Il Dio dei sogni

C era un tempo lontano in cui gli eremiti respiravano sottacqua, i maiali sapevano cantare e i bambini a lungo sognati finivano per nascere davvero Era il tempo di Angus, figlio di Dagda, dispettoso sovrano degli dei celtici, e della ninfa Boann Bellissimo, forte e buono, ogni notte Angus portava i sogni a uomini e animali Era molti mondi fa, ma ancora oggi nell eternC era un tempo lontano in cui gli eremiti respiravano sottacqua, i maiali sapevano cantare e i bambini a lungo sognati finivano per nascere davvero Era il tempo di Angus, figlio di Dagda, dispettoso sovrano degli dei celtici, e della ninfa Boann Bellissimo, forte e buono, ogni notte Angus portava i sogni a uomini e animali Era molti mondi fa, ma ancora oggi nell eterna e mutevole giostra delle vicende umane, tra il dolore di un tradimento, la solitudine di un ragazzo senza padre, la magia di un segreto da amanti e la forza di un ultimo abbraccio ogni notte la mano di Angus accarezza la nostra fronte E prova a offrirci una risposta Cinque personaggi, cinque storie, per un unica, modernissima favola sullo strabiliante potere dei sogni.
Il Dio dei sogni C era un tempo lontano in cui gli eremiti respiravano sottacqua i maiali sapevano cantare e i bambini a lungo sognati finivano per nascere davvero Era il tempo di Angus figlio di Dagda dispettoso s

  • Title: Il Dio dei sogni
  • Author: Alexander McCall Smith Giovanni Garbellini
  • ISBN: 9788817012614
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
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    1. Crê, ó criança, no deus da juventudeMas pousa a cabecita e vai descansar.Já o lesto Angus vem saltando pela urze,Os seus lábios teu nome vão pronunciar,Traz no saco prendas para te ofertar,E tudo isto é verdade, ó criança, tudoage: (A Long Island Lake, William Merritt Chase, 1890)Segundo livro lido da série Canongate Myth, este inspirado em Angus da mitologia céltica Irlandesa e Escocesa, Deus dos sonhos, amor e juventude. Por Caer, uma bela rapariga por quem se apaixonou e que, de te [...]

    2. Zbog ove knjige mi je žao da je Canongate uspio objaviti tako malo naslova, jer bi se sigurno u tom nizu naslo jos nekoliko ovako predivnih iskustava.Svaka od priča ima neki prigušeni mračni ton zbog kojeg je sve tako uvjerljivo sanjarsko i izrazito moćno, na toliko puno razina. I svaka gađa vrlo precizno u bit.Izdvajam Postoji li negdje mjesto za svinje? I Sanjam o tebi. Definitivno dostojno samog Angusa. Uljepšao mi je sve.

    3. Angus is the illegitimate son of the head of the Celtic gods, The Dagda (referred to here as just Dagda). Like Zeus, Dagda has a wandering eye for women. The river spirit Boann catches his eye one day and he proceeds to set up a successful seduction. From the moment Angus is born it is obvious that he is a gentle spirit and will be universally loved. Songbirds circle his head to serenade him to sleep as he rocks in his cradle, and the wildest hunting dog calms when in his presence.Dagda steals A [...]

    4. In this interpretation of a classic Celtic myth, rewritten by Alexander McCall Smith of mystery novel fame, we discover the life and times of Angus, God of Dreams. A clever, lovely young God with a penchant for birds and pigs, Angus is a bringer of happiness. In McCall's version, Angus's ancient myth is presented alongside contemporary fictional tales of his influence on several individuals. The stories are touching in and of themselves, but the way in which they are interwoven with the very tra [...]

    5. Rating: 3.5* of fiveA very interesting idea for a series, this. Retell the classic myths of the world from a new perspective, only a serious point is to be made: Myths are the stories of our collective unconscious, and can always bear updating.It works out well in Dream Angus in large part because McCall Smith is Dream Angus's little brother. He creates magical invisible kingdoms of thought and convinces the millions that they're real and they're worth visiting time after time after time (Isabel [...]

    6. I don't actually know anything about the myth of Angus, had never heard of The Dagda, so I had nothing to draw on in terms of comparing this telling to the myth itself. Therefore I can't say how it compares, or even if I was missing anything by having no prior knowledge.One of the titles in Canongate's The Myths series, Dream Angus centers around Angus, a God of Love and Dreams. Born to Boann, after she was tricked by Dagda, Angus is quickly stolen from his mother and handed off to one of his ki [...]

