This horror story, co written by veteran writer Harry Shannon and newcomer Steven W Booth, is a briskly paced 5,000 word weird western zombie apocalypse tale It appeared in Dead Set A Zombie Anthology, and is also in Harry Shannon s new hardcover collection A Host of Shadows from Dark Regions Press.
Jailbreak This horror story co written by veteran writer Harry Shannon and newcomer Steven W Booth is a briskly paced word weird western zombie apocalypse tale It appeared in Dead Set A Zombie Anthology

  • Title: Jailbreak
  • Author: Harry Shannon Steven W. Booth
  • ISBN: 2940011074806
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Nook
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    1. This 5,000 word short story is meant as an introduction and promo (It's free for the Kindle) for Shannon's novel The Hungry. Should you read this? Please take the following short quiz.1. Do you crave zombie stories?2. When you read a western, do you think, "This could use some zombies".3. Does the phrases, "Blood came out of her quick as a double-dicked bull pissing on a flat rock" or "I'm serious as liver cancer, sheriff" make you giggle?4. Does the idea of Suzanne "She's The Sheriff" Somers i [...]

    2. Although this is only a short story it packs a hell of a punch. The story starts as the zombies come out to play with a rapid exchange between two officers over the radio, one rushing to get back to the station the other not quite able to believe what she is hearing. The story is fast paced and rapidly goes from bad to worse to hell as the four survivers try to stay that way and escape before they join the zombie ranks.

    3. Although super short, this is one great, rollicking zombie tale! I truly enjoyed this introduction to Sheriff Penny Miller, so much so that I happily spent $3.99 buying the full-length novel that this short excerpt was from, THE HUNGRY. For all fans of zombie reads, pick up this free Kindle download while you can. You'll be hungry for the full story when you're done!

    4. Really great action and a set up that HAS to pay off by novel's end. I am looking forward to the rest of this novel.

    5. Sheriff Penny Miller and her deputies are suddenly forced to hole up and attempt to survive a zombie attack. Along for the ride are 2 prisoners who remain under the watchful eye of the law. The question soon arises of whether to set the prisoners free to assist in their defense/possible escape or to keep them in their cells. Will Sheriff Penny make the right decision or will there be hell to pay?The short story Jailbreak originally appeared in the charity anthology "Dead Set: A Zombie Anthology" [...]

    6. Steven W. Booth and Harry Shannon, Jailbreak (Steven W. Booth, 2010)Turns out this Kindle freebie is the first two chapters of Booth and Shannon's new novel, The Hungry. God marketing strategy, that, though I wish I'd known it going in (and that's why I mentioned it in the first sentence of the review). It certainly has an unfinished feel to it, which is part of the reason I rated it as low as I did; I would have probably been more forgiving knowing there were more chapters coming. The other par [...]

    7. It seems like it's always the sheriff caught in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. This time, Sheriff Penny Miller has the added complication of two untrustworthy criminals locked up in the county jail. She can't. in good conscious, leave them to die, but she's just as apt to be killed by the convicts as she is the undead.I could see myself reading the rest of this series. After all, it's not often you run across a zombie thriller with a female lead who can obviously take care of herself. Shan [...]

    8. I'm not a huge fan of zombie stories - they're mostly "groaning zombies, lots of 'em, shoot, kill, try to survive." But this is a very well-written zombie story - suspenseful, twists aplenty, and a fast read. Fans of the traditional zombie genre should love it. I rated it 4 stars because it is technically well-written and should appeal to those who enjoy this sort of thing - me, not so much. I thought about getting the novel The Hungry, which continues the story, but I think I'll pass for now. M [...]

    9. I read the reviews before downloading this one, fully preparing myself to either like it or hate it. Instead, I loved it! Although it's a short story, and a prelude to the rest of the series, it served its purpose: it entertained me enough to make me want to read more. It also ended fairly, not abruptly. The sheriff is well-written (although I wish she'd been harder on Wells) and I think will make for an interesting heroine down the road. I look forward to learning what started Mayberry's zombie [...]

    10. I was given this book in return for an honest review. Sheriff Penny Miller and Deputy Bob are trapped in the station with 2 jailbirds. Zombies have surrounded and are inside the building. They will need the cooperation of the convicts too stay alive. Not everyone will make it out, and those that do, still might not make it. This was a short story, but really wets your appetite for more Sheriff Penny Miller and zombies.

    11. Tough sheriff Penny Miller is really up against it this time. Zombies are invading her town.Contained a very funny penis put-down line: That little things wouldn't scare a gnat into buying a diaphragm.Too short to get a good feel but enjoyed what there was of it. Longer would have gotten some more stars.

    12. A quick zombie story about the law and a criminal who need to work together to survive. Or do they? A fresh zombie story with a focus on the dynamics of the relationships in an intense survival setting.

    13. A short about an upcoming series, starring Penny Miller, a Sheriff who lost it all, because she decided to trust the wrong man. Yet justice was served after his death was paid equally for the death on his hands of her deputy Wells.

    14. I really loved this short story; it was fast paced and keeps me entranced with how or if the characters were going to escape. I would recommend this book to all zombie fans!!!

    15. Short story, the MC was great and it was a fun enough read that I'm really interested in reading the next one.

    16. i liked this short story it was funny and well written. Can't wait to read the full novel that comes after this!

    17. Fantastic short, and I hate short stories. I bought all his books on Sheriff Miller since reading it.

    18. This book was annoying. Glad it was short. Won't be reading the next in the series. 2 stars is a reach

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