Amore e amicizia e altri scritti giovanili

Dopo qualche anno avrebbe scritto i romanzi che l hanno immortalata come una delle autrici pi popolari e amate di tutti i tempi, ma gi da giovanissima, in un et compresa tra i dodici e i diciotto anni, Jane Austen si dilettava con il gioco della scrittura La caricatura di una storia dell Inghilterra descritta da uno storico parziale, prevenuto e ignorante che mette aDopo qualche anno avrebbe scritto i romanzi che l hanno immortalata come una delle autrici pi popolari e amate di tutti i tempi, ma gi da giovanissima, in un et compresa tra i dodici e i diciotto anni, Jane Austen si dilettava con il gioco della scrittura La caricatura di una storia dell Inghilterra descritta da uno storico parziale, prevenuto e ignorante che mette alla berlina i manuali scolastici dell epoca, due esempi di quel romanzo epistolare cos di moda alla fine del secolo, uno dei quali d il titolo all antologia e il primo atto di una commedia mai compiuta, sono gli scritti giovanili, raccolti insieme ad altri in tre quaderni nel 1793 Essi contengono in nuce i temi che saranno costanti e fondamentali per l autrice gli amori non corrisposti, i viaggi, gli incontri di una giovane ben educata e perfettamente inserita nella societ inglese contemporanea, con i suoi riti e i suoi pregiudizi.
Amore e amicizia e altri scritti giovanili Dopo qualche anno avrebbe scritto i romanzi che l hanno immortalata come una delle autrici pi popolari e amate di tutti i tempi ma gi da giovanissima in un et compresa tra i dodici e i diciotto anni

  • Title: Amore e amicizia e altri scritti giovanili
  • Author: Jane Austen Malcom Skey Stefania Censi
  • ISBN: 9788874370580
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Jane Austen. You may have heard of her. She wrote a book called Pride and Prejudice, later made famous by dashing actor Colin Firth and his wet shirt. Many Americans still want her autograph and others ask questions as to whether she might be enjoyed by male readers, the answer to which may seriously cause me concerns regarding my sexual and gender identity.Austen refuses to throw any Conan the Barbarian-like bones to her male readership, who are going to have to take it on trust that their peni [...]

    2. I discovered this little gem a few months ago and couldn't pass it up since it was Jane Austen! A compilation of stories, some finished and some not (or at least they felt unfinished to me), some sent to family members for various reasons, others discovered after her death, and all a good deal of fun to read. Since most are pretty short, it was easy to read bits and pieces as the notion arose. Many of the stories are written in epistolary form as well and I really enjoyed that aspect of them. On [...]

    3. Whew finallyok me almost a year to finish that since I was reading a million other things. Anyway, hilarious and delightful early Austen--she wrote this stuff when she was like 12, 13, 14kes me feel even worse for thinking Twilight was a good book when I was 12.Would recommend for the big Austen fans who have been through all 6 of the novels and want more! But be aware these stories are quite different in content and tone at times!

    4. I'm so happy I got to discover this part of Jane Austen. I loved the stories, no matter how ridiculous, and often couldn't stop myself from laughing out loud. Jane Austen was truly brilliant, and these works make that ever the more obvious. Without a doubt this little collection makes me appreciate her and her famous works even more than I did before!

    5. Meglio di Zelig!Si tratta di racconti inediti, scritti giovanili non destinati alla pubblicazione dati in pasto al pubblico senza uno straccio di introduzione, come una pietanza fredda da buttar giù "sta' zitt e magna!". Eppure ci sarebbero tante domande e curiosità che non vengono soddisfatte e che bisogna appagare altroveNonostante la mancanza di introduzione però il libretto risulta godibilissimo, soprattutto i primi tre scritti: i due racconti epistolari "Amore e Amicizia" e "Lesley Castl [...]

    6. I can't say that this is one of my favorites of Austen's. It was very quick, and very short, and funny in an over-the-top way, but I find that I much prefer her subtlety. Considering how young she was when writing this though, it's pretty damn impressive. "Run mad as often as you chuse; but do not faint--"Words to live by. ;)

    7. I think I'm just not into Austen. granted, this was written when she was very young, but I find a lot of her works quite hard to understand, both in language and very British centric culture. may pick this up again, or another one of her novels- but I'm not really feeling it right now.

