The Doomsday Brunette

The hilarious sequel to The plutonium Blonde In the year 2057, the last freelance private investigator, partnered with an experimental A.I named Harv, solves cases involving androids, future tech wizards, and all sorts of mayhem
The Doomsday Brunette The hilarious sequel to The plutonium Blonde In the year the last freelance private investigator partnered with an experimental A I named Harv solves cases involving androids future tech wiza

  • Title: The Doomsday Brunette
  • Author: John Zakour Lawrence Ganem
  • ISBN: 9780756400903
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Please note: I read and reviewed this book in 2007. Copying over review from .Overview and Synopsis: Zachary Nixon Johnson is the last private eye on Earth - and he wouldn't have it any other way. When he receives a call at 3 am from Ona Thompson - the richest being on the planet - he really has no option but to do as she directs and come to her complex. There he finds her in the company of her siblings - Twoa, Threa and Fora. Of course, there is a problem - Fora is dead. This is made even more [...]

    2. What can you say about a book that is dedicated to Ellery Queen, DC Comics, and MAD magazine? You can definitely state that The Doomsday Brunette is not hard science-fiction. Indeed, the only science in it is pulp magazine science or "weird science," if you will. But the novel takes place in the far-future where droids, blasters, hoverjets, and cloning are commonplace.This novel series, more "Myth-Adventures" in science-fiction than Robert Asprin's own Phoule series, is a fabulous romp through w [...]

    3. This is the sequel to "The Plutonium Blonde" which I really enjoyed. The premise is that the main character is the last private detective in the world, so it's set in the future, but it has that noir detective kind of feel to it. So SF detective noir. I'd seen the books in the series on the shelf a while ago but hesitated to buy them.I should not have hesitated. The first book rocked, and the second one does as well. It continues the adventures of Zach, with a new case, this time dealing with fo [...]

    4. This series is like popcorn. This second book keeps on delivering more of what we got in the first!

    5. Ona, Twoa, Threa and Foraa Thompson were enhanced at birth by their brilliant scientist father to become super-humans. Known as the "Quads", the famous four sisters don't get along since the death of their father, and are therefore adored by the media. The mystery starts when Ona Thompson invites her sisters for dinner and things don't go exactly as planned as Foraa ends up dead - but not before leaving an encrypted message behind. Ona hires Zach to find the killer or to at least prove her innoc [...]

    6. I found this one better paced than the first, which makes sense, since it often seems that the second book in any series is better. The author has already set up the world so they can spend less time on that this go around. I did find it annoying when he kept reexplaining things from the first book, such as who was who and such, it just never seems to flow right and this book was no exception.Overall the characters and the world they have created seemed more natural and to flow better and the st [...]

    7. Awesome sequel! I thought the first book was over-the-top pulpy brilliance but this second fare is more of the same but with some interesting characters. The Quads are the highlight of the show and they are bloody fantastic:1) The story is similar to Plutonium Blonde: Pulpy, hilarious, tongue in cheek, over-the-top SF goodness. It was a rollercoaster from start to finish and the last 1/3 of the book is batshit crazy is a fun way :)2)Zakour's writing style and dialog is great; fun, sarcastic and [...]

    8. GraphicAudio is a fantastic concept really, a throw back to the old radio dramas of the 30s and 40s, making use of modern technology to create amazingly well produced full cast audiobooks. With the right source material, it's going to be a gold idea every time.John Zakour's series about the last Private Eye is wacky, ridiculous and hilarious - a perfect match for GraphicAudio and a stunning, highly entertaining package over all.The twists and turns never really stop from the first page onwards, [...]

    9. I read the first Zach Johnson book years ago, when it was new. I didn't even know they made a series of novels until about a month ago. Great stuff. Doing a hard-boiled, science fiction, detective, comedic series sounds like it can be tough, but Zarkour and Ganem pull it off well. An interesting mystery, that kind of drags in the middle. But the characters are so entertaining you hardly notice. (I think it helps that the book is a fairly short 350 pages.) Once things pick up, the book takes a to [...]

    10. A very enjoyable novel. I thought the pastiche of pulp sci-fi and detective worked together very well and avoided the heavy, over-the-top clich├ęs that I feared going in. There were a few places where I laughed out loud. Very well-done, and I will definitely read more in this series in the future.

    11. When Zach Johnson, the last detective on Earth is called in to investigate the murder of a woman who is nigh invulnerable, all hell breaks loose.Set in the near future, the Doomsday Brunette is an excellent modern-day pulp fiction novel of humor and action. This is the second novel in a series, but can be read as a stand-alone work. Perfect for light, yet enthralling reading.

    12. I love the pulpy, tongue-in-cheek yet "reverent" sci-fi PI story that Zakour has created. He shows respect to both genres but absolutely leaves his fingerprint on them, making something that is uniquely his own. They are always fun, often laugh out loud. The real relationships and banter between his characters makes me feel right at home.

    13. I read and liked the first, and then got my hands on "Frost-Haired Vixen," which I didn't like. A friend said this was his favorite of the series, though, so I'm giving Zach one more tryA: This just didn't hold my interest. It wasn't bad by any stretch just not good enough.

    14. This is book two in a series and it is more of the same, entertaining and humorous sci-fi/detective schtick. These books will not win any pulitzer prizes but I haven't liked any of those award winning books anyway. These are fun and entertaining, what more do you need in a book?

    15. Ugh, this was too good. I fucking adore this series. I think it's my favorite of Graphic Audio's productions that's I've listened to. Can't wait to listen to book 3

    16. A standard mystery with a Sam Spade-ish hero wrapped up in a Sci Fi B-movie. Rather fun really -- filled my airplane-fluff-reading quotient quite nicely.

    17. Each of these Zachary Nixon novels leave me wanting for more! They get better and better, and Zakour's ability to dream up new and inventive "women" for Nixon to mess with - wowzer!

    18. Interesting. The noir-in-the-future shtick is getting a bit tired after two books, and I saw several of the plot twists coming. Fun climax.

    19. So far features some of my favorite female characters in this series, and this series contains a lot of excellent women characters. What can I say? The quads are just that addicting!

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