    7. Like poetry. I loved this book and how it interspersed the retelling of Dream Angus with modern stories, which were parallels or companions to the myths. I loved the emotional resonance that carries over from the myths into the modern stories, and their psychological realism, even though they, too, didn't seem quite real, as if they also belonged to the realm of the mystical, seeming altogether larger than life. What a gorgeous, wonderful experience. I read this on the heels of reading Gilgamesh [...]

    8. you may sleep now,For Dream Angus leaps light across the heather,And the name upon his lips is your name,And the gifts that he bears are gifts for you-- Page 173, Dream Angus by Alexander McCall SmithI found this book completely by random in the bargain section of the local Barnes & Noble. I wasn't even really looking in the bargain section, but this book caught my eye for some reason as we were walking by. I found myself picking it up to see what it was. And then I found myself buying it be [...]

    9. I love the Canongate Myth series, but finding one that was written by the gent behind the Number One Ladies Detective Agency had me doubting the quality a little, and the curation of the series as a whole. Margaret Atwood, yes, Jeanette Winterton, definitely, A.S. Byatt, sure. This guy? Hmm.I was wrong. There's a little bit of magic in these pages. So much so that I read the just shy of 200 pages in a couple of hours this evening. I never do that. Ever. Alexander McCall Smith has hit an almost p [...]

    10. Conosco poco la mitologia celtica/irlandese e non avevo mai sentito parlare di Angus, dio dei Sogni, dell'Amore e dell'eterna Giovinezza. Questa mia lacuna avrebbe potuto incentivare un giudizio più largamente positivo per questo libro, che racconta la storia della divinità. Tuttavia, il piacere di scoprire un nuovo mito - e non saprei dire quanto ci sia di rielaborato, da parte dell'autore - è stato macchiato da una scrittura un po' troppo infantile - tale parrebbe essere il target del libro [...]

    11. Why did I read it? I like the idea of modern takes on older myths and this was available as part of my subscription to an audio book site.Synopsis: It starts with the old celtic myth of Angust, starting with his parents and his birth, interspersed with Alexander McCall Smith's stories based on the myth.What did I like? I liked how it weaved back and forth from the time of myth to more modern life stories and how these new stories reflected the life of the Angus of old. Somehow, they enhanced the [...]

    12. I think what I liked best about this book is the introduction. I knew nothing about Angus, so was happy to get background information. And I loved these lines by Smith in his introduction (and felt that they could speak to those readers of Atwood's The Penelopiad who seem so furious with her for her retelling):Purists may object to this, but myths live, and are there to be played with. At the same time, it is important to remind readers that if they want the medieval versions, unsullied by 21st [...]

    13. There are two main reasons that I didn't particularly like this book:1) It wasn't what I expected. That's my own fault; I thought it was going to be all about Dream Angus, the god. I thought it was going to follow his life with himself as the main character, like how a book about Coyote would include many stories of his mischief. Or an epic, like how a book about Achilles would follow his life from birth to death. The beginning of the book had a couple stories about Dream Angus, but the rest wer [...]

    14. I really loved Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith. It was a quick read which kept me engaged, and Smith weaves words and sentences and stories together so beautifully; it's wonderful.McCall Smith weaved stories of Angus (god of dreams) together with the modern tales of people who need his assistance. There was the story of the young newlywed wanting to know her husband better; the story of the two brothers; the story of Ginger and her son Mark; the story of the animal keeper at the science ce [...]

    15. I can do no wrong when it comes to picking books these days. My latest serendipitous choice: Dream Angus by Alexander McCall Smith. It's very different from the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series. Much as I liked those, I was getting a bit tired of them. I read the first of the Sunday Philosophy Club series set in Edinburgh, and it was ok, but it didn't seem to break any new ground. This though, this is really good. It's a retelling of the Scots/Irish legend of Angus, a mythical figure who brin [...]

    16. Born of the water spirit Boann and the powerful god Dagda of Irish-Scottish mythology, Dream Angus, Eros, the god of dreams, love, youth, and beauty figures in these ten stories. The modern setting in "Is there a place to go", set at a research centre which uses genetic engineering to make replacement tissue for humans, raises an ethical issue in the treatment of animals. In "My brother", a younger sibling realizes his older brother's companionship must eventually bow to change. In "Another boy [...]