    8. This collection of writings of a young Jane Austen is enjoyable in its own right, but particularly of interest to the casual JA fan who only is acquainted through her 6 complete novels. Written between the ages of 12 and 19, these works show an impressive understanding of literary parody (thanks to the extensive notes included in this edition) which demonstrates that, in spite of a lack of structured education, she was indeed well-read and had been instilled with reason and logic from an early a [...]

    9. Delightful. Austen was a sharp observer of the ridiculous even in her teens, and this short epistolary novel and fragments of other works presages her novels to come. She has a particularly keen eye for the ridiculousness of young women in love.Some of the letters contain names that will reappear in Austen's novels - Dashwood, Willoughby, Crawford, Jane, Elinor, Louisa, Charlotte, Edward. I enjoyed "THE FIRST ACT OF A COMEDY," which reads like the start of a musical, complete with unnecessary ex [...]

    10. Fainting spells, arranged marriages, an excess of victuals, jealous stepmothers anddid I mention fainting spells? Such are the topics in Jane Austen's juvenilia. This book contains short stories told in epistolary form. Written by Austen when she was 14-16 years old, they are a testament to the author's wit and penchant for writing some of the most comical characters in print. I read this book on my iPod, and I love that the version I read kept all of Jane Austen's original misspellings. Some ne [...]

    11. Free download available at Project GutenbergNTENTSLOVE AND FREINDSHIPLETTER the FIRST From ISABEL to LAURALETTER 2nd LAURA to ISABELLETTER 3rd LAURA to MARIANNELETTER 4th Laura to MARIANNELETTER 5th LAURA to MARIANNELETTER 6th LAURA to MARIANNELETTER 7th LAURA to MARIANNELETTER 8th LAURA to MARIANNE, in continuationLETTER the 9th From the same to the sameLETTER 10th LAURA in continuationLETTER 11th LAURA in continuationLETTER the 12th LAURA in continuationLETTER the 13th LAURA in continuationLET [...]

    12. Jelikož jsem si o této sbírce rané prózy Jane Austenové dopředu nic nezjistila, byla jsem po prvních stránkách poměrně překvapená stylem psaní, chováním postav i prostředím. To proto, že Láska a Přátelství a další prózy vůbec nejsou jako nejslavnější romány Austenové. Jsou téměř jejich opakem, jsou vtipné, sarkastické a strefují se bez okolků do čehokoli, k čemu měla mladičká Jane Austenová (napsáno v jejích třinácti až sedmnácti letech) nějak [...]

    13. The endless swooning in "Love and Freindship" and the Stephen Fry-witty "History of England" were quite amusing, but the remaining works were indeed juvenile and not particularly stimulating. Jane clearly found her voice at an early age, and her language is as ever a delight, but any aspiring author who thinks that their diaries make interesting reads should have a glance at the young Miss Austen's letters and ask themselves if there is any resemblance; all flowery language, little substance and [...]

    14. I confess I read Love & Freindship and not the "other works," but I hope to come back to them. L&F is hilarious though and I kind of wish the Whit Stillman movie was actually based on, well, Love & Freindship instead of Lady Susan.

    15. To have written these works before the age of 17 is a mark of Austen's genius. She ridicules the silliness of Society and Sentiment with a truly acid wit, and a worldliness far beyond her years.

    16. When I studied Jane Austen at university I imagined her a middle-aged, strong -willed , intelligent woman who happened to live in the wrong age for her wish for independence and was quite angry for her unlucky fate. I thought her as proud as Elizabeth, as sensible and good mannered as Elinore, quite reserved and very generous like Anne Elliot. Anyhow, I got the image of the serious, reserved spinster feeling rather superior to many other women who had to come to a compromise with marriage.Readin [...]

    17. This includes Jane Austen’s juvenilia, but it seems that editions vary quite a lot. My edition, by Hesperus Press-perus (view spoiler)[(I know I’m not funny but I couldn’t resist the way it sounds) (hide spoiler)] includes Love and Friendship (I prefer ‘Freindship’, the original spelling by the author, myself), The Three Sisters (an unfinished work), and A Collection of Letters, which is just five individual satirical letters giving snapshots of characters in different situations. They [...]

    18. For my full review: girlwithherheadinabook/2Love and Freindship and Other Youthful Writings is a new paperback release from Penguin, offering an anthology collection of Jane Austen’s juvenilia, including snippets dating back to when the author was just eleven years old. The book offers fascinating and at times tantalising glimpses of the author in training, a young girl writing purely for her own amusement and that of her family, but then every so often she turns a particular phrase which betr [...]

