The Edge of Impropriety

Popular novelist and Countess of Gorham Marina Wyatt knows her public scandals help sell her romances Her latest novel coincides with the arrival of her lover s uncle, Jasper James Hedges an antiquarian who sees a priceless work of art in Marina For all of her passionate works, none compare to the erotic adventure that Jasper promises
The Edge of Impropriety Popular novelist and Countess of Gorham Marina Wyatt knows her public scandals help sell her romances Her latest novel coincides with the arrival of her lover s uncle Jasper James Hedges an antiquari

  • Title: The Edge of Impropriety
  • Author: Pam Rosenthal
  • ISBN: 9780451233509
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. This was quite unlike anything I've ever read before, except perhaps, my last Pam Rosenthal, Almost a Gentleman' [which, memorably, contained a fisting scene [!!] that was somehow sexy and romantic and is also great and you should read it]. It is baffling to me that The Edge of Impropriety has such a low average rating on this site. It doesn't quite make five stars but it's a solid 4.5.Rosenthal writes mature, adult, modern books, yet she does so in a style which somehow feels like classic Regen [...]

    2. At this rate, I’ve underestimated how many romances out there were written for me. I thought Provocation was good; this one is better. It hits my buttons: the Greek mythology, the cheeky candor, the two mature people who know who they are and what they want and yet still learn and grow. It’s earthy and funny and I’ve been waiting to call a book “earthy” since I started this project. (There’s one scene in the middle that, holy smokes, might be the hottest I’ve read.)The supporting c [...]

    3. This year's RITA winner in the Historical Category. I can see why. Very different sort of romance--the kind you'd like to write, but couldn't get an editor to accept. Yet, Rosenthal did find a publisher of this tender story between a middle-aged novelist at the very end of the regency period and a bachelor antiquarian who has been raising his brother's two children.

    4. Was in the mood for a comfort read, and picked up an older, RITA award-winning Pam Rosenthal off my shelf. The trade paperback size indicates that this falls on the intellectual end of the historical romance spectrum, not a place where too many authors are writing these days, alas. Love the intertwined romances of the mature couple (a thirty-something countess with a scandalous/sad past and a forty-something antiquary scholar with his own past disappointments) and the younger one (the antiquaria [...]

    5. FINALLY finished with this one.I think I would have enjoyed this more if the author had spent more time on the sex and less time congratulating herself on her own cleverness. The writing is both self-conscious and smug; toward the end a minor character thinks (thinks!) the word "synecdoche", which is immediately followed by a brief definition, AND a disapproving reminder that an educated person would already know it. Urgh! There are frequent mentions of historical details so insignificant to the [...]

    6. A bright brief affair between two seemingly incompatible people. A romance in the old-fashioned sense of the genre.I found The Edge of Impropriety on a display of books that had never been checked out at my favorite library. I can't say why it languished on the shelf for five years, but I can say that it's a damn shame.Perhaps the style of the prose is a bit much for your average reader. While the jacket blurb is written in the usual simple, catchy way of such things, the novel itself is written [...]

    7. Jasper seorg bangsawan penyuka seni, terutama patung tiba2 mendapatkan dirinya hrs menjadi ayah perwalian dari kedua ponakannya, Anthony (yg ternyata adalah anak gelapnya) dan Sidney, gadis cilik yang ditinggal mati oleh orangtua mereka karena kapal lautnya karam. Dan kemudian cerita berlanjut 11 tahun kemudian, Jasper pulang kampung utk menengok ponakan laki-lakinya itu yg sudah berubah menjadi adonis yg difavoritkan di seluruh London. Dan tanpa sengaja ia bertemu dgn alias Lady Gorham, sang no [...]

    8. Don't see what the fuss is about with this book. It's occasionally witty and the protagonists are unconventional to be sure, but there's little else to recommend this, other than a well executed painting on the front cover. I could just barely complete it. It's not that steamy either, compared to other historical romances that are out there today.

    9. I really wanted to like this book, but I didn't love the main character enough to finish it. The writing was great, and the approach to a romance novel refreshing. But after a bit I got irritated. Maybe it was just my post-holiday blahs.

