Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon's Crazy in Love How-To Manual

Every married couple can experience exhilarating passion Dr David Clarke and the Song of Solomon reveal how to put each other first, have fun, be playful and sensual, and rediscover the lost art of a great kiss
Kiss Me Like You Mean It Solomon s Crazy in Love How To Manual Every married couple can experience exhilarating passion Dr David Clarke and the Song of Solomon reveal how to put each other first have fun be playful and sensual and rediscover the lost art of a

  • Title: Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon's Crazy in Love How-To Manual
  • Author: David E. Clarke
  • ISBN: 9781441204066
  • Page: 305
  • Format: ebook
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    1. I wouldn't say my marriage is in trouble, but I got this Kindle book for free awhile back and decided to read it since it fits in with my 'read more nonfiction in 2013' goal. It was an interesting (and fun) read and Dr. Clarke definitely gives some good advice, no matter the state of your marriage.

    2. The genders are stereotyped way, way too much in this book, which is surprising since the author has been a counselor for so long. Surely he's met women who are the non-talkers in their relationship, and who don't like to shop. Two other complaints: (1) I don't agree with some of his intepretations of the Song of Solomon. (2) The practical advice in this book was a little on the light side, meaning I had to skim a lot of text to get to it. But because there were some good tips, especially on spi [...]

    3. Awesome book for couples. Love the author's transparency and his use of wit and humor in writing about struggles that every couple face.

    4. The book is decent. There are certainly good points. I think the author over stereotypes men and women and also stretches the Song of Solomon a bit at times. Overall it's worth reading but don't insist on applying every last detail to your own marriage.

    5. BrilliantVery insightful. No holding back. Some suggestions seem a bit out there or hard to achieve but its worth it for a great marriage.

    6. After years of marriage, many couples find their relationship at a standstill. In the routine of everyday life, they begin to feel more like roommates than spouses. With jobs to work, errands to run, and kids to raise, who has the time or energy for passion and romance? And so, passion and romance dwindle, and in the process, emotional connections are severed. Is it any wonder then that there are so many divorces in today's society?In his book, Kiss Me Like You Mean It: Solomon's Crazy in Love H [...]

    7. This book was terrific! It takes principles from the Song of Solomon and details a how-to have a passionate, God-centered marriage that works for both partners. The author is a licensed marriage counselor. He organizes each topic by first describing how typical couples goober a certain area, and then how Solomon and his wife went about the area and thus how we should approach the area as well. The book is both practical and entertaining with the author's tongue in cheek sense of humor. I only ga [...]

    8. Although there is a lot of cookie-cutter type advice as well as some cliched examples of struggling marriages, this book is an inspiring look at The Song of Solomon and its real purpose. God did design sexual intimacy for marriage and intends for every marriage to be blessed by it. I love the author's push to not settle for "okay" and instead strive for true passion and intimacy that can only be found with God's help.I do caution some readers, though, as there is a bit of worldly advice peppered [...]

    9. Want a little more passion in your marriage, ignite the flame again. The question is this something I can discuss with Jesus, ahha, he was the inventor. Once again, I read this with a view to hearing God's heart about marriage and sex in particular, what he says in His Word is quite plain, sex is good, sex was created by him to be enjoyed. My job is to seduce my husband and his job is to romance me, racy eh! Read Song of Songs and to then think that our bridegroom thinks about us this way. I do [...]

    10. Clark's writing style is engaging; I sat down to "try out" this book and suddenly found myself three chapters in. He doesn't pull his punches, but his wit and sense of humor take the sting out of the sometimes hard truths he delivers. If I had to say something negative, I sometimes felt his interpretation of the Song of Solomon was a little over the top. I also felt he sometimes assumed he was speaking to people with school-age children or older, perhaps assuming people who had younger children [...]