    19. Since begining my Jane Austen studies I came across Love and freindship and grew extremely interested in its stories. Recently I was reading her most well known six novels (Persuasion is yet to be read) I figured I'd take some time and read some Juvenilia and embrace a lighter more immature side of Jane. I have to say it was a good choice- I love Jane but her novels are a project in themselves- and it was nice to enjoy some teenage humor for a couple of hours before getting back to the mature Ja [...]

    20. AMORE E AMICIZIAE' la parodia del romanzo sentimentale, è il romanticismo portato all'estremo con accenti languidi e un concentrato di sventure che invece di mettere in rilievo l'eroicità dei protagonisti, ne svelano la mediocrità e insulsaggine, suscitando sentimenti di ridicolo anziché di stima. E' questo il caso di Laura, l'autrice delle 15 lettere indirizzate alla figlia della sua migliore (si fa per dire) amica,ove narra "i molti dolori" della sua vita passata e quindi del suo amore con [...]

    21. "Armati, mia amabile Giovane Amica, di tutta la filosofia di cui sei Padrona; raccogli tutta la forza d'animo che possiedi, poiché Ahimè! nell'esaminare le pagine seguenti la tua sensibilità sarà messa a durissima prova".Questa piccola raccolta racchiude quattro scritti che fanno parte della produzione minore di Jane Austen:- Frederic & Elfrida - Jack & Alice - Amore e Amicizia - Lady Susan.Come spiega Ginevra Bompiani nell'introduzione dell'edizione italiana per la casa editrice La [...]

    22. Jane Austen has basically always gotten a rough shake, because literary misogyny exists and anyone who writes about bonnets is always going to find herself dismissed by one half of humanity and read feverishly—but only for the bonnets—by half of the other half. The truth, of course, is less frilly and floral than the background for the photo above would suggest. Consensus on Austen for a while now has generally been that she was a shrewd and uncompromising chronicler of human hypocrisy and f [...]

    23. I borrowed this book from my sister, who's the genuine Jane Austen fan (although I did discover it in the first place when out book shopping). I wanted to give Pride and Prejudice and Emma another shot, but before that, I thought I'd have a look at Ms. Austen's juvenilia.Love and Friendship is a wildly over the top, epistolary satire which starts off with a plot hole - why couldn't Isabel tell Marianne Laura's story if she knew it as well? In any case, the letters are a fun excuse for Ms. Austen [...]

    24. A collection of Jane Austen's work written when she was around 14 to 17 or so, but not published until long after her death.Book Review: Love and Freindship (yes, that's the correct title) is not the acclaimed 2016 film by Whit Stillman; that movie is based on Austen's early novella, Lady Susan. This book contains four examples of Austen's juvenilia, including her "History of England." These stories are not lengthy, complete, or overtly similar to her later works (and her spelling needs work). W [...]

    25. Love and Freindship by Jane Austen is among her earliest stories written for her family’s entertainment, and she’s said to have written it sometime between ages 14 and 17. Yes, it is complete with misspellings in the title and throughout the short story, which unfolds in letters mostly from Laura to Marianne. Laura tells a tale of misfortune and love to an apparently young and impressionable Marianne, her friend Isabel’s daughter.The story begins with a plea from Isabel to Laura to discuss [...]

    26. Chapter 4 in "Becoming Jane Austen" titled "The Good Apprentice" does an amazing analysis of JA's Juvenilia, all written between the ages of roughly 12 and 18 ie. the years 1787 and 1793.I decided I had better reread all this to fully understand said Chapter 4 d it is absolutely hilarious!!!I am having a ball and can't put it down. Very burlesque, outrageous, ruthless.So many echoes of what she WAS to write. Fascinating.A must for any JA fan in its own right, I'd say.Very short pieces, unfinishe [...]

    27. This is a collection of some of Jane Austen's youthful writings (before she was 17 years old).They are not as "polished" as her later novels, but they're witty and satirical and critical in a way that is different to her published works, when she finetuned and sometimes toned down social commentary.The early writings are very interesting to read, they let you see where Jane Austen started and came from and it's amazing to see how much she already perceived in her teens, how well she expressed he [...]

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