    10. Very nicely written. But the story was not really interesting. in fact the side story is much more interesting

    11. 1 ½ stars. The story dragged. Not enough dialogue. The reason? Throughout the book, most scenes were told and not shown. REVIEWER’S OPINION:The writing style is “telling not showing.” Because of this, it was unpleasant. I was not drawn into the story. I felt like something was missing. The plot and events in “outline form” were interesting. The characters were interesting. But I didn’t get to experience anything because of the writing style. It was not emotionally engaging.There was [...]

    12. Not quite a five-star romance, because the chemistry between the couple was good but not great. I loved the characters (and characterization)--and while normally I don't care that much about setting, I found that this book made Regency England feel very real.The heroine is a novelist; the hero a specialist in Greek antiquities who is raising his dead brother's children. They both live on the edge of society for different reasons. Both are frank and open about their desire for an affair, which ma [...]

    13. I'm trying to catch up on the 2009 RITA nominees. This was one of two in the historical category that I hadn't read yet. And WOW! I've enjoyed Pam Rosenthal books before, in particular Almost a Gentleman. But The Edge of Impropriety is her best yet, I think. The hero and heroine are first and foremost grown-ups. I can't think of a historical I've read with a 37 year old heroine. And Marina has certainly done some living in those 37 years. And Jasper even has graying hair! Horrors! I thought his [...]

    14. Novel percintaan dengan latar belakang Inggris awal abad ke-19 ini menghadirkan suasana hangat dengan beberapa tokoh utama yang memiliki karakter yang sangat berlainan. Novel ini bercerita tentang seorang janda bangsawan cantik (Sang Countess), bekas istri simpanan yang sangat suka berganti-ganti pasangan dengan para pemuda bangsawan tampan sejak ditinggal mati suaminya. Ia kemudian berusaha menghidupi dirinya dengan menjadi penulis buku-buku roman. Dalam perjalanannya ia bertemu dengan seorang [...]

    15. Very light summer read - story of Lady in London 1830's with a secret past but a current social diva that writes the latest and greatest novels inspired by the ton she is a part of. Shed ends up falling in love with the hottest young buck in towns uncle (who is really his father, the boy just doesn't know it.) The uncle is a 2nd son, now in charge of raising the young man and his young sister. He is a scholar of Greek sculpture and outdated, but somehow worldly when it comes to sexIndiana Jones [...]

    16. Even though I grew up on Heyers and old Harlequins, I've largely lost interest in romance novels (of the het variety, that is) the past few years. Even the well-written ones have left me feeling pretty bored. Which is a little depressing when you practically cut your eyeteeth on the things. I missed enjoying romance novels. I wanted to like them; I justdidn't.Still, I kept trying, and it did indeed pay off with The Edge of Impropriety. What a delightful, joyous read! Where other novels have seem [...]

    17. I almost finished this novel, but then got distracted by other thingske editing work and reading CryoBurn (which isn't erotic at all, but contains such emotion).I think I had the most trouble with The Edge of Impropriety because I cared so little about the characters. Our heroes were okay and all, but the secondary romance's female half only had two modes: stodgy and whiny (even when she finally got what she wanted). I'd have loved more about the cast of minor characterseven the guy who got offe [...]

    18. I loved that it is so well written (I find so many romances aren't), and then it has these characters from different walks of life, not the main characters but the supporting cast, with their own walks of life, which allows Rosenthal to reinforce her Regency setting with bits and pieces of reality. I love their voices, the perspectives they bring to the historical setting and how well they fit in with the main structure of the novel, without compromising on its genre, which remains, firmly, hist [...]

    19. 3.5 stars!Hmm, coba kuingat-ingat lagiOh well, ceritanya sendiri cukup menarik, tentang sepasang kekasih rahasia yang menghadapi dua kehidupan; kehidupan pribadi dan kehidupan mereka. Mereka berdua harus menyelesaikan masalah--ancaman yang datang agar mereka dapat bersama.Yah walau nggak begitu juga sih. Mereka menyelesaikan masalah mereka sendiri-sendiri lalu baru saja menyadari bahwa mereka ingin bersama.Well satu hal yang ingin kukoreksi adalah sinopsis cerita yang ada di sampul belakang nove [...]