    11. This was an easy, fast read. The author is entertaining and has good relationship advice. His purpose is to help couples rekindle their intimate relationships after the "passion" is gone. He tries to tie his advice into the Song of Solomon from the Bible, claiming it is a God-preserved how-to manual for couples. His interpretations of the book seemed a little loose and weak to me. I'll have to pull out my Old Testament seminary manual and do a little research I guess. Wasn't there some general a [...]

    12. Sooo good! My wife and I really enjoyed and benefitted from this book. The author has terrific voice in his writing, and includes a lot of down-to-earth, humorous points about a marriage. He is a counselor and meets with many different couples, so he's seen the gamut of issues in marriages, ranging from the small, easily fixable problems, down to the horrible, seemingly irreparable damages. He draws extensively from the Song of Solomon as the prime example of beautiful intimacy in marriage, whet [...]

    13. Dr. Clarke presents ideas on how to get back the passion, or rather develop even deeper passion, between husband and wife. His engaging, and often funny, style of writing drew me in to the stories and ideas he presented. But underneath that is a wealth of counseling experience and biblical truths that can help a couple navigate back into a place of burning desire for one another.For me, this was a quick and great read! And I'd recommend it to wives and couples.

    14. This is an easy read to help improve your marriage or the marriage you are preparing for. It will challenge you to think about the needs of your spouse and help you see what your relationship needs to be all God designed it to be. While it uses the Song of Solomon it is not a commentary on the book and was a disappointment for me that way. It picks the parts it wanted to use and discarded the rest. Good for those that need a foundation to start or renew their marriage.

    15. Funny and insightful. Marriage counsel drawn from Song of Solomon. The chapters alternate from principal to application. Clarke relies heavily on Song of Solomon and, in my opinion, ends up reading a lot into the text. The principals are good on their own, but he reads his thoughts into the Bible.This could have been much shorter.

    16. Humorous and insightful, I think the second half of this book was much better than the first. What I mean is that if you're going into this book looking for information applicable to your marriage, I think the second half is where you will find it. I certainly appreciate this author's unbiased view and advice, and have recommended this book.

    17. A study of Song of Solomon, this book is an excellent read for newly-married couples or couples who have been married awhile and need a rekindling in the bedroom. Utilizing frank discussion, the author explains the book of Song of Solomon (or Song of Songs) in such a way that couples are reminded what a gift sex is and how thrilling it can be!

    18. Awesome book! I would recommed, and have to married friends. This book gives some great biblical lessons about love and keeping the romance in your marriage and how that is very biblical based Solmomn's love story.

    19. I like Dr. Clarke's blunt style. He doesn't pull any punches in this book, just says it like it is. It is totally possible to have a passionate marriage "till death you do part", and this book is an excellent instruction manual on just how to do that. Highly recommend.

    20. Warmed over psychological relationship details imprinted on an uncomfortable substructure of the Song of Songs. A free e-book with some encouraging words (not patriarchal, though gender stereotypes are strong), but also some cringe inducing moments.

    21. Tim & I read this book together. Written by a Christian marriage therapist/conference speaker and about the Song of Solomon (Songs) from the Bible. It was very well written, and added a lot of humor. We laughed a lot in this book and thought most of his points were very good.

    22. This book takes a practical and humorous look at marriage through the filter of Song of Solomon. Some of his ideas are a little conservative for me, but for the most part he's got great ideas and advice for keeping a marriage strong.

    23. I wish that I had reviewed this right after I read it. It was good Bible time and I did what the author suggests in his book in order for women to communicate better with their spouses. It was life changing. I recommend it. ESPECIALLY if you need to have some hard talks!

    24. Was very true book. I still have passion in my marriage but I def don't want to lose it! I am thinking of giving this as wedding gifts this year.

    25. Wish I had read this 19 years ago. It would have made the first five much more fulfilling for my wife. Share this with newly weds!

    26. Every married couple should read this book. Although it's written by a man, he doesn't let the men off the hook for the mistakes they make in a marriage. He bases the book on the Song of Solomon.

    27. Very good relationships advice. The much maligned Song of Solomon gets a new positive and very welcome interpretation.

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