    17. As much as I absolutely love Alexander McCall Smith, this book was a little too weird for me--I can see why I found it at the dollar store. It was really short and I guess it's part of a longer series, each one about different myths. It's based on the myth of Angus, Celtic God of Dreams, and the stories about him are bizarre--but no more so than the crazy stories from Greek Mythology.McCall Smith retells the myth, but adds a few stories of his own--well-written, but too short--I wanted more deta [...]

    18. I either wasn't in the right mindset to read this book, or it's just not that good. I hope it's the former.The reading slump continues, but what I do have to say about this books is that, even though gorgeous both in writing and storytelling, it often felt forcedly lyrical, as if pompous and profound phrases were the main tools used to write this book. Some parts I really enjoyed for their beauty, but the others were kind of annoying. Some parts of the stories felt rushed and pointless and even [...]

    19. Alexander McCall Smith is a master storyteller, and he wove 10 tales here based on the myth of the Celtic god of dreams, Angus. Some are ancient stories he has conjured while others are set in the 21st Century. A fun and quick read.

    20. As part of the Canongate Myth Series, one of my favorite authors retells some stories about Angus, who can control dreams. It was interesting - all new to me.

    21. If this is indicative of the MYTHS series, I would like to read ALL of them. Nice mixture of old and new stories about Angus and his influence [and of cour4se makes me think of the 44 Scotland dog!]

    22. I liked it, but not as much as other novels by McCall Smith. I love his No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series.

    23. "In my experience, dreams are unreliable, and the lovers whom people see in their dreams, well Put it this way, I'm not exactly convinced. Far from it." - Thoughts on Dream Angus by Alexander McCall SmithSigh. I hate it when a book disappoints me, especially when I've convinced myself early on that I will love, oh I will love it so, so much. Alexander McCall Smith's Dream Angus is my fourth Canongate Myth, and even before I've started reading the series, just when I was learning about them and r [...]

    24. Etter 8 bøker fra samme forfatter i serien "Damenes Detektivbyrå nr. 1", en fantastisk "feelgood krim" plassert i Gaborone/Botswana, så jeg virkelig fram til å lese denne boka som jeg fikk av Line - en helt annerledes bok av Alexander McCall Smith basert på den keltiske myten "Angus the Celtic God of Dreams". Boka er forøvrig bok nummer 6 i Myteserien. Myteserien er en internasjonal bokserie som kommer ut i over 30 land. En rekke anerkjente forfattere fra forskjellige deler av verden har s [...]

    25. Dream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams is a library book. I’d heard of McCall Smith and his famous No I Ladies Detective Agency novels but I had never read him. Dream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams is part of the Canongate Myths series. I’ve read two of these, The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christi and The Fire Gospel and intend to read them all eventually.I really enjoyed reading Dream Angus: The Celtic God of Dreams. McCall Smith writes this very short novel in the form of a series o [...]

    26. Never heard of Angus? Me neither! And I consider myself relatively well-exposed to Greek, Roman, Norse and some Anglo-Saxon/Celtic mythology. But no worries, Mr McCall does an excellent job of introducing us to this Celtic god of dreams. The origins of Angus are typical: just as Zeus, king of the Greek gods, disguised himself in many different forms in order to seduce a chosen female target, the king of Celtic gods The Dagda disguised himself as a holy man and seduced Boann, a water spirit who h [...]

    27. Flitting in amongst the lives and dreams of modern day Irish folk, Angus, deliverer of dreams and igniter of passions and love, takes on the persona of a therapist, a tow-headed and simple-minded youth, or the ancient regalia as the son of the Dagda, the highest of the Irish deities. McCall Smith crafts a series of delightful short stories, rife with the connections between people and the failings therein. Whether describing the beautiful beginnings of a newlywed couple or the wrenching betrayal [...]

    28. Angus, the Celts' god of dreams, youth and general gorgeousness, is the occasional hero of McCall Smith's commission in Canongate's bold Myths series. It's a powerful, affecting legend - I remember my mother singing the traditional ballad to me as a lullaby: 'dreams to sell, fine dreams to sell' I was 41 at the time mind youif you want to hear a modern take on the song then Barbara Dickson's rich contralto breathes life into it on her Full Circle album.This then is a dreamy sort of book, its sto [...]

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