    20. I really like Pam Rosenthal--she puts some great twists on the erotic romance genre that's very cool to read. It's steamy, but she doesn't ignore the character development. I was particularly engaged by Jasper, the middle-aged stuffy academic who's passionate and besotted with Marina (a romance writer of London's high society, which was kind of a fun character beat) and while I knew their affair wasn't going to be temporary (come on, this is a romance novel after all!), I completely bought that [...]

    21. This was the right book at the right time. I spent two days sicker than I want to think about. So sick, I could not read. Then finally, my brain was starting to clear. I still did not want to actually think. So romance to the rescue.Rosenthal had everything I want in a romance. Fun storyline, beautiful characters, sex (in my opinion this was erotic) and even humor. I spent a day immersed in a world where everything will work out - the bad guys lose and the good folks fall in love.Thank you Pam R [...]

    22. This book surprised me it's so much better than it seems, even from the back cover description. It took me a bit to get into it, and then I was totally hooked!Marina and Jasper are magnificent! I really think of them now as one of my all-time favorite couples. Their rendezvous are priceless and unpredictable. I'm amazed at how the author can mix passion, sensuality, and then raw, vulgar sex together and still come out with a story that's less about the vulgar and more about the passion, the conn [...]

    23. Well, I don't suppose I'm going to finish this. I stopped reading it a few weeks ago, and I feel no compulsion to finish it.The writing is beautifully done, but I think the story suffers for it. The story is lost in all the beautiful descriptions of feelings and images. I was reading along, entranced by the beautiful language, and eventually realized I didn't quite care for the characters and had no interest in where they were going. It might be because they began a relationship (sexually) very [...]

    24. This somehow got recommended to me as a great erotic romance novel. It was about as far from an erotic romance as one of those new "bonnet buster" Amish romances are from Anais Nin. I didn't know that one anal sex scene and a few uses of the f-word and the c-word make something "erotic". Lame salad. The romance was great: hero and heroine are both much older and their "coming together" (har har) was as interesting as it was real. A great light romance, but definitely NOT erotica. Don't be fooled [...]

    25. Agak menjijik kan baca s*x scene nya ya [image error]kok frontal banget nyeritain (buat aku sih ini penyimpangan) an*l s*x weeeckkk[image error]As RITA winner I don't like itmikir apa sih juri nya waktu milih buku ini[image error]

    26. I wanted to like this a lot more than I ended up doing. I didn't dislike it--I just finished it and thought that's all? I very much liked the protagonists--both of whom were older and with the accomplishments and regrets of lives lived; I liked the supporting characters, but in the end, it just didn't quite add up. It felt sketched-in in many places and I honestly could have sacrificed the sex scenes for more about the characters.

    27. Awalnya beli neh buku berkat komporan si Merlin yang katanya super hot huahahaalnya bener2 boring, hoahmm.ah beberapa chapter lewat, dan setelah Marina bertemu dengan si James, hmmph> Makin seru, mata makin melek fufuuf dan yang pasti , olalalalala hmmph!!!tapi kisah cinta nya kok ribet bener, ternyata oh ternyata, James dengan salah satu cowok yang pernah berhubungan dengan si marina ternyata dan ternyata si cowok itu :/

    28. This is my 4th Rosenthal book. I like her style of writing and I felt that she did a decent job, but it's not one my favs from her. I say that because I had a hard time "fleshing out" -for lack of better word - her main male character Jasper. Granted she penned him as semi-recluse in the sense of his chosen profession existing in a world of gossip and galas; he just did not come alive for me in this book.

    29. It was mildly amusing, and served its purpose as being brain-candy. I'm not really a huge fan of regency-era novels one way or the other, but the characters were a bit unconventional in being somewhat older, more eccentric, and more independent. The end outcome was actually quite modern in some ways. Honestly, that's really all I have to say about it - it's just not my cup of tea, but I didn't dislike it.

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