The Blue-Haired Bombshell

The world s last freelance detective, Zach Johnson, must find the assassin who murdered Sexy Sprocket and two other members of the World Council His investigation leads him to the Moon and to a tall, sensuous, blue haired beauty named Lea who possesses psychic powers, and powerful ambitions
The Blue Haired Bombshell The world s last freelance detective Zach Johnson must find the assassin who murdered Sexy Sprocket and two other members of the World Council His investigation leads him to the Moon and to a tall

  • Title: The Blue-Haired Bombshell
  • Author: John Zakour
  • ISBN: 9780756404550
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
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    1 thought on “The Blue-Haired Bombshell”

    1. The best installment of series yet. So very over the top, so much hilarity. Clever twists, blue-haired damsels and apes on the moon. Completely nuts.

    2. The Blue-Haired Bombshell is the fifth book in the Zachary Nixon Johnson series from John Zakour. I really like the main character in this series, and I like the humorous and over-the-top riff on detective noir fiction with all of the SF elements mixed in.In this book, we get to see the relationship between the Earth and the Moon in this SF future, and it isn't good. Most of the book revolves around the fact that the Moon would like independence from the Earth, for various reasons, not the least [...]

    3. Still ridiculous in the most amazing of ways, but some minor irks makes this the only book of the series I've given four stars to.Ah, where to start? If you've read the four books that preceded this one, there is simply no point in telling you why this is awesome. If you've not read the other four and have arrived here, stop, and go find book one. So, what are my thoughts on book five? Here they are:World: Nuts. Ridiculous and fun. It is a parody and it is a satire so you know some things will o [...]

    4. The Moon is a paradise for blooming psis and the people living there think it's time to seek independence from the Earth. Unfortunately the World Council disagrees and every time there is a vote concerning the issue, they vote against it. However, more and more people on Earth are rooting for the Moon's independence - the so-called moonies. When three people from the World Council die days before the new vote on independence and while the Head Administrator of the Moon is visiting the Earth, Zac [...]

    5. This series' hook is that you have a traditional noir-style Private Investigator who's plying his trade in a futuristic Earth. It's reminiscent of Mr. Pratchett in that many of the subjects of his investigations are satires of modern pop-culture, and even more satirical items are shoved into the background. The earlier incarnations of the series were co-written, this is the second solo outing, and I think something has definitely been lost. The charm was always that the main character was trying [...]

    6. This is the fifth book in this series but the first one I picked up - I need to read the others! This is a light, funny, goofy sci-fi crossed with every PI cliche ever invented. Zachary Nixon Johnson is an old-world-style PI on a very futuristic Earth complete with automated cars, holographic displays, and people on the Moon (many of whom have psionic powers). Zach has: a spunky, talented assistant; a beautiful, smart girlfriend; a sidekick in the form of a supercomputer combined with his brain; [...]

    7. I have to be in the mood to read a book like this but when I am, I really really enjoy myself. Very droll, part send up of the genre, part homage is quite an inventive take on the adventure / sci fi/ hard boiled detective genre.There is always a twist or turn or two in these books and always a moment where I go 'huh, clever!'.Don't let the pop-art on the cover fool you. These aren't as silly as they make themselves out to beough of course, they are plenty silly!Very unique. I'll venture to say t [...]

    8. This fifth book about the last freelance detective on Earth, Zachary Nixon Johnson, continues the series and easily matches the preceding books. The series is enjoyable and light reading that has fun with the usual tropes of noir mysteries. Throw in some light satire and some beautiful dames and these books are fine for some light, fun reading. These are not mystery plots to try to figure out early, just sit back and let yourself be taken along for the ride.

    9. Started this one last night and as usual, Zakour writes a hilarious story.I love this series.As always, very fun to read. I love how the main characters are constantly evolving w/ each book.

    10. Action-oriented spoof of detective novels"," James Bond movies"," and superhero comics. Number five in a series.

    11. A fairly generic attempt at the classic PI novel, set in the future. It was very funny at times, but too cliched to take too seriously.

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