apart, I loved it!

    20. If James Bond had a younger brother it definitely would be Alex Hawke. This being my first experience with Ted Bell's writing, I must say that I was extremely impressed with this book. It definitely reminds me of reading Ian Fleming. This book is due out in November and I would suggest that you put this book on your "To Read in 2010" list. I know I will be ordering Ted Bell's backlist soon.

    21. There were too many things going on early in this story--and flash backs thrown in for good measure. Really hard to keep things straight!! However, I figured out it would all come together and was not disappointed in the last half of the story!! Hawke and Stokes are great characters in and of themselves, but even better together!! 6 out of 10 for me.

    22. As a loyal fan of the Alexander Hawke series by Ted Bell, i must say that this is one of the best books in the series. The ending left me in shock and speechless. I can't wait to continue the series a find out where this revelation will lead Alex Hawke.

    23. I have read all of Ted Bell's Alex Hawke novels and have really enjoyed them. Some of the language is a little raw, but the story's Bell writes are outstanding. Recommend the entire series to those who love a good international conflict/novel.

    24. To be completely honest, it's another Hawke tale, just like the others. Written well enough, Warlord moves the story along. This story picks up some time (roughly 2 years?) after we last see the usual cast of characters in Tsar. Hawke is justifiably devastated from the loss of Anastasia, but that can be what happens when you so quickly go jumping into a new love relationship. Did he learn the lesson? Nope, Hawke jumps into another here, complete with descriptions of the sex life. And of course, [...]

    25. Unfortunately, a quite predictable bit of work from Ted Bell. As usual, a rich and fabulously well connected, if aging Brit, effortlessly foils all sorts of plots while doing Cirque du Soleil-level feats of athleticism.

    26. Fast-paced and articulate. Bell reflects his research in every page. Even though the plot's a bit on the cliche side, it's still an entertaining read.

    27. Alexander Alex Hawke (Lord) British-American MI6 counterterrorism operative returns to the field. Alex has lost the love of his life; Anna Korsakova & their unborn son a yr. ago & is down in the dumps. Both his parents were murdered at the age of 7. Prince of Wales Charles his BMF needs his help. A note was signed & delivered to Prince Charles by The Pawn about the murder plot. Alex’s goal is to stop the murder plot of Great Britain’s royal family (Charles, the Queen mother, Phil [...]

    28. One of the finest examples of modern day patriotic paranoid fervor I have ever read. Laced with lectures about honor and duty and the American way (I don't have anything against, honor, duty or patriotism per se, but they seem to be a bit less black and white then they are portrayed here). Underneath all of that is a good suspense story but it is buried. It's one thing to have a honorable character who has a true drive to be a patriot (at one point prior to a battle scene one of the character st [...]

    29. Warlord by Ted Bell is an action-packed and engaging read, in the style of Clive Cussler and Robert Ludlum.I really enjoyed the fictional portrayal of Prince Charles, Lord Mountbatten, and the rest of the royals. Most of the novels I read depicting royalty focus on historical figures like Henry VIII, so these contemporary portraits were a nice change. And I'm curious about how Bell developed these portraits, whether research and interviews were involved or if they're completely fictional. I also [